June 28th, 2007


Cubes in the desert art project... ??? (and take a look into your psyche).

Anyone here know who did this art piece?

I've searched and can't find it anywhere. I remember seeing it in an Art book.

There were hundreds of different cubes in the desert, large enough to walk into. I wish I could remember more details.

Portland related because of the cube game at the DP meetup.
I couldn't participate because I did it 2 years ago... but *love* hearing what other people visualized.

Take it here...http://personal.ansir.com/cube.htm and share! =)

remix79 has the book.
Mariana in the South

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Is anyone going to see VNV tomorrow who's coming out from Beaverton? I have -no idea- how to get to where the concert's at on the bus.

Alternately, can anyone tell me the quickest route to the....Hawthorne Theater, I believe? [again, on the bus]

Edit: K, so I can probably get there on the bus. but is there anyone going with a car who'd be able to give me a lift to the MAX afterwards? I need to max/bus out to Forest Grove at the end of the night.
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First event is at Lucky Lab on Wednesday July 18th.

(copied from the website)

Brews And Board Games Anyone?
For our first PDXERS mingler, we're planning on meeting for an evening of good beer and classic board games. And by 'classic', we're talking about the games we knew and loved when we were kids. Operation, Hungry Hungry Hippos, maybe even Mousetrap?

If you're single and let's say in your 20s and 30s, join us at The Lucky Lab in SE Portland at 7pm. We'll be there until at least 9... It'd be great if you could bring a game, even if it's just an Uno deck, or Connect Four.

The games should be fun, but really, the point is just to meet some cool people and enjoy a summer night on the town.

Just in case you don't know where the Lucky Lab is (but I'm betting you do), it's at 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd (here's a map). We'll probably be at the tables inside, but if the weather is nice, we might be out back at their outdoor patio.

We're planning on making this a monthly "3rd Wednesday" thing, though the location and such might change for August.

So... July 18th at 7, at the Lucky Lab for beer and board games. You in?
i see what you do there D:

in search of photoshoot locations

i'm planning on taking a huge amount of photos this weekend for a portfolio-like project
but i'm in need of locations

so far i've got
- Washington Park/rose gardens
- Hoyt Arboretum
- this list of cemetaries: http://community.livejournal.com/damnportlanders/9205483.html
- Forest Park http://www.happydeathinc.com/roadside/Pages/witchescastle.htm
- Reed College campus
- these locations: http://community.livejournal.com/damnportlanders/9876094.html

any recommendations, especially for beautiful and/or creepy natural setting or dilapidated buildings, are greatly appreciated
biking viking

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The eastside version of the Red White and Blueberry Festival at Portland Farmers Market at Eastbank this afternoon! Last week I picked up many tasty cherries and discount coupons for Organic Valley soy and dairy products!

2. Passing by a fellow damnportlander while bicycling through SE Lincoln last weekend--it's nice to be noticed. :)

3. Bicycling around the Waterfront/Eastbank Esplanade on a warm weeknight evening, and taking in the gorgeous sights of the skyline.

4. Procuring a delicious orange pepper with proceeds from bottle deposit returns.

5. Having a huge chunk of luscious watermelon in my refrigerator, courtesy of a fellow damnportlander!

6. Turning a negative into a positive: the morning commute delay caused by the Hawthorne Bridge being raised turned out into a night sightseeing moment, thanks to cute cyclists and pedestrians who were wearing summer dresses (I'm sure that littlebluedog would approve)!
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What the......?

Am I the only person in P-Town having trouble getting Gmail to work today?

Not that I'd get any LJ comments anyway, but, geez.

PS guys over 40 are creeeeepy.

And............................................ (wait for it)......................................... go.

ETA: gmail has returned, thanks to DPMOJO.
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Selling stuff!

Haha! You thought I was gone, didn't you! You can't get rid of me so easily. No, but seriously, I undeleted my account to bring you all this announcement of a deluxe futon set for sale and a super-cheap moving sale that awards DamnPortlanders 50% off total purchase!

EDIT: The sale is NEXT WEEKEND, not this weekend, just to be clear!

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calling all dog lovers

I’m looking for some dog lovers! I need volunteers that are willing to assist me with some training, I use a wheelchair. My dog Maverick is in training to be my service dog but he needs some more handling by others and passing his leash back and forth, and other scenarios such as ignoring him and talking to me, handing me items etc. If you are willing to help out please email me. Maverick’s a year and a 4 months old golden retriever. All ages are welcome but younger children must be accompanied by an adult. I live in the Gresham area close to the max line. My schedule is pretty flexible.

Thank you
House - Coffee Love
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Casting call ...

Hello D.P!

A group of us, by the name of Kimyoo Films, is currently working on a short film (October 2007) to be made in the Portland/Vancouver area and we are in need of actors.

The cast list is a fallow:

SALLY -- forties to sixties.
ISABELLE -- in her twenties.
INTRUDER --in thirties
LITTLE GIRL ALSO NAMED SALLY -- five years old or so
LITTLE GIRL'S MOTHER -- Roughly Isabelle's age, late twenties.

(We are not strict with age (except for the little girl...it has to be a little girl) and race for the parts, but you'll need to know at least how to act)

If you are interested, or you know of some one that would be, or know of a acting group, please email me as soon as you can, letting me know. More information about the characters will be given to the interested people.

You must have a flexible schedule, as this will be shot in a extremely tight window. If you are casted for the part, will give you enough warning in advance, so you can ask for days off, if works interferes.

This is a non-profit project. All is coming from out own pockets, so if you want to have some fun, add to your resume, or just simply be part of a pretty awesome story (with the plan to submit to film festivals) then Email me ASAP!

LiudyInvalidy at gmail dot com

Thanks in advance.

Urgent foster needed for lost Manx cat

My co-worker picked up a friendly, lost male Manx/tailless cat, got hives, and dumped him at the Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic. He has only a few days before they bring him to a shelter, and we all know what his chances will be like there.

He's a sweet, friendly cat. Ideally, someone could foster while the community searches for his owners (I haven't found any "lost" ads on Craigslist that match him) or finds a permanent home.

Please call the vet's office if you can help. Time is of the essence here. http://www.hawthornevet.com/contact.html
(503) 233-2332
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I'm pretty much a dp-voyeur and have a request: Could the mods create a post allowing anonymous, non IP-tracking comments so that I can make my voyeurism even more satisfying by watching hordes of DP'ers spill their most secretive confessions and rants for all to see? I'm pretty sure it'd be the most legendary post on DP ever. Thanks.
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Moving to P-town and lookin' for a place to stay!

Hello! My name's Stephanie, shekhina_aurora here on LiveJournal. I'm currently living in Beaverton, in a house that's far too cramped and as a result am quickly looking place to stay in Portland its self. I'd like something near Portland State U, since I'll be going there for school come Fall, but am flexible about the location. I've spent some time hangin out in the Hawthorne district as well, and would love to find a room there as well, if anything's available I'm currently looking for only one other roommate, female, and prefferably a non-smoker, in either the Hawthorne district or, (most prefferably) close to Portland State University, where I'll soon be attending school. I could do, at max, $450 a month, which would include the cost of my share of any of the utilities I'd have to chip in for. 

I myself am 28 years old, a college student, and rather avid roll player (mostly playing through the White Wolf gaming system, but have had many a grand time roll playing through all sorts of systems!) am a totally fresh, wet behind the ears member of the Portland occult community, and have been a hugely passionate political activist in the gay rights scene for quite some time now, having been involved politically now on not one, but both coasts, working hard on the circuit for quite some time to get our badly deserved rights made into law. I'm an avid reader, who'se absolutely addicted to science-fiction and fantasy, and do a fair bit of writing in my spare time as well. I'm fairly relaxed and laid back, easy to get to know, and pretty liberal, politically speaking.

I don't have any pets at the moment, but would absolutely love to get a cat in the future. While this isn't a dealbreaker in terms of finding a place to stay (that is, if you really don't want to have pets around) then I can go without one, but owning a cat in the future would certainly be a bonus for me.

I'm looking to move in about a month's time (if not sooner) so if it sounds like you and I would be a good match for one another, I'd love it if you gave me a shout and let me know that you have a room available! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Bored? Go to NW Portland.

If any of you guys and galls are bored this evening.

Platform International Animation Festival
Art Instalation!!
Tonight!! 8 til late!

Where: PCNA NW 12th and johnson.

Why? Because you love portland and want to see amazing animation & art instalations.

more info. www.platformfestival.com

any questions. call karla 503-956-1792!!

Corporate America?

So here in Denver - status queue in corporate america =

Any company out there is going to low ball you, if you're willing to work for 10$ an hour, but they are willing to pay 12$ an hour, they will hire you at 10$ and never tell you about the 12$. But, this is pretty universal, not just specific to colorado.

Show up late? Unwilling to cover someone else's shift? One-day notice of a meeting at 7pm when you're supposed to work from 7am-6pm on the same day, and you do anything but say "Ok, I'll be there bossman!"? Long story short? You don't kiss the corporate ass, and you're no longer 'desirable'... Again, this is probably universal and not specific to colorado.

You work in IT or Finance or Customer Service or Editing or (insert a dozen other sectors here), and it's just a matter of time before someone at the corporate office has the bright idea of "Why are we paying these 10 people $300,000 a year when we could outsource the job to (india,china,etc) and have that expense reduced to $20,000 and still accomplish the same result". Again, not specific to colorado.

So in review, maybe my question isn't a geographical question. But if it were - my question would be - Are jobs, bosses, corporations in Oregon/portland more "long term" oriented? Are they more concerned with keeping a good employee around, and not dragging them through the corporate ditches? Or is oregon the same as any other state in america?

And if we're assuming this isn't a geographical question, then my question would be - What job sectors are more stable? Meaning, they aren't going to lay people off when things slow down in the winter; They aren't going to fire you if you don't jump through all the shitty corporate hoops (or better still, they aren't going to put you through all those shitty hoops). They aren't going to outsource your job.

And, this isn't a totally random post about "jobs" rather than about "portland".. It's quite relevant in my future decision making process involving moving to, and/or not moving to oregon.

[BST] Please take it easy on us geriatric folks, eh?

After reading damnportlanders posts and their comments, I am dreading growing old. After reading all those disparaging comments about guys who are 40 or older, I am beginning to think that I am going to wear the Crown of Uncool by time I hit the big 4-0 (which is just over four weeks away). Not only will my pool of potential dates shrink drastically, but I sense that I will be wearing a scarlet "P" (for "pedophile") on top of head.

Thank you guys for the huge blow to my soon-to-be-geriatric ego. ;o

Oh, where did youth go? :o
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so we meet again trebek...

Monster Truck

I want to go to a monster truck rally. Specifically, I want to get my friend and I tickets for his upcoming birthday. The only info I can find online is for a monster truck rally in Feb08 at the Rose Garden but I don't want to wait that long since aforementioned birthday is next week.

Anyone know where I find out info about monster truck rallies in the Portland area? I'm willing to travel an hour or two.
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The Chicken & The Egg

I am interested in finding a local farm (or individual) from whom I can buy eggs. I want to know that any animal products I eat are coming from animals that are treated humanely. Ideally, I would like to personally meet the chicken whose eggs I am consuming.
I would need maybe 1/2 dozen eggs per month.

Google has turned up a list of farms that claim to have organic free-range eggs. I plan to contact some of the farms on the list, but thought maybe someone here might know someone with a chicken and an extra egg or three.

I appreciate any help that anyone can provide. Thank you!

Massage Table for Sale! (Only used twice.)

I have an Agate Harmony table by Earthlite with headrest and carrying case that has only been used twice. The table is in perfect condition and so it the carrying case. I also have a jumbo half bolster and face cradle cover that has never been used. I paid $450 for the package, but sprained my wrist and cannot finish my program.

This is a great table for students and those that need to travel. It's lite and easy to work with.

Please email with questions and phone number

(no subject)

Do any of you happen to know of any shows that  play Psychobilly or Punk type music?I have been to Rock 'n' Roll Pizza a few times but all they play is stupid emo shit and It has to be all ages seeing as I'm only 15.
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