June 27th, 2007



I'm about to embark on the long journey of crate training my new puppy. Where is the cheapest place to get a crate? She's small now, but she's going to grow a lot. I'd like to get a bigger one that comes with dividers that you can move as the puppy grows.
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Larch Mount
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My wife and I are taking a trip to Honolulu for a week in early September. Neither of us has ever been and we are asking any of you who have what are some great things to do on the island of Oahu?

Where are some good places to go that will not be overrun by tourist?
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Speaking of Jobs...

My department will be hiring soon.

It's temp to hire (3mo)

The biggies are being able to pass a drug screen and a criminal back ground check.

The job is working in an accounting center reconciling invoices. Which sounds boring but it's pretty fun. It starts at $10.75 and goes up to either 11 or 11.50 (depending on the department you work for). It's a pretty fun environment. It's stressful at times, boring at times but the people make up for it and the benefits are pretty good when you make it to permanent.
Also no previous accounting is necessary. They train you for three weeks on our system so it's almost better if you don't.

Let me know if you are interested.
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Free is a good price

There's a shitload of free stuff on 16th and Hawthorne:

VHS Tapes
Futon Mattress
and all sorts of other stuff you might find people getting rid of at the last minute when their lease is terminated.

It's all free. It's all on the lawn of the house at 16th and Hawthorne. Of course, you could always pay us for it to help us get rid of the massive debt incurred by our deadbeat roommate, but mostly, we just want to get rid of it so we don't have to move it.
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Yet More Jobness

My place of work is also hiring a web developer. Very stable non-profit, and the benefits package kicks a lot of ass, so come forth and flex your 1337 web muscles.

Oh yeah, and let me know if you're applying; I think I get a bonus if they hire somebody that I referred to them, heh. But even if not, it'd still be cool to know that there might be another DPer in this place. :D

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Let's say that I got this utterly crazy notion that I'd really like to have/get one cat and one dog (because I just can't decide on one or the other). Logistically, what is the best way to go about this in order to best ensure that they get along and happily co-exist in my little 600 sq ft place?
Should I get one or the other first? Or just rather simultaneously acquire one kitten and one puppy and live with utter chaos and pandemonium for a year or two??
frankie say relax

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Anyone here ever fly Continental? I'm taking a trip to New Jersey to see a friend and Continental looks like my best option pricewise from checking online. If there are any horror stories out there, I'd like to know so I can rethink this plan if neccessary.
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If any of you has gotten married in a judge's chambers, maybe you can answer this question: since my partner and I already went through the ceremonial aspect of our wedding, what will this look like when we go to court to sign the legal document? Will we be expected to say vows in front of the judge? What exactly does the judge do to deem you married? (I really want to make this as casual as possible.)

Translation anyone?

Dear Portland,
   I work at an organization that does a lot of good. Unfortunately it is not a very diverse organization (in terms of breaking language barriers) and we are having a few issues with geting our message out there. The information that I present can really save lives but I can't speak another language. So my question to the oracle is this:

Where can I find an online translation service that is free and translates text so it doesn't sound totally crazy? (My organization is waaaay in the hole and we need some free help.)

Or, conversely, would anyone be willing to translate a couple pages of text into another language for me for free? (Or cookies...) (I really need Russian right now, but Chinese, Korean and Spanish are right up there.)

Portland related 'cause that's who I am trying to serve!

Thanks a million!

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damnportlanders poll:

What's your favorite depressing song? I'm guilty of soundtracking my life, and often listen to stuff depending on my mood.

I'd say right now it's a toss up between "No Surprises" by Radiohead, and "Helpless" by Faith No More.

What're your sad songs?


I've had a few of these lying around for a while, so it's time to give thanks.

The guys at Darrel's Economy Mufflers (SE 82nd, south of Powell) rock. I had a mysterious part fall off my car and drag, making an awful noise and sending sparks everywhere. Not only did they know what it was, but they welded it back on for free! Be sure to tip your welder.

The people at the Multnomah county crisis line and their affiliated program project respond kick ass. We had a bit of a crisis recently and they are absolutely awesome for referrals and working with your family.

I just moved back here from Idaho and I forgot what it was like to be around nice people and good social services.

Public service announcement

The Red Cross is dangerously low on blood right now so if you are willing and able to, please consider donating blood at your local Red Cross. You can read more about it here, or to learn if you are eligible to donate, click here. I know a lot of folks have significant fears of needles and giving blood, but generally it's not a bad experience and you'll get free cookies afterward.

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hello! my boyfriend & i are in portland until saturday for the first time. we're looking for any reccomendations you have on must-sees: vintage shops, record shops, restaurants, drinks & bars (especially breweries), museums, outdoor-pretty-things, etc. we're staying downtown & have a car, so anything is accessible. thanks for the help in advance! (x-posted).

my computer for your backpack!

HEYYY. I want to trade my desktop for your hiking backpack!

My desktop is a Dell Dimension 2400 with an Intel Pentium 4 processor, 2.80 Ghz, 256 MB RAM, Windows XP version 2002, with a DVD drive, CDRW drive, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and lots of other fun stuff. Also comes with a mouse, keyboard, pretty nice speakers, a kick ass subwoofer, and all the system CDs. My monitor is super junky, and you probably won't want to take it, but feel free to.

I'm looking for an extended trip pack, Large midsize, internal frame, appx. 4000 cubic inches, preferably with top/front loading and a sleeping bag compartment. I can be flexible with the other details. Minimally used would be nice.


Four corners of food.

Ok it is I once more.
Looking for some cheap eats.
The problem, I do not know what part of the Portland area we will be eating tell about three hours before we meet.
So, my question is what is a good place to eat in NE,SE,SW,NW?
Some place cheep (under $18 a person).
Some place fairly casual.
Somewhere you can still have a pleasant conversation.
Last but not least some place with some weird / unusual atmosphere.

o, and it going to be this Friday night.


NE --  
Oregon pho
SE --   Noho's Hawaiian Cafe
SW--   salvador molly's
Le Happy!
Thanks for all the help, if any one has any thing to say about my picks, good or bad, let me know.
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barking dog

There is a little yappy dog in our neighborhood that barks almost every night. Tonight is particularly bad and it is driving me nuts. Seriously, I can hear it barking even with the windows closed!!

DPers, help! I live in Vancouver and I already called animal control (who told me they can't help).

What can I do????