June 25th, 2007


Produce Delivery?

Do any of you have personal experience with an organic produce-delivery place? The kind I'm curious about is the sort where you pay a given amount each month (like $25 or so) and you get a box of organic (local, where available) produce, usually whatever's in season and abundant that month.

I know there are a few places that offer this service, but I'm looking for any specific recommendations you might have, since this sort of thing can be done badly (I don't want a box of mushrooms every month or 30 pounds of lettuce, I want a nice variety of fruits and vegetables in usable amounts.)

Thanks in advance!
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Hey! I'm starting at PSU next fall, and I need to apply for a loan.

I just got a thing in the mail about GE loans.

Is it worth my time? Who'd you have a "good" experience with?

Who's going to fuck me over?


Do I really need to tell you that this is x-posted?


I really really really want to listen to gospel music live as I love it and have a craving for it. I know come the holiday season we're swimming in the stuff, but is there a place to find out about gospel concerts going on in Portland this summer? I'm not really a Christian and get fidgety in church so i'd rather not sit through a service to hear it- are there any summer concerts that people know of?

Thanks everyone!
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BIKES vs. CARS, part eleventy

So, Idaho's had this law since 1982 that allows bikers to treat STOP signs as YIELD signs. Two years ago, the law was extended to include stop lights, as well.

Oregon's law is that both bikers and motorists must stop at stop signs and stop lights.

(Hey, here's some more info about supporters of Idaho-like legislation for Oregon!)

What do you think? Would a similar law be a good idea for Oregon?

no better than the current Oregon law

Care to explain [ why / why not ] in the comments?

And ... debate!

Vroom! Vroom!

My dad sold a dune buggy to an Australian on eBay. It now needs transporting Down Under.

I'm helping him research shippers. To be a good seller, he wants to keep the shipping costs down, but not at the expense of, oh, getting the goods to their destination.

We're looking at American Shipping International. Anyone heard anything about them?
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Meetup Reminder!

Okay, at this point it's probably unnecessary, but here it is anyway, your day-before meetup reminder!

Meetup is tomorrow, June 26th, at 7pm, at THE EAST BANK SALOON! at 727 SE Grand Ave! I really don't want to hear about anyone going to the old location by accident!

Minors are welcome until at least 10pm! Meetup faq is here! Previous announcement with more location details is here! Whee exclamation points!
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Cleveland Rocks?!?!

Because you guys are the best...

Anyone ever been to Cleveland? I'm going there for work training; 2 separate 2 week training sessions; the first of which begins next Monday. Any ideas on things to do in the area? I know about Cedar Point amusement park and also The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Anything else?
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Harry Potter screening this week

I just read about this over at ohnotheydidnt and thought I ought to spread the news.

There is going to be a free Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the Lloyd Center theater on Thursday the 28th. If you go to http://www.myspace.com/blackcurtain you can find all the details. I'd definitely go if I weren't already working, but I know there are some HP dorks out there in Portlandia so I thought I'd spread the news.
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apartments in NW

alright, i'm going to be annoying and ask an apartment question. but it's driving me nuts.

are there 2-bedrooms under $1000/month to be found in NW? i'm talking close to 23rd/21st. i could even go for a 1-bedroom if it was actually big.

if anyone knows of apartment complexes that have 2-bedrooms or large 1-bedrooms, could you give me the names of them? thank you sooo much.
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Credit Union?

So, I'm tired of having my money wallow in the clutches of multinational financial entities, even if they're of the somewhat-less-evil-than-most (read: Wamu) variety. Does anyone here have any experience with any of the local credit unions, preferably of the sort that don't require that I belong to a specific profession?