July 2nd, 2007

Aimee Head.


I'm moving in a couple of weeks and have amassed a ridiculous amount of junk that I need to get rid of. I don't have a truck or anything, so I've been looking into those 1-800-GOT JUNK people, but their web site is absolutely no help at all.

The question is: Have you used 1-800-GOT JUNK? If so, what volume of junk did you get rid of and how much did it cost you?

If they would just post approximate costs on their web site instead of "we don't know how much it will cost you until we see the volume of your junk," I'd be happy. I don't mind if it isn't the final cost, but I don't feel comfortable setting up an appointment for them to haul our junk until I know if we're in the $50 market or the $500 market.

Post your prices, people! (and... go!)

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Hi there,

I'm visiting Portland for the first time next week. While I won't have a problem finding the beer, rain, and Oden jerseys that have historically defined your city, I'm wondering if you can suggest where I might watch Federer win Wimbledon again; this will happen on Sunday the 8th. Most sports-type bars down here, at least, only show the lesser sports. Thank you, and may God have mercy on your soul.

PDX Mechanic Needed.

My name is Robert and I am a PDX Courier.

This means I have a GTX that needs a wheelbearing (maybe knuckle too (I have already sourced one)), a Festiva that needs a clutch, and a Geo Metro that has a coolant leak which needs troubleshooting.

I am looking for someone to come teach my wife http://amber-kay.livejournal.com/ how to do these repairs. And have some BBQ, and as much beer as you can drink.

Weekends are best. I work graveyard so I am also home on weekdays.

Must enjoy racing games (steering controlers are abundant here)

Email me and let me know how much you would charge to bring your own tools and not drive home drunk.

I am motivated, are you?
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Window Tinting

Hi DP,
I want to get my windows tinted ASAP. The going price seems to be between $225-$250. I have a 2003 VW Golf 4-door hatchback. I was wondering if there is a cheaper place that uses a tint that won't turn purple or get those air bubbles in them. I prefer something on the westside but anywhere in Portland that is cheaper will do.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi there!

Do any of you guys know of any places with a halfway decent selection of rhinestones and sequins?

I've been to michael's' joanns, and fabric depot, but their selection was minimal.

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dear damnpeople,

I'm looking to buy a used car. Who is a good person/company/mechanic to look at it to make sure it's not a lemon? I'd be ok paying $50 (or so) for the service.

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Arties: An Adobe Illustrator Question

Quite desperate and thought I'd consult the DP Oracle:

Any one here have any experience with Adobe Illustrator?

Collapse )

I'm hoping someone with publishing/art world experience/contacts will be able to help us out. There could be a nice prize involve for the first working solution. (Bribe bribe bribe) Time is of the essence.


EDIT: Illustrator is also running on Mac OSX.
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Burning man 08

car probs.

Ok, since I am not made of money, anyone know where I can get brakes, calipers, tune up/oil change on my Jeep cherokee? OR do it yourself? I am running on metal and it wabbles so much when I hit the brakes, it is hard to steer.
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Help finding a 4th of July spot.

We are looking for a spot on the Columbia River (or surrounding area) to watch the fireworks at Fort Vancouver. We are a medium sized group (10+ people).

Does anyone have any suggestions/directions?

PS Swimming, fireworks watching and some shade are the three things we are looking for?

Studios & 1 Beds

After extensive internet searching, I've come to the conclusion that *I NEED YOU* (ha) to help me find a place in Portland.

I'll be back in town by Aug 1 and am looking for *AFFORDABLE* studios & 1 bedroom apartments. I want your opinions, tips, etc - not just links to search engines!

Area: Anything on the EAST SIDE OR in Downtown. NW pdx is ok, but doubtfully affordable. My price range cuts off around $600/month.

Also, does anybody know about those cheap crappy apartment studios on W Burnside that have the toilet showers? They used to be like...$375/month. Not classy living but I'm nowhere near high brow.

Turban Varga
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Looking for a good bank that uses VISA

Does your bank use a Visa logo on its debit/bank cards? Do you actually like your bank? Is there a low amount of money required to start an account there? If so, please let me know :)
I have a WaMu account, but they use mastercard and I need to start an account with a bank that utilizes Visa.

yet another damned housing post-

my best friend was planning on getting a 2 bedroom house here in portland, but at the last minute, her brother/roommate had to postpone his arrival for two months (damned navy) - Her stuff is in storage out of town, she is now in portland, and can't swing a 2 bedroom on her own. My couch is not a viable option for long-term.

anyhoo- she is looking for a sublet or a studio that is short term, july and august only. Most places we have found with vacancies have minimum lease options of 6 months. She has called on several dozen sublets via craigslist, but I was hoping the damnedportlanders-fu would be strong, and someone have a spare bedroom/out of town roommate for the next 8 weeks. She is low-maintenance and pretty damn awesome.
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(no subject)

so i'm new here, don't know many people beyond the DPers i met at the meetup, and while i could just take a bike ride to sauvie island by myself on the 4th, i'd be much more interested in beer and sociableness. anyone want a clueless-about-where-to-watch-fireworks, generally friendly and fun girl for company on the 4th of July? i'll throw in that i can bake really delicious pies.

edit: no, this isn't me fishing for a date; it's more like me fishing for a group of other possibly new-to-pdx or otherwise friendless people to hang out with. and no, you don't have to do my dishes or haul my laundry. ;)