June 30th, 2007


Honda Civic Tour

Holy shit. SO MUCH ROCK!

Well, strangely enough, not really.

Cobra Starship: FUCKING ROCKED! As always. I love how they play the crowd, they don't just get up there and sing and then are gone. I hate that. That and the lead singer can swing his hips like nobody's business and it's sexy. Yar.

Paul Wall: WTF? Rap at a venue where all the other bands are indie/scene/emo? Seriously. I sat that one out. Smoking. Laughing at the fact that Paul Wall was touring with everyone else. And then talked to a strange man from Eugene who bought three cigarettes off of me for five bucks. He totally paid for my Subway sandwich. (PS: Don't ask me for cigarettes when you're drunk. I will totally take advantage of you.)

The Academy Is: Good band, I do have to say that I like them. Kinda good stage presence, but not as good as Cobra Starship. They played Checkmarks, which is my favorite song, so I was happy.

+44: Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker fucking rock. Even though they are missing the lovely Tom, I did not grieve, for they rocked my socks off anyway. They played a Blink 182 track, which made me warm and fuzzy inside.

Fall Out Boy: HOLY FUCKING JESUS! I was SO disappointed! Dude, come on! Just because you've made it big doesn't mean that you still can't be cool to the fans and give them a little lip service every once in a while! All they did was come out, add a little pyrotechnics to their stage show, play the songs... I mean, come on, if I wanted to listen to music, I would have just stayed home and listened to their cds. When I go to concerts, I wanna see awesome stage performances and audience interaction.

Which is why Cobra Starship and +44 were the best goddamned bands there tonight. Because they do love their fans, and they do have fun on stage. If they have fun, then I have fun. It really makes a difference.

And I loved how random members of bands would show up during other bands' sets and just start singing, or dancing on the stage. That made me really friggen' happy.

(Just my opinion though. Which I am totally entitled to.)
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Racist or just plain ignorant?

Someone I live with came out with some statement along the lines of:

"I won't let my daughters get witha darkie,because I know what they're like"

And also:

"Darkies get witha women,get her pregenant and don't provide for those children,then do the same with another women"

Oh and:

"The British Empire bought civilisation to the countries of the world"


"Britian ought to take over all these failing countries that we once owned"

You want to know my veiws?

The top two,how repugnant

As for this country and civilisation,well we used to deny women the vote,send children to Australia for stealing handkerchiefs,stick massive amounts of people in slum dwellings,keep peoples down so we could control them,only invade countries weaker millitarily than ourselves,only 'civilise' countries with natural wealth and not pick fights with countries in Europe.

And all that went on whilst we were showing the rest of the 'un-civilised'world how 'civilised'we were.

You might ask why write this here?
 Well my researches of Portland,led me to the period in your citys history,when 'black'people were deterred from purchasing properties in a certain area.

So...I'd be really fascinated to know what you all think,about these statements.

Terence Balfour.
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Wait Wait!!!!

So Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! on OPB today was recorded here in Portland.

Anyone know when it was recorded? Was any DamnPortlander there?

EDIT Wait, is it live? They just made IPhone jokes.

and yes, all the people who waited in line for Iphones are geeks! Ha ha!
shut up


I'm craving a New York style Jewish deli, complete with real bagels (the ones that are hard on the outside but soft on the inside), thickly sliced pastrami, and kosher dill pickles. Where can I find such a beast? Preferably in SE?

Also, I remember someone a while back posting about killer yakisoba. Where can I get that? I had some at giapet's house, but I don't think she'll cook on command for me... yet.

and... GO!

b&w hat

(no subject)

anybody know where i can buy a live kombucha culture so i can make some kombucha tea? paying 3.50 for a single serving whenever i'm in powell's/schmizza/anyplace that sells GT is starting to get pretty tiresome, especially since i can make it myself for about five cents a serving. or, alternately, anyone know where i can buy larger amounts, like two liter bottles, for a reasonable price?

(to clarify, i don't want to buy a culture online 'cause it weirds me out. so a real live portland location would be ideal. or if anyone has a mommy culture they want to give me, i would treat them to a beer and some fun conversation in return.)

Ramona Quimby

I know you loved her just as much as I did. Who could forget the books, the TV show, the assorted children's merchandise? Just today I found out that author Beverly Cleary lives here in NE Portland. I pictured the few scenes from the show that I could recall, and yes, it seems like it was probably even filmed here. So I set out on a quest. I logged into Netflix and did a few searches, but they had nothing that could help me. I went on Amazon and again found nothing. I even tried ebay. Nothing.

Okay folks, I know some of you must remember. Now tell me I'm not crazy. There was a TV show, and it was awesome. I want to say it starred a young Sarah Polley, but maybe that was just the Avonlea series based on the Anne books. (Btw, the Anne of Green Gables movie with Megan Follows? Double awesome.)

So what I need from you all is any information you have on the Ramona Quimby TV show and how I can get ahold of it, because this is going to drive me nuts until I can actually see it again. I want it, I have to have it, please help me solve this mystery! How can there be no trace of it left? It's impossible. It's out there somewhere. We must find it. I know I can count on you, loyal Portlanders.

Aaaaaaand go!

*EDIT* Okay, I had tried searching all of amazon, which came up with nothing, but for some reason when i directly checked the vhs section, I found a few copies. Now all I need is for someone to buy them for me. I'll be your best friend, I promise :)
dun dun... dun dun....

Sorry, short notice!!

***The Great PDX Scavenger Hunt & Gather of '07!**

Address: Colonel Summer's Park [map] (SE 17th Ave & Taylor St)

Date: Sunday, July 1st, 2007 - 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Though many of us now know each other, we'll be allowing for a Pseudo-Randomized Team-Up period just before the event begins. Team size to be dictated by turnout, of course, but wicked fun for everyone will keep the competitive spirit light, yeah? :)

Our judges and organizers that must hang back and hold down the fort will always welcome company from those of you that are less interested in gallivanting around the neighborhood in the summer sun, so be sure to come out and hang with us all the same!

The Scavenger Hunt portion of the festivities will range within an area small enough to be covered on foot (though roller skates are totally allowed, based on moxy alone), with Colonel Summer's Park as our Grand HQ for the day.
The basic elements are as follows.
(note: rules to be fleshed out and clarified in full at game-time)

••Colored balloons will be tied off at several areas throughout the neighborhood. Within each of these balloons will be two pieces of two different riddles and possibly some loot/booty/what-have-you....

••Just to make things interesting, a roving band of marauding Rodeo Monkeys armed with water pistols and other devices of soakage will be raiding the area for colored-balloon-booty. They will attempt to pillage teams of their precious aforementioned loot/booty/what-have-you (dignity?) via ride-by wettenings of our brave contestants... so the teams would be wise to avoid the circus-bike borne hooligans if they plan to win the day!

••It is tradition that a potluck = communal event and so we ask that we all bring enough to share. Simplest formula for figuring that, I've found, is: food for you[rselves] plus one other. In other words, give an idea of your intended foodstuff contribution when you RSVP here, that way we can make sure that we aren't staring at a table full of potato salad and hot dog buns that afternoon :)

••The Potluck BBQ (the "Gather" portion of the event) will commence after the Scavenger Hunt, while we tally the scores and amuse ourselves with the day's war stories.

••Oh, and last but not least, HAVE A BLAST!!

ps: Kara and David have generously offered their portable gas grill for our Potluck BBQ, so let's get this party started RIGHT!

pps: Original post here

See you all soon!

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curry in SE

so I'm having a mad craving for pineapple curry. I usually get it at Thai Peacock, but that's kind of a trek for me at this point, sooo...
does any one have a recommendation for a good Thai place (with take out?) in SE, Hawthorne/Belmont area?


Where did all the money go?

so i am back from college for the summer and i am looking for a job. i have tried craigslist but either they won't email me back about questions or it is taken off within a few hours. i live in the beaverton area and i was wondering if anyone know what stores/businesses were hiring. i really wanted to be a data entry person or a receptionist but i have given up on that. i guess a minimum wage job will do, i just need to start making money. does anyone have any ideas?
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Speed Limits on Country Roads...

Okay, tis me with my silly motor scooter again, and I have a question about the posted speed limits on some of the back country roads outside of Portland/Beaverton... or rather, the lack of them.

I have found a route that I can drive between Portland and Salem, but a number of the roads simply do not have any posted speed limits, or the last posted speed limit was miles ago from the last small town I passed through. Can I legally drive on these roads, when my average top scooter speeds are 30-35mph? (Example: 25mph posted limit just outside of town, and then nothing until the next town, yet all the locals are driving 50-55)

Other items of interest are the "Leaving 45mph Speed Zone" signs, but then you never see an actual speed limit sigh... until you see the slow for curves signs that range anywhere from 15mph and 45mph.

So, legally, can I?


So, I saw some kids playing with some fireworks/sparkly shooter things in the road today. One was just a smoke bomb type thing that made a big red cloud, and stunk up the place. That didn't bother me so much. What bothered me was the firework that was shooting some sort of sparks, that made it nearly across the street, and they were aiming it at apartments.

So, this got me thinking... What are the laws on fireworks? If I see this again, should I call someone? I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to reporting things... But if I get the okay from DP, I'll just tell 'em that you told me to do it. Haha

Oh, and I'm not really in Portland. I'm in Vancouver, WA... But Oregon laws are good to know as well. :]