June 24th, 2007



Anyone know a local source for new or used anvils? The big metal things blacksmiths use?
Or anyone got a 100-pounder (or any size) in their basement they want to sell?
ophelia by nivi, 2012

i want prints

where, what, and how
would i have to go, know, and do
to create sell-worthy-enough prints (20 bucks retail) of a painting?
the original painting size is 18" x 24".
at least 8" x 10" prints desired.

cheap is good.


i have a printer, but would it be wi$er to go to a printshop?

i'm only interested in that home-print option if the quality is more or less equal to a professional. (ha)
i've never tried either way, and before i break something (my printer or my money roll), i'd love personal advice.

thank you in advance in case i'm abducted by time-travellers. which i probably will be. soon. and again.
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Snoopy at his typewriter

How to fit in in Portland

This morning on my Google Start Page, I saw a link to a WikiHow page that said How to fit in while visiting London. I read the article and thought it was pretty neat.

Here's where the all-seeing all knowing damnportlanders come in handy. I thought it would be a neat idea if we had a "How to fit in while visiting Portland" page. It could be stuck in the memories here or maybe we could submit it to WikiHow as well. Since you guys know everything, I thought I'd ask you all for help on this project.

Wait for it ....... GO!

The obligatory drinking game: Back in DC before the SUV's took over the world and one could smoke wherever one wanted...

where to wax 'australia' after 5 on a Sunday??

I know this is a long shot, but was hoping one of you great souls might have a gem that's available on Sunday evenings.

My regular lady is the bomb, but am *crossing* my fingers that I can find some one good open today. And specializes in brazillian waxes.
Preferably downtown or close in.

**EDIT: Or some one who might have an opening tomorrow morning is welcomed as well.

... and yes, I know this is just screaming to be snarked. =)
green turtle

Brow Waxing

My girl friends and I are in need of a professional brow wax - shaping etc. Where's a nice place to go that's not too expensive, that won't ruin our beautiful faces :)

It can be anywhere in PDX Metro aread :) We're not picky!

And.......... GO!
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Hope everyone is enjoying this hazy perhaps lazy Sunday.
I do not oft have questions however I am in search of something that my bf TRULY misses a lot.

Back in DC *drinks* we used to go to Bennigan's (a bar/restaurant like Ruby Tuesday's) because their menu included my bf's most FAVORITE sammich evar....the Monte Cristo.
This sammich was sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with a raspberry type sauce on the side.

1. Anyone on here familiar with Bennigan's Monte Cristo sandwich
and if so...
have you found anything like it or better here in Portland?

2. Can anyone recommend a place that makes a mean Monte Cristo sandwich?

I sure appreciate it if anyone here is in the know...then I can take mah boy to get him the full monte or a monte that is sooo good it makes him full.

As always, thank you!!!!
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Push Button For POPSICLES

Where can I find . . .

those character-shaped ice creams on a stick with gumball eyes?

Specifically Spongebob Squarepants?

Kind of like this, except not a monkeyThing:


P.S.: I mean besides the ice cream trucks that drive down the street selling to kids.

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call me stupid but how do i enable ip logging for comments?
I remember you used to be able to do that under the entry text box [ages ago] but where did it go? Do I have to have paid account?
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