July 3rd, 2007


Lloyd Center 10

How is the Lloyd Center 10 Regal for movie hopping? Do they have supervigilant ushers? The annoying layout with two wings where they stagger the start times so you usually have to walk across the lobby if you're going to hop? Ticket checkers in front of every theatre?

Cigarette lighter.

I bought one of these the other day...and guess what?

It has a sticker(Zap) on the side with................ guess what?

Instructions on how to use it!...I kid you not!

Got me to thinking,what is the thing you have bought that is the most straight forward to use and yet it has had instructions on it?

Or alternatively,what thing would you look at in dis-belief if you found it to have instructions on it?

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Hey Y'all!

I need to get something notarized TODAY! Are any of you notaries, or do you know somewhere I can get a document notarized? I will be in the Gateway area today (102ish and Glisan.) Please let me know!



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Hi everyone,
I work for JANE magazine and I am (still, if you read my previous post) looking for 20-35 year old women in Portland who are therapists, dentists, or investment bankers. anyone?? You would have to answer these questions:

Date of birth:
How much do you make per year?
How much is your rent/mortgage?
Do you ever think about quitting?
What do you enjoy most about your job?
Any non-salary perks?
What do you like least about your job?
Do you think you're paid what you deserve? Are you able to splurge/spend as much money as your friends?
Where do you see yourself in five years?

Thanks for your help! If you have any further questions, please ask. Also, if you'd like to submit a snapshot, please do so.

Amtrak or Greyhound

Okay I have a Question! I'm planning a trip to Ventura, CA (Woo, Right?) and I have to choose between Amtrak and Greyhound. Heres some simple details about the trip.

Amtrak will take me there with 3 transfers (Train,Bus,Train,Bus) in about 24hours. About 4hrs total are spent on busses for $216 (Round Trip)

Greyhound will do 2 Transfers in about 24hours for $143 (Round Trip)

I have never used Grayhound or Amtrak and need to know, is it worth the extra money to go with Amtrak? Whos going to be the most reliable and comfortable?

EDIT: Do the trains have plugins? (Like for my laptop)

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Ok, I paint. I do it mainly for myself but I also love doing commission pieces. The problem is, I'm new to the area and don't know many art patrons and have yet to have a proper solo art show. This is just a heads up to anybody who wants or knows someone who may want a portrait of a loved one or one of themselves with a white tiger and a mojito on a bear skin rug...I'm just saying. Think about it.


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Event tonight

Tonight at 7:30 at Powells Books, Aaron Raz Link is going to read from his memoir, What Becomes You. More decent reviews are at the link. It's an incredible book. He's a friend of mine and I was totally bowled over, having not seen his writing before, by how the book sort of picked me up and plowed through my brain over the course of an evening, not letting me stop until it was five AM and past time to go to sleep. He became aware of his identity when there weren't really words for it, and transitioned when there wasn't really a support network, causing him to create a lot of his own definitions; and he's a performance artist and does wonderful readings. Here is his blog. The reading is going to be at the main Powells store on Burnside.

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harp singing

I missed an announced shape-note singing event a couple months back, but am wondering if anyone knows of any ongoing sacred harp singing in portland?

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Garden / Herb Swap - FREE Oregano!

We have so much oregano growing in our garden that it's practically coming out of our ears!!!

We've already dug up 4-5 paper grocery sacks full of the stuff to dry. We still have a few more oregano plants and sproutlings growing in our garden that we can dig up.

We also have several tall mint shoots in our garden beds and plenty of rosemary on the sizable bush in our front yard ready for the picking.

If anyone is interested in a garden, plant, vegetable, fruit, herb, jam (etc.) swap let me know!

If you want to come take some of this oregano off of our hands... esp. the dried stuff let us know even if you don't have something to swap. We are more than happy to give it away to any interested parties. Though first priority will go to those who have something to swap. :)

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Drama in the 97212

Shooting in Irvington near Safeway around the 6PM hour. Shooter has apparently run into the neighborhood. Police are right on the corner by our house on 10th & Tillamook. Helicopters overhead.

All while I was making fish & chips.
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perpetuating geographical prejudices for fun and profit.

I've noticed that it's very difficult to find an apartment on craigslist, or anywhere else, with the plethora of outer-SE apartments labeled as "SE Portland." I click on the link, look past the list of amenities, only to discover it's way out somewhere in a tweeker-town strip mall. I think it's high time we did something to differentiate the real SE Portland from everything east of 82nd St.

I was trying to think of a new name for it that could make it stand out on addresses. When you look at it on the map, it looks like it's kinda in the same place as the rest of Southeast, except it's all extended down yonder. That's when I came up with: South East Extended Down Yonder! I think we should petition the city to officially change the street names and amend all the street signs, so when we're apartment hunting, or just looking for a business, we'll be able to immediately tell if it's at a SE address, or a SEEDY address. Whadya say?

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Hello! I have a favor to ask of one of you Portlanders. I currently live in Ohio and am planning on moving there soon. While browsing for apartments when I visited last year, I came across an apartment building next to (or maybe two doors down from) the restaurant Veganopolis on SW 4th Ave, and as I recall it was about the only place I found that had studio apartments under $400. I had the name and number written down for a long time, but it got tossed after I started having second thoughts about moving. Now for the life of me I can't remember the name of the place. If it's not too much trouble and you're ever in that area, I wonder if one of you could stop by and see if there's any info posted by the door: vacancies, phone number, etc. I think it's to the right of the aforementioned restaurant, but I'm known to forget small details like that, so it could very well be to the left. Thanks in advance.
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I can has haircutz plz?

Sooo I sort of perhaps spoke too soon, maybe? I accidentally caused my 87-year old grandmother to miss her hair cut appointment last week and promised my dad I'd take her to get her hair cut and nails done tomorrow since I normally take her out every week on Wednesday anyway. Then I had the thought that most places (and even supercuts) might be closed tomorrow..oops. I thought that I would take her to Salon Envi in Tanasbourne if they were open, but I didn't get the chance to call and check if they'd be open before they closed tonight because I was working.

Any ideas on salons that take walk ins in the Beaverton/Tanasbourne area that'll be open for sure tomorrow? Hell, even anything on the west side would be good. And yes, Supercuts type places are okay. I just don't want to get anymore flack for it because I feel bad I caused her to miss it in the first place. Old girl has dementian and she get's irate if she doesn't get her haircuts.
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