June 21st, 2007


Snake sexing?

Does anyone know about it? It's pretty much the only thing I don't know about my snake, because I didn't care about what gender she was when I got her (I've always called Fido her, just because.)

Except I was helping her shed her tail (She's a rescue case, her previous owner kept her in a small cage and so she's got scar tissue on her tail and I have to soak it and pick it off.) and I noticed her little snakey poopshoot. And the fact that there was something coming out of it. Something pale pink and pointy.

So is Fido a boy? Or is this some weird girlie snake sex organ I don't know about?
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tegan ice cream

wireless... ness

you guys are always so helpful, so i'm going to ask something non-portland related.

for those of you using wireless at home -- which router do you have, and are you happy with it? (if you had to get adapters for your computers, same question too.)

and what helped you the most when you were installing it (i.e. online guides, just tips i should know, etc)?

i am a pretty big geek so i don't mind jumping through hoops to get it secured. i just need as much help as i can get.

thanks a lot!

actors needed!

We need a couple of actors for our multimedia performance group. We are putting together shows based around a central theme using video, stage acting, music, movement, puppetry and more. We have a show in the works for late summer/early fall. We are fun loving folks who frequently meet up for happy hour, etc. If interested, email me privately. Thanks!
Dark Knight

Pimpin' the job fair

Netflix Career Fair

Saturday, June 23, 2007
10am - 2pm

Netflix wants to meet with you regarding openings in our Hillsboro Call Center. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with members of our support staff, tour the facility and meet face to face to discuss current openings and your qualifications.

What we’re looking for:

• Customer Service Representatives
• Customer Support Specialists
• Customer Service Supervisors
• Call Center Traffic Coordinator
• Administrative Assistant

How to find us:

Netflix is located at 3175 NW Aloclek Drive in Hillsboro, OR 97124. We are located between Cornell and Evergreen Parkway west of 185th avenue and just before Cornelius Pass.

Come prepared:

Candidates are encouraged to bring a current copy of their resume, a list of professional references and be prepared for an interview.


Netflix is a 24/7 facility and as such requires open flexible availability to work a variety of shifts potentially including weekends.

For complete job descriptions please view postings: www.netflix.com/jobs
little blue dog


Every damn time I do one of these "Happy Equinox!" or "Happy Solstice!" or "Happy First Day of Season X!" posts, someone even more insufferably pedantic than me cites something back at me proving that Solstice was the day before, or that Season X doesn't actually begin on the Equinox, or that I'm a white supremacist for thinking the entire world follows this system (in addition to all the other reasons I'm a white supremacist), or whatever.

So enough of that.

Happy June 21! There it is.

Whether it's the first day of summer, the longest day of the year, the summer solstice in North America and/or elsewhere, your birthday, your anniversary, Just Another Thursday, or some other date entirely according to another type of calendar, it's still going to be a sunny day in Portland today and goddammit I am wishing that it's happy for you.


Dog out.
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Cycling and Forest Park

Has anyone ever ridden a road bike up on Leif Erikson Drive through Forest Park? In other words, could I even do it without a mountain bike?

I'm trying to find the safest route up the West Hills, and this came up on byCycle.org's trip planner.

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Hello everyone, I live in Portland and need a change. I'm thinking about moving to anouther city. You know just to start all over again, fresh. I need your guys opinion which city would be a good place to start. I'm looking for a city that has a great transit system plenty of activities and has a good alternative/artistic based scene...somewhat like here in portland. And last but not least good people! Hope to hear some good thoughts!

OHSU employees?

Sooo I'm sure there must be some of you who work/go to school at OHSU, yes? What would you recommend as the best method to get from inner SE (Belmont/27th) to campus?

Trimet trip planner has me taking three buses, even if I try to catch the tram. There must be a better way!

Thanks =)
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(no subject)

I know this question has been asked before, so please excuse my laze.

I quit my job earlier this year and thus lost my dental coverage. I was due for a cleaning, checkup and x-rays tomorrow and was just told that it would be $200 out-of-pocket which I just can't afford right now. I also can't afford to lose my teeth.

So what are my options here? Didn't someone mention that OHSU offers free or discounted cleaning and exams? Any contact info for that? Are there any stopgap insurance plans that I can buy into in the meantime that won't cost an arm and a leg?

Thanks in advance!


So, in the whole lineup of film festivals etc. are there documentary festivals in Portland during the summer? I'm a total documentary buff, seriously, set me down infront of a documentary about anything from Evangelical Christianity to the life cycle of the fava bean and i'll watch it! So fill me in, Damn Portlanders!

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

Wow. This week's list is kind of long, but I suppose this means that I enjoy the summer living in Portland.

1. The Red White and Blueberry event at the Portland Farmers Market at Ecotrust Building in the Pearl district this afternoon (from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.). Last year I procured tons of Organic Valley coupons as well as yummy berries. I look forward to stopping by the market after work today.

2. The previously-mentioned Bites for Rights dining benefit event throughout the day. I originally posted an informative blurb about this on damnportlanders yesterday (the original post).

3. Pedalpalooza's end-of-festivities party (Multnomah County Bike Fair) at Colonel Summers Park in SE Portland on Saturday afternoon! I am looking forward to the celebration with fellow bicyclists (I regrettably missed out on many of the month's spontaneous events, but I am looking forward to next year)!

4. Sitting on a bench in the middle of Ladd's Circle and reading a book, while enjoying the great weather and spacious atmosphere.

5. Wonderful residents of the historic Irvington neighborhood who enhance the area with visually appealing rose bushes and other fragrant niceties that are enjoyed during warm evenings.

6. Discovering yummy raspberries on the median between sidewalks and streets in Southeast Portland. Grazing can be so fun!

7. Awesome folks at work who brought in radishes and green onions to share from their home gardens.

8. Being introduced to the very orgasmic joys of Willamette Valley Cheese Co.'s Farmstead Wine Pomace Gouda cheese! The soft and rich cheese is a pure delight!

9. Having an unexpected opportunity to speak Japanese to assist out-of-town travelers who seemed lost while riding the bus, and helping them get to their hotel safely.

10. Being recognized as "the Thankful Thursday guy" by a fellow damnportlander who was waiting at the bus stop. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

11. Discovering the yummy joys of Kettleman Bagels--their crispy, light bagel with chipotle hummus was extremely delicious!

12. Being treated to a warm evening air of doughnuts while bicycling through Northeast Portland near the NE Fremont/Sandy/72nd intersection--I later learned that I was in the vicinity of Annie's Donuts, which I intend to explore in the near future!
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Lets make a Renga tree!

So, with all the haiku going around, I thought I'd look it up and learn a bit about it. I found out that it is a version of an older japanese poem style called 'Renga'. Renga were poems created in collaborative effort.

They follow a specific format, altering rhythm between two segments.

1. The first is hokku, which is 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables.
2. The second is waki, which is 2 lines of 7-7 syllables.
3. The third is daisan and has 3 lines of 5-7-5 again.
4. goto 2.

So if the Renga starts with a hokku, it must have a waki next, and then daisan by the next person, then another waki, etc. The essence of Renga is 'change'. Each new participant will take the poem in a different direction. (there are more rules, but this is enough to start)

Collaborative poetry? What would be better for damnportlanders??? Lets make a Renga tree. I'll start with the hokku, and the next person can add a waki, and then the next a daisan, then another waki etc.

Now, to utilize the format of livejournal, lets make this in tree format. You can either add a section at the end, or branch off somewhere else, adding to whatever branch appeals to you. The subject is anything.

RULE: You can't comment without adding a section. If you don't like someone else' verse, don't comment on it, just add somewhere else. If you break the rule, you get hit with a stick.

"a small maple seed
may grow into a big tree
or be food for worms"

Ok, it sucks, but it's just a seed. Lets make a tree!
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i see what you do there D:

D: looking for a dry cleaner in SE PDX

Background: I took a bunch of clothes into Thomas Joseph dry cleaners. About 2/3 of items came back ok, but some didn't ($100 shirt pilling, waistband of a $200 skirt was safety pinned and now has holes, frayed ribbons, stains on a few things not removed). The girl at the counter turned up her nose at me, saying that because she didn't see them come in without problems, there's no way to prove that they're in the wrong. So pretty much I'm screwed.

I'm more than a little annoyed, since they're supposed to have "the best rep in Portland"
I know I certainly won't be returning there!!

So where in Portland (especially SE around 82nd & Foster/Clackamas mall area) can I take my clothes to be cleaned and not screwed up - and hopefully with no snotty front desk girl too?

Calling all lawyers!!!!

Does $150/hr seem reasonable for a lawyer to do some real estate inheritance related paperwork filing?

I don't really know one way or another, but that's what this person charges and I don't have any other reference points (the lawyer has to be in Colorado for various reasons).

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(no subject)

If you had unlimited money and could travel anywhere in the world (one destination only) where would you go? 

Really, I'm just curious (and bored) ;-)

PS Did anybody hear about those girls that got kicked off tri-met?

ETA: I'd go to Bora Bora or here.
heart-struck eyes

I'm on a quest! Kinda.

Okay, this marks my first post here. Hello fellow Portlanders. :3

Before school let out, I got to read an article in the paper about a place called Samurai Bento. They're in Portland, and the reason they had an article in the paper was because Hayao Miyazaki himself said the yakisoba was yummy. Probably not in those same words but whatever, I'm paraphrasing.

So. Does anyone actually know where this is? I plan on finding it before next week, cause I'm meeting up with some of my friends there before we trek to Uwajimaya. (Yeah, total geek day. But hey, it kills time right? xD)
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(no subject)

Hey guys, I'm on tour right now but as often as I can I read Damnportlanders. It reminds me of home and makes all the crazy shit that I'm up to seem normal.

You guys are bonkos and I love it.

I'll be home soon.

and fer chrissakes someone help angleburn1move already

Want a $25 Amazon gift certificate?

Here's the deal. My boyfriend needs to test wireless signal strength in residences near Portland MetroFi nodes. If you live within a block from one of their nodes, he'd like to come to your place and test from inside. (It will probably be him, but it could also be someone else from his work.) It'll take 15-30 minutes. You just have to let him in, and you get a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate when he's done. This would need to occur sometime between this Friday and Sunday.

So! If you want a $25 Amazon gift certificate:

1. Check if you're within a block from a node here: http://www.metrofi.com/cities-16.html

2. If you are, email nevynnowhere@gmail.com with your name, address, phone#, and when would be best for you between Fri-Sun.


Need a change of scenery

So being that I'm crazy bored right now and I was planning on going out and reading and getting some coffee tomorrow.  I gotta ask all you DPer's out there...where's your favorite people watching/coffee/tea place  I usually head out to coffee time or tea chai te but I'm looking for a new place.

wait for it....
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Around 11:15 pm I saw a group of maybe 20 lights up in the NE section of the sky. They floated up into the clouds. I pulled into the gas station on 39th and Powell with the guy who was listening to "party like a rockstar" full blast and he said "that's wierd." Somethings up. Like WTF..LK.