June 18th, 2007


Help me find...

Stickers! At the NorthStar coffee shop on Interstate, they have these cute little stickers that they use to cover the sip-hole on the to-go lids (and also to help tell which coffee is which), and I want to know where to get them. They are super thick, heavy-duty stickers that come in all sorts of shapes and colors, and are about the size of a nickel. I've asked the barista, and I can't remember what website she said they used. I've tried using Google, but apparently my Google-fu is weak, and I am getting nowhere. Do any of you wise DPers know what I'm talking about and where I can buy some?

Drink, and go!
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Two weeks ago, someone broke into my friend shopmonkey's apartment building and stole her brand new bike. She'd had it less than two weeks and is not even close to paying it off.

Now she's looking to replace it ... with a little help from the zombie apocalypse.

Introducing ZombieBike.com, because bike thieves suck but zombies are awesome. Go to the site to find out how to get your very own custom zombie* and help her resurrect her stolen ride. You can also watch zombiebike for updates and new art over the coming weeks.

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Bring on the zombie horde.

* Or custom anything else, for that matter -- she can draw just about anything she can see, imagine, or find a reference for. If you're wondering about something specific, check out the FAQ or email her at KillingTimePDX(at)gmail(dot)com.

And don't worry, zombies are vegan.
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Ice Cream or Salad

It's hot outside and I missed lunch. Chinese Chop Salad @ Pizzicato or double scoop at Ben and Jerry's?

I had a hot dog for dinner last night. And I'm at work so I can't start drinking. . . YET.

ETA: I had the salad(YUMMIEST EVA), not realizing I'd been set-up, hoodwinked, led astray . . . . .ice cream will be tomorrow.
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at least one bureaucracy seems to have a head

Credit where credit's due: A little while ago I overheard a Tri-Met guy chewing out a couple of road-crew guys for their poor decisions with blocking traffic. From what I overheard as I walked by, he was telling them they had cut off two full blocks more than was necessary, and something to the effect of he'd go back and report it/see what he could do to help fix it. All this with eight or so cars backed up and deadlocked, both lanes blocked, waiting for some decision to be made.

On Salmon and Park, right outside the Southpark, at around 2:30pm today.

It's just nice to see someone seems to care, is all.


I mistakenly thought that I would be able to get enough boxes from work (someone beat me to it) and that I didn't have as much stuff as I do (I actually unpacked which I haven't done in forever) so I don't have enough boxes. the few i had and that a friend brought me are now encasing my books. and I have a whole apartment to pack up still!!!!

Where is the best place to get boxes and can you get them at grocery stores? Last time I needed boxes was in Salem and the grocery stores broke them down super fast. Ideas? Have boxes you want to drop off at my home?


Hey guys,

So some friends and I are wanting to plan a barbecue/potluck thing. We were wanting to do it at a park - but are fresh out of ideas on where. I was thinking maybe blue lake. We have a barbecue to use.. Free would be best of course, but a small fee and fun nearby would also be cool (i.e. river, etc).

Let me know what you all think!

blond with a heart

basic, cheap car insurance?

oh you damnportlanders, please help a girl out.
I found out today that I've been driving for two months w/o proper car insurance.
Can anyone recommend basic, affordable car insurance? Anyone completely love/hate their car insurance?
(Affordable, as in, I'm used to paying around $40-50/month for my safe, old lincoln towncar and a perfect driving record).

(i'm not sure how many drinking game-qualified statements I made, but I think its safe to say, "bottoms up!")
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Older textbooks?

Hello all,

I have older textbooks (early 1990's) from my time at PSU which I will likely never need again and which are taking up valuable (limited) space. Subjects vary: biology, sociology, psychology, mathematics, literature. Many are near-new.

I wouldn't be against selling them (online?) if they were worth anything... are there any book-specific sites I could check?

However, my philanthropic side would love to locate a good cause that would take donated textbooks. I thought I heard about one that sent them overseas for English-language users, and another that sent them to prison libraries. Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance for any help!

Awww Crap. Bored Single.

Ok, DP Singles...

What do you do around town to keep yourself amused when friends are unavailable? Mine all live far away & stuff so it's hard to get together & go out.

So, where do you go around town by yourself? Any single-friendly places? Events? I'm not so much looking for a new toy as I am looking to entertain myself without a bunch of couples doing couple-y crap right in my bitter, jaded face.

I'm completely comfortable with buying a movie ticket for 1 & I sucked it up & went to the bar by myself once...but well, variety is cool.

Stupid boys.

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If anyone is looking for an easy job the Avalon/Electric Castle's Wunderland on SE 35th and Blemont is hiring or will be soon.
(70% of the staff has either quit or gave in their 2 weeks notice within the last 2 weeks)
Also does anyone know of any places that are hiring as I would like to leave as well.
Perferably SE and easy to get to by bus.