June 20th, 2007

In defense of pdxblackfolks, or, do you really not realize you are different?

One of the things about the (ongoing) debate about whether a group for black people in Portland is warranted that I was surprised to not be brought up more often is the fact that damnportlanders, as a group, is hardly representative of Portland. In fact, its not even representative of WHITE Portland. (Whatever THAT means). This of course, is kind of the definition of passive discrimination: the majority (or vocal minority) view what they are talking about as "just the normal way" and don't even realize that it really isn't for most people.

For full disclosure, I am a white person, who was raised in some pretty bad poverty, and has also been around some real wealth, and have seen a lot of things in between. I am a college educated intellectual, and bring that to the table. I have lived in rural, suburban, and urban Oregon, amongst other places. So in many ways, I kind of share most of the demographic charactertistic of this group. But even at that, sometimes I get slightly annoyed at the things of interest to people on this group, or at least the assumptions that seem to be behind them.

The average person on this group seems to be young, educated, with a high interest in culture and technology, and seemingly a lot of time and money to spend on both. I wonder if some people reading this might not understand that being concerned with the latest gallery, restaurant, band or iWhatever is not what the majority of people spend their time and money doing. Even though I could afford it now, when I was young, cameras were a luxury that my family couldn't afford, so I am always a little confused when talking about cameras with people who just treat them as a normal item. And there is the occasional post about how to spend 1500 dollars on an iBook for the coffee-shop set...for me, and for many people here, 1500 dollars is not something to be spent on a fashion accessory, it is three months rent.

Not that I am dissing anyone who has frivolous hobbies or interests. I have them too, in the form of a large comic book collection. My point is, if I, who in most ways am the target damnportlander feel bewildered at the assumptions that people make about what life consists of, how could someone who comes from a different race and class feel?
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So, I heard from someone that pioneer courthouse square is full of plants, and amid those plants hide plastic deer.

I'm in NYC right now and can't see it, and supposedly they are taking it down today and are going to sell all the plants.

Does anyone have a picture of it that they could post here? Alternatively, is anyone downtown with a camera that could take a picture of it? I'm interested to see it. *EDIT* I'm especially interested in the hidden deer, if anyone has closeup picts of those.

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Dear Doctor DP,

Any idea why my feet tend to fall asleep when I go on long bike rides?

Anytime I'm on my bike--it's just an ordinary road bike--and I'm riding for more than about 20 minutes, my feet tend to go numb. It's really odd. Doesn't seem to matter if I stop pedaling, or continue. I have to stop my bike and stand for a minute or so to wake 'em up.

I do wear biking shoes, but they're not that tight. In fact, I tried barely lacing them up a few times, and I still get the same result.

This also happens when I'm at the gym on one of those fancy elliptical cardio machines (in which case I'm not wearing my biking shoes), but not quite as often.

It doesn't happen if I'm on a hike or a run.

I'm thoroughly perplexed by this. Any suggestions?

All my love,


cingular phone?

I just broke my phone and I was wondering if anyone had an old cingular phone lying around? Doesn't need to be fancy, just working. I could pay a small bit but I don't have much because money's tight right now.

I've already checked craigslist...any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much! The wonderful dave256 helped me out! :)
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Carla Properties

Hey you helpful people! Does anyone have any good/bad things to say about Carla Properties (management company) in Portland/Beaverton? I'm looking for a two bedroom that is reasonably priced (up to $900), close in...
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So while we're on the topic of discomfort while biking, my fiance and I rode ten miles last night and can hardly sit down today. Can anyone recommend a good, comfortable bike seat? I have a wider seat with springs, but the padding has worn off and my mom bought it a million years ago...so I don't know what it is!

lincoln city

My awesome boyfriend is taking me to Lincoln City this weekend for my birthday and I haven't been there since I was a kid.  Is there anything I should check out when I'm there?  I've heard there are some great tide pools, but can't find specific information about where to go see them.  Any other info on restaurants, pubs, cool shops, etc. would also be appreciated!  Thank you.

Bites for Rights 2007....

A co-worker just emailed me this information--it looks like the Bites for Rights 2007 dining night takes place tomorrow evening. Dozens of Portland-area (and beyond) restaurants will be donating 15% of the proceeds from tomorrow to support the Basic Rights Oregon organization.

Just so this post won't be construed as gratuitous spam, here are my thoughts and experiences:

My friends and I have taken the opportunity to dine at participating restaurants and cafes during this annual event several times in the past, and those dinner gatherings were always fun. Plus, it's nice to support a good cause (in my opinion) such as Basic Rights Oregon. Furthermore, the list of participating restaurants and cafes range from simple neighborhood coffee shops to upscale restaurants. This is nice to see.
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I don't know anything

Ok, so I just scored a free TV. The only problem is it's bigtime old. It's really cool and way bigger than my last TV. My problem/question is about the cables. It has the big silver outlet (or whatever it is) for me to hook up the cable to. What I want to do is to be able to connect my DVD player to it. The DVD player only has the video cables(?) though (the white, yellow, and red kind) Is there a converter out there that has these colored cables at one end but turns into the big screw cable at the other end? If so, wtf is it called?
hahah. This is quite ridiculous but I don't know technical names. If you've got one (a name that is), you'd be my hero.
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Meetup! New Location!

So, as always, meetup is pending; it's a week from today - that's Tuesday, June 26th, at 7pm. Edit: Minors are welcome until "10ish." The waitress gave me a blank stare when I asked, so I don't think they're real hardcore on that issue as long as no one's causing trouble.

I scouted out a few locations to try with bellybalt, so let's give this one a shot: the East Bank Saloon at 727 SE Grand Ave. Yes, it's east side, but only barely - in fact, it's catty corner (kitty corner?) from where the Rose & Raindrop used to be.

I wasn't able to get their downstairs banquet room, unfortunately (looks like if we like the place I'll have to call earlier than usual to get it), but I think we'll be able to work it out by rounding up tables - or, if it's nice out, we might even be able to take over the back patio area. And of course, I've got a couple other places to try if this one doesn't work out.

Otherwise, the place looks pretty good. Their menu's a bit broader than McMenamins', and the waitress I talked to is actually a vegetarian herself, so there are a handful of veggie options as well as just general Amurrican food. It's got a nice back patio area we might try to take over if the weather's nice.

So just to reiterate: meetup is Tuesday, June 26th, at 7pm, at the East Bank Saloon. NOT at the old location on NW 23rd. Sorry if it's inconvenient for anyone; if it turns out to be a huge problem I'll keep lookin'.

Looking for Portland Turtles:

No, not the animals, nor of the teenage-mutant ninja variety. DPers haven't let me down in quite a while, so I thought I'd give it a chance.
I just turned 21. If you are in the know, then you understand. I'm not sure how secretive this is supposed to be, but I have decided that If I am to belong to a fraternal (or any other familial connection title) order that I want to be a Turtle. I know that I will need to be "inducted" by an existing Turtle, but know not where to find these fine peoples. Also, I do not as-of-yet own a diabetic donkey.

PB, no J
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Heads up DP attorney types, I need input

I need to know if the auto insurance company connected to AAA can suspend your coverage because you refuse to replace a windshield that has a crack in it that does not obstruct your view? ( They claimed the law requires it be fixed, a cop told me that is not true, yes I asked one). Interesting point in all this, the insurance company joined forces with the National Auto Glass Installers in March promising to encourage all AAA drivers they cover to get their damaged windshields replaced... and I personally suspect kickback referral fees are involved in all this). Who do I bitch to about this besides the state attorney general?