June 22nd, 2007

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found a kitty

did someone around 76th and Division lose a kitty?

She's an adult, a little chunky/muscular, no tags, white spot on her nose and a black stripe down her back.  I think she's a tabby/mix, short haired.  She's sweet, friendly, and I think she belongs to somebody.

Bubbles, anyone?

Where might I buy 80 little white bottles of bubbles? It's one of those little wedding details that got overlooked until now (two days before my wedding).

Also, where is the best place near Clackamas Mall to get a manicure and a pedicure? My sister is trying to convince me to get fake nails for my big day. I hate the things, but I would like to have my nails buffed and painted with a clear coat. My sister said a nail place wouldn't do that unless I got fake nails. Is she pulling my chain?
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Green car washes?

I'm sure this has been posted, but my LJSeek-fu is failing today.

Could anyone recommend a "green" carwash (where they recycle waste water)? Inner east side, ideally. I have one hella-dirty car to wash.

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cheap used bike shop?

i'm a bike novice who is coming down for the weekend from seattle to rescue my stolen car. (a few of you may remember me posting here after it was stolen from 4th and morrison. some guy called and the thieves abandoned it on fiske st. yay!)

while i'm down, i figured i'd try to buy a new bike. i don't have a whole lot to spend, so i'm looking for a store that has a big used bike selection and employees who are friendly to someone who's completely clueless. (i tried to buy one off craigslist up here, but i know so little that the one i ended up with was totally nonfunctional for rain and longer rides up hills :/ so now i'd rather go the shop route.) i'd rather go to a neighborhood place vs. something rei-like.

Professional Photo Printing

My wife and I are starting to do professional photography and we're looking for a good lab in the Portland area that will print on professional paper, i.e. the kind that says "Copyrighted Image, do not reprint" on the back of the paper, not just professional quality paper.

I've checked with Pro Photo, they don't do that. Any ideas where else I should look?


I need...errr want a wii.

Does anybody know a place that currently has them in stock? I'm willing to travel.

Do you have one you want to sell?

I'm desperate.


Three recommendations, if you please

Finally moved back to Portland after seven years away up north (yay!) and I need to get hooked up with some services, to wit:

1) My Suzuki GS500 needs a tune-up, chain, sprockets, and rear brakes - what's a good (motor)bike shop here in PDX?

2) My rat needs a mammary tumor taken off. I know there are ratlovers on this comm, so what vet would you recommend?

3) My rat also needs a new buddy, since her cagemate passed away in May, so I need a good rat breeder (though I will also check Petfinder to see what the Oregon Humane Society has in the way of rats.) I got a couple of rats from Khat's Rats many years ago, but I don't have any contact info for her now. Is she still in the rat-breeding business?
Knifey Spoony...


The Nice Guy Paradox [Solved]
Published by Daniel Miessler May 8th, 2007 in Science, Musings, Psychology, Women, Sex

Most guys know about the nice guy paradox. It’s where they’ve been told since they were young — both by women and by society in general — that women like “nice” guys. And because they’ve been told this over and over, most guys grow up trying this approach only to have reality pee in their faces.

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Larch Mount
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Custom Arcade Controller

Anyone here have experience making custom Arcade Controllers, the kind that use the parts from arcade cabinets? I want one for fighting games on the PS2.

(To clarify I am looking to pay someone to build me one, but I would rather have it made locally not shipped from CA. I am sure someone in Portland does this for a hobby. It sounds like fun, I just don't have the extra time)

Keller Auditorium

I am planning to get some tickets to one or two of the Broadway shows that come to Portland every so often. For a serious drama or a musical, which area has the best seats (where you do not have to use binoculars to see the action)? I was there once for my sister's graduation and we could hardly see the people on stage from where we were.

Anyone ever been there?


I work at Best Buy in Tualatin (the new one that just opened. We got in 80 Wii's today. 30 to be sold today and the rest on Sunday.
So anybody who wants one should go soon. I just left there at 4:45 and we've only sold one so far.

ready? GO!

Bodies and Bikes: Encore Naked Bike Ride!

Did you miss this year's World Naked Bike Ride? Or did you participate in the ride and haven't stopped dreaming about riding with the wind between your legs ever since?

Join us for our Encore Naked Bike Ride!

TOMORROW, Saturday June 23rd
Meet at Free Geek
1731 SE 10th Ave
between SE Mill and Market

The completely AWESOME folks at Free Geek are letting us store clothing in the building while we ride, so a huge thanks to them!

We will be riding around inner SE Portland for about an hour before returning to Free Geek for our belongings.

The motto for this ride is "Ride as Bare as you Dare!", meaning nudity is optional! You don't *have* to be naked to join the ride! Anywhere on the continuum between naked and clothed is awesome!

Let all your friends know, cause the only thing better than a Naked Bike Ride is a HUGE Naked Bike Ride!

PS Just in case you're wondering what the heck a naked bike ride is - here is a link with more information: http://wiki.worldnakedbikeride.org/


Passports at University Station (follow-up)

This is a follow-up to this June 12th post about my wonderful Passport Application experience with the University Station Post Office.

I applied for this passport on June 12th and I paid for the expedited service. Though people have been talking about how long even the expedited ones take, I got my shiny new unencrypted robo-passport in just ten days!

I don't know what's going on with the TSA, but they did a fantastic job!

Thank you, TSA!
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subliminal messages, die

Uptown Billiards Club's happy hour sucks

My coworkers and I weren't very happy. It took two hours for them to serve the seven of us their five-course "mini-sampler" (which was both mini in size and flavor) when the place was completely empty. The bartender overcharged three of my coworkers on their glasses of wine and tried to give another a flat beer. I asked for a kir, which is white wine and creme de cassis - blackcurrant liqueur. The bartender had no clue what it was, and tried giving me a glass of iced white wine and creme de cacao with a slice of lemon in it, which was hideous. I sent it back, and told her what was in a kir, and she came back a while later and said they didn't have blackcurrant liqueur, or blackberry, or raspberry, or black cherry or anything. I said fine, give me a seabreeze, which is vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice. I got a glass of cranberry juice with maybe a jigger of vodka. She was utterly clueless, and slow as hell.

As we were paying the bill, she pulls out a little drink menu and says "oops, looks like we have a kir!" and shows me where it says Kir Royale on the menu.

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BRC Virgin?


Wednesday, June 27
Gladstone Street Pub
3737 SE Gladstone st.
Portland, OR. 97202

6:30- For Burner Virgins!
Come get everything you need to know to survive your
week in the Black Rock Desert.

7:00- Meet and Greet
The Black Rock Boutique will be on site selling
fabulous playa wear, cheap! Playa attire
encouraged! Expect stiltwalkers, bellydancers and fire

8:00- Movie begins- Beyond Black Rockweek in the Black Rock Desert. Get hints and tips for
BURNING MAN: BEYOND BLACK ROCK goes behind the scenes
of a social revolution to explore the philosophy that
fuels it, the social contract that drives it, and the
transcendent experience that makes it a worldwide
cultural force.
Granted unprecedented access to the
inner workings of the Burning Man organization, the
filmmakers spent 18 months with the founders,
organizers, artists and participants to document the
full complexity and diversity of the Burning Man
But, true to its title, the film goes
beyond the city they raise in the desert - revealing
the Burning Man's plans to bring its unique culture to
the rest of the world.
the first time ever, the real story of Burning Man -
from the inside out. -Written by William Haskins

Outdoor Dog Wash - Sunday June 24th 11am-4pm Bethany Area

Outdoor Dog Wash to benefit Indigo Rescue this Sunday, June 24th.
Time: 11am-4pm
Location: Bethany Family Pet Clinic
4744 NW Bethany Blvd.
Portland, OR 97229
As you face QFC, the clinic on the right side, around the corner from Godfather's Pizza.

<30 lbs: $10.00
30-70 lbs: $15.00
>70 lbs: $20.00
Extra Bonus! Nail Trims: $5.00

We get wet, your dog gets clean, and you help save more dogs (and cats)!
Additional Dog Wash Dates: July 22nd, and August 19th

I need something to do!

I would really like to go out and do something fun on saturday night. if there is anyone who wants to go out for a drink or is already going out with someone and doesnt mind another person, let me know.....

ps sorry for errors in this post. I am writting this on my nintendo DS browser
Xmas Socks

Oh wise DPers...

I come to you in search of knowledge... I'm trying to find a birthday gift for a friend of mine. She's got some great interests and hobbies; and I think I've narrowed it down to her love of baking. She especially likes cakes. Can you think of something that would be great to get for her? Or consequently; do you know of any baking classes? Or any recommendations? a_muffin_story; I'm looking at you!

and... go!