June 19th, 2007

Magna Me!

I've created a new group...

I wanted to announce to all the folks in the Portland Metro Area that I created a new group called pdxblackfolks because I haven't found one on livejournal. There's nothing posted there yet, but I'm working on it. I was inspired by seeing other blackfolk's groups created for local communities and thought it would be ice to create one for Portland. Let's see if there's actually enough for a strong group!

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Recommendations for good places to look at the stars in or around Portland? Anything within an hour drive from downtown sounds good to me. You can never see stars in the city, it seems.

Also, I'm still really interested in recommendations for excellent playgrounds to visit around town. Preferably with a zip-line.

Hitchcock anyone?

I got attacked by 3 or 4 birds today at the Washington Square Target. I think they were starlings, but I am not sure, as i wasn't about to give them a clear shot at my eyes. Those fuckers were dive-bombing my head as I protected my face with my target bag, and used my gap bag as a bolo over my head whilst running across the parking lot. Some lady rescued me by popping the passenger door on her Urban Battle Tank SUV, and one of the birds actually flew in after me. We batted the bird out, and she drove me up to the beaverton transit center. The woman who rescued me said she saw the same thing happen to someone else on her way into the store.

Those damned birds broke the skin in 3 spots on my scalp, but there don't seem to be anything other than scratches to my neck and face.- I disinfected them, though I am a bit freaked out. Anyone want to scare me with the names of diseases I might have contracted? What do birds in this neck of the woods carry? Do birds transmit hanta? Or is that just rodents? Pretty much, I just want to know if this is something I should have a doctor take a look at...
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Anyone else here allergic to A/C? In a sense that your eyes start looking like peaches [pinkish and poofed up] and your sinuses feel like someone just turned the faucet on and isn't planning on turning it off? Not to mention the pounding headache and tension in your neck?

I'm blessed with an idiot coworker who cranks up our AC even if it's 56F outside, and despite the fact that there are other people in the building who cannot stand air conditioning. O_O
I feel like strangling him
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Suggestions needed for visitors

I am asking this for a friend of a friend that is planning a visit to the PNW soon.

From her email:

"We are heading to Snoqualmie on July 3. Seattle on July 4 for 5
days. We will be in Cannon Beach, OR for 1 night and in Portland,
OR for another night.

Do we need to go to Vancouver ????

ANY help/suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated. We don't
eat at "chain" restaurants so ANYTHING you have that is "known for"
will be SO great ! We want once-in-a-lifetime experiences so
anything you can help us out with is so awesome ! We want to see
rare things....I am Chef. My hubby is an Architect and loves neat
buildings and structures. I love anything restaurant
related....foods, culinary schools, markets (pikes market, we know
of !) ANYTHING food wise is SO great ! Tell us the culinary SECRETS
you know you !

What would YOU guys suggest?

Go fast, internet

It seems like this query should and could be all over DP. But I searched, and so maybe it's not.

I don't really know a lot about ordering dsl or cable. What are your preferred service providers?

Here are some things that are making difficult for me to pick one:

-I don't have a telephone. So I imagine when I look at, for instance, the att dsl price quotes, this isn't considering the phone account that I'll have to install and pay for, and that I don't need or want.

-I don't have cable TV. And I don't own a TV right now, so I don't want it. This is sort of an issue because the, for instance, comcast quotes, are much hotter when they include the total package. The ones for just internet end up being a good price for the first six months, and then they launch up to something stupid for the final 18 month.

-I'd rather not have a two-year contract.

So that's it, really. Is there provider who's not too expensive (under $40 a month, I guess)? Right now I'm peeling a signal off of a personaltelco node, but even though the node is very close by the signal ends up being terrible. I'm made to spend a sorry amount of time and effort shifting my computer around on my bed (the only place in the house where the signal is remotely strong) until I latch onto it for a minute or two. It doesn't work very well, and it's bad for my back (lot of twisting and bending). Metrofi hasn't expanded to this mississippi ave area. So I'd just like to purchase some service.

Thank you!
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D.I.Y. collection agency

What's the best way to get a deadbeat roommate to pay past-due rent? We've already had our lease terminated, due in large part to her, so kicking her out isn't even an option anymore. Anybody have any ideas? Any success stories? I want to hear the ones that are ingenious, sensible, viscous, creative, vengeful, fair, hilarious, or just plain silly.


Somewhat related, I've decided to do a "bad roommate" mix for my KPSU radio show tonight. See this entry for details.



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I have recently become a nanny for two adorable girls, ages 1-1/2 and 3-1/2.

-What are some good kid calendars to look for fun activities? What are some good activities you know of? We are mobile (car), and I have money to spend! We currently have many activities to do, but I'm starting to get tired of the zoo every week.

-Does anyone want to plan a playdate? These kids used to be at daycare, and they are just dying to be around other kids around their age. We can meet you somewhere, or you could come over to their house. (We have a playroom!) They make friends everytime we go to the park, but we don't seem to see the same kids again.

-If anyone needs a babysitter in the evenings, I am avaliable! Email me at RebeccaLavelle@yahoo.com and we can talk!

Laser Hair Removal?

Hey...so I know this has been asked here before, but does anyone know of any good laser hair removal places in town? I'm a girl who was born with an unfortunate predisposition toward growing a full beard, and that shit needs to stop now.

I'm looking for someone that charges in the $200-250 range to treat the full face and doesn't suck at it.

I was supposed to go grocery shopping and clean my room . . .

but the kid is gone overnight and y'all done pissed me off with your secret ice cream masonry clubs and obtuseness around zenlari's new group. . . . .so I think I will drink instead.

When I have nothing for lunch tomorrow I shall blame the white devil. As for being owed something. . .Yes, I'm owed a whole lot of "dark and stormy" drinks. When I fall off the bar stool I shall hold lokidecat and lbd responsible for that as well.

What will you do on a night that it's too hot to do errands? And too early in the week for a BBQ? I'm walking the dog to the bar. I'm wrong like that. . .
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Max cameras?

This is really really old news but I am bored...
What does everyone think about the cameras being installed at Max stations?
Makes the max stations feel safer?
Invasion of privacy?
Conspiracy theories about the government watching us?

Kung-Fu... Chinese master

Wise Portlanders...

Hath any of you heard of a chinese master of various tai chi chuan styles practicing out of NW Portland (industrial district)? I used to take classes with him. He operated out of an "office building" at the end of 23rd (I believe). I would go there myself but I'm not in town at the moment, just wondering if he's still around. If you have his # that would be great.