June 26th, 2007

Yo Gabb Gabba


My mom's talking about blessing my eyesight with Lasik through Lasik Vision Institute. She knows people who have had positive and affordable experiences at their Bellevue, WA location. Anyone here have any experience with their Lake Oswego clinic? Anything I found about the chain as a whole seemed pretty minor and nearly five years ago.
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Introduce your self and sign *your* day!

I'll be bringing my "Secret Language of Birthdays" book to the meet up tonight.
I'd love you to introduce yourself and sign your day!

I started having people sign their day a year ago... I'd love to some day meet some one born on each day of the year. (highly doubtful, but fun to adventure in just the same!)

I don't usually take it anywhere with me, but thought this would be a fun way to meet some new DP'ers!

Not coming? Leave your (month & day) in my friends-add entry, and I'll post the title of your day, and its quirky "meditation". =) Oh, and if you want me to friend you (say so) other wise, I'll just look up your day.

*love meeting new people*
Rain Forest

no question is a stupid question

not really portland specific per-say (except I live here and you are all so helpful) can some one tell me or point me to instructions somewhere on how to have the cool moving userpic/icons? (Okay, lame but not stupid)

...aaaaand thanks! I just needed to keep going....

freelance teachers sought

I buy drinks/coffee/paypal, you teach:

some of the semi-basic algebra/geometry/calc stuff I glazed over in highschool and am recently interested in mostly out of reading mandelbrot's "fractals and chaos" and hofstadter's "godel, escher, bach" and coming across plenty of stuff that I should know.

hebrew, been studying for like 3 years but want some immersion


baking/cooking vegan stuff, I'm kind of stuck in a curry/burrito rut

shell scripting, tcl/tk


oil painting

basic and further, tamil

I'm available between during the day, and moderately poor, but get this, you learn even more by teaching so really you should be paying me, but we can compromise.
kayak, fishing, kayaking

Portlanders - Consider Yourselves Warned...

The sound may start softly in the distance and pulse towards you as the moped riders zoom down the slopes and struggle up the slight hills of our fair city, but as their swarm nears the sound will become deafening.

They always grow louder before they feed.

Moped riders from all across the country will be converging here. Chapters of the Moped Army expected to be present include: Portland's own Puddle Cutters; Sacramento's the LandSquids; San Fransisco's Creatures of the Loin; New York's Mission 23; Richmond, VA's the Hell's Satans, Seattle's Mosquito Fleet; and many, many more.

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Hello!  I am a nanny for a Portland family. They have two girls, ages 1 1/2 and 3 1/2.
I am looking for other parents or nannies to have playdates!

They are two frendly girls who love to play with other kids! Boys or girls.

We can drive to where you are, meet you at the zoo/omsi/parks, or you could come over here to our house! We have a playroom filled with toys, and kid snacks. Also, it would be nice to have some conversation with another grown up.

Email me at RebeccaLavelle@yahoo.com and we can talk more!
We are avaliable Tuesday through Saturday, 10am til 6pm.

I know I posted about this before, but I thought I would try it again. I asked other questions in the first post, so this one is more to the point.
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Four hours to meetup!

I'm busy with work, so all you get is a copy and paste this time, sorry!

Meetup is tonight, June 26th, at 7pm, at THE EAST BANK SALOON! at 727 SE Grand Ave! I really don't want to hear about anyone going to the old location by accident!

Minors are welcome until at least 10pm! Meetup faq is here! Previous announcement with more location details is here! Whee exclamation points!

...see you there. XD
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Hey my awesome damnportlanders! I need to hear what all your favorite mixed drinks are! (And the recipes, if you know them)

(I'm in Canada for the summer and have the triple fortune of making a decent amount of bank, being able to legally drink, and housesitting a place with a well-stocked liquor cabinet. So I've made it a goal to come back to Portland a somewhat savvy mixologist to combat the previous habits of sloshing rum into half-full Gatorade bottles. Not that there's anything wrong with that.)