June 23rd, 2007


Buffy Singalong


Was anyone at the Buffy the Musical Singalong tonight/last night? (I haven't gone to bed yet!)

Sorry if you were sitting near us, I brought the RHPS crowd and the silly redheaded Jew who kept shouting out the lines seconds before they were said.

(And yes, we did snicker evilly when they mentioned RHPS. Pssh, not perfect. Whatev.)

I had lovely fun. I hope you guys did too.
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Good stereo stuff?

So.. last night when I came back to my car at the park and ride, someone had broken into it. They stole my stereo, my amp and the subwoofer I had. People really suck. This was going to be an excellent weekend and instead they stole my stuff and trashed my whole console. And yeah.. I can report this to the insurance, but after I get through with the deductable, it doesn't leave much that they're paying. I'm still undecided if I want to or not since I think they hold this against you on your rates.

Anyway... what I need to know is where can I get this replaced? I think Car Toys is the one place I hear about on the radio. I don't know how good they are or what. Can anyone recommend a good place where I can get new stuff and have someone install it? My ex did the installation on the last stereo I had. I'm clueless about this stuff.
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Sun Print Paper?

Sun Print Paper?

I'm in need of some Sun Print Paper or something like it.
I normal make it but I am out, and I need some before 5 tonight.
It would be nice if it could be found in SE,SW but I am willing to travel.
If you don't know what it is hear is it on line, Sun Print Paper.
So grate DamnPortlanders where can you find Sun Print Paper in Portland on a Saturday?

EDIT: Finnegans Toys had some, Thanks !
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Bagby Hot Springs?

Hi guys,

I'm having trouble finding definitive info that is not horribly outdated. I figure some long-time residents might know the answers to the following:

Is Bagby Hot Springs open every day (specifically Monday)?
Is there a fee or trail pass required?

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server colocation

Has anyone had any experience with colocation facilities here in pdx? I'm trying to scout out a good place to put a few servers. I've called around, and of the ones that aren't outrageously priced, they all seem to have the similar pricing, location, and customer service. I'm looking to start small with the ability to grow. I don't have any special requirements, just reasonable pricing. Any stories, good or bad?

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July adult all zones trimet pass

Hey DP,

My girlfriend got an adult all-zone pass for the month of July, and then found out she gets a pass half-price at work. She already wrote her name on the back. Anyone need one, $10 cheaper because of the name ($64)? We'll deliver if you're close to SE 52nd and Woodstock. Leave contact info, comments are screened.