June 29th, 2007

For the old school, invite-code era people

So, you kids might not know about this, but it used to be you could only get on to livejournal if you either A)paid or B) got an invite code from a paid member (or from someone who got one from a paid member, etc.)

For people from that era, who invited you on? I want to do a search of the family tree of damnportlanders
I was invited on by qousqous
Can Head

Physician Insight

I need to pick a general practice doctor within a couple miles of the downtown area. I was curious if anyone had any experience with:

Lochner, Jennifer E, MD

Jacqmotte, Nathalie J, MD

Perhaps if you don't know about these two you have something to add about your doctor? I'm basically looking for someone under 40 that is in General/Family practice. Gender doesn't matter. But the main thing is the rapport with them. I'm incredibly phobic of doctors/hospitals/etc. So insight into the personalities, interactions would be appericated. Thanks.
little blue dog

arty / pearly types ...

Hay gang, so a friend and I were walking the Pearl last night looking for my car, and came upon some kind of art/film thingie happening.

It was an animated film shown on a row of windows of the upper story of the two-story building on the SE corner of 12th and Hoyt. Looked like it was projected outward from the interior onto the windows, so it was visible from the outside. There were a couple speakers on the rooftop providing a weird musical soundtrack to it (no dialogue). The animation was mostly abstract, but featured a dude walking around his apartment. At one point he was chasing a chicken with a broom.

There were about 50 people on the street watching, so I have no idea if it was a planned/scheduled event or a spontaneous one, or even if it had been looping for a while. We watched for about 15 minutes, but it was about 11pm and we were tired, so took off before it really concluded.

It was pretty neat, and I'd like to know more, if anyone has any idea what it was that we saw. Anyone? Bueller?

ETA: It was part of the Platform International Animation Festival, which debuts in Portland this week.

The installation we saw was a screening of Rose Bond's work Intra Mura. She's coordinating the Pacific Northwest College of Art's involvement in the festival.
polka dot biking!

dresses! crafts!

alright, i'm in love. i recently bought this dress at blue on mississippi and i want more!

i like the cut, but anything similar would probably be nice too, and i like that it's made out of stretchy fabric so that it's formfitting. i also love, love, love the belt at the waist.

have you seen any dresses similar to this in shops around portland? especially downtown, the hollywood district or north portland? i'd love to have a new one to wear to a party tonight instead of my usual tshirt and jeans or slightly less than usual skirt and dress shirt.

also, while i have your eyes, best places to buy pipe cleaners, pom poms and felt besides michaels? or do you know where i can get mistletoe instead of making it out of pipe cleaners, pom poms and felt?
Fuck Work

I will PAY you to take the blender...serious

I'm having a yard sale tomorrow. It's mostly stuff left here by old roomamtes, which I think explains the hand drum. There's all sorts of cool shit as well as household stuff, vacuum cleaners, guitar cases, amps, glasses, mugs, blah blah blah

4004 SE Grant St.
1 block South of Lincoln
Saturday 9 until all the shit's G-O-N-E

Bring beer

So, this is a snark community, right?

I'm new to this and stuff, but I hope you enjoy my first post.
Well, have I got a snark for you!

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Edit: Oh damn. I was absolutely kidding. This is hilarious. You guys are posting stuff from /b/ all over the place, but you can't get it that this is a joke? Oh jeez. Sorry. Thought you guys were smarter than that :/

As a personal belief, I don't care. If it's not hurting people, I honestly, HONESTLY don't care. Anyone who thinks that I'm "OMG CWISTANS R EBIL" will make me laugh for eternity. I am very well versed in biblical things. I read "LaVey's Satanic Bible" for lulz. It was a book meant to make Christians angry. I don't think he expected anyone to follow them.

Haha. I understand a lot of people fear death and oblivion, and have religion, or vise versa. And that's okay. Oblivion's pretty scary. I hope I didn't hurt anyone's e-feelings. But seriously. There are worse things to be angry about. As a pretty gay guy I've heard some mean and biggoted things, but I'm not butt-hurt or really offended. Although all of them have come from Christians :/

Seriously, guys. But I like how you all were extremely willing to think that people want to be mean to Christians for hypocritical reasons. Wow. haha. Tune your trolldar and try again, dudes.

EDIT (2): I deleted the really pointless/ not funny comments. The super spam of macros was lame :(
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This 3-year-old is endorsed by John Yoo.

On the Max Yellow Line this afternoon, I was treated to one of the more shocking displays of parental cluelessness and/or privilege I've ever seen.

I was dozing off when this couple's 3-year-old starts in with a temper tantrum. She keeps it up most of the way from the Rose Garden up to Lombard, pausing just long enough for me to doze off, then wake me up again. The parents do nothing to stop their kid from screaming in this enclosed space.

Sign her up for duty at Guantanamo; I felt worse after the Max ride than I usually do at the end of a busy day.
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Cds and whatnot

A couple weeks ago, theshallowdays made this post about her cds for sale and most of y'all who asked didn't follow through!

I just wanted to put in a good word for her, because I received my CDs all the way here in Mississippi very promptly and in great condition, which is more than I can say for a lot of things I've purchased online. So buy the rest of them!
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Monte Cristo *UPDATE*

Ok so I was finally able to take Tim to go try one of the myriad of restaurant suggestions in search of....The MONTE CRISTO.

Thanks to ebmfreak we ended up at the Monteaux Public House in Beaverton.
I really do appreciate your suggestion Mr Ebm and hope you do not take my following critique personally....we really are on a mission to find the *ONE* sammich =)

Nice little atmosphere, service was great. However, I am sad to report that this Monte Cristo (Monteaux Cristo) is not the winner.

The Monte Cristo was tasty mind you, however the one that Tim used to get at Bennigan's was not the french toast with meat kind it was almost as if they somehow battered and deep fried the sandwich.

I had the perogies, which given I grew up in a VERY SLAVIC household, they should be ashamed to call them perogies. Though what they served me was tasty, it was basically the inside of a traditional potato/cheese perogie..shaped like a perogie but missing the dough that should be wrapped around the potato/cheese.

The place was nice, the food was decent however...the search will continue.

I also want to take a moment to also give MAD PROPS to a new coffee place in Hillsboro.

OMG, they have the BEST tasting coffee, the most awesomest workers and live music on the weekends. They are open until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. They have quite a few tables...lots of board games on hand and live music every weekend.
They have a website, so check em out. If you go there, tell them the blue haired girl sent ya =)

...and with that dear DP, you all have a great weekend!!!
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You can dress me up, but...

So, sistermaryeris and I stopped by a non-damnportlanders party tonight for a few moments. We were chatting with the hostess for a while, and then someone approached and said, "are you drjeff?"

BUSTED by lovemotionstory. Who knew?

It's happened before. I always tell people to let everyone know that I was a rude, arrogant asshole who looked a lot worse than my picture.

I know I posted something like this before, but that whole internetz/realworld junction is kinda fascinating to me. Tell me about YOUR DP sightings, especially if you've ever run into a DP celebrity like littlebluedog or lokidecat!