June 16th, 2007

I feel horrid

Hello you awesome portlanders,

I am sick, and I need to find a walk in clinic open today. Nearest 60th and Killingsworth. I am uninsured but if they have a sliding scale or a payment plan then I can do that...

Also, if I have no money now, how do I get my prescription? I know I've had to go to a pharmacy before and pay for it there... Sorry, I feel like an ass asking this but my parents were in the health care field, I've only set foot in a doctors office a few times in my life. They took care of everything.

I just need some antibiotics to kill the infection. I am in a lot of pain, but I can handle that.

So please, anyone?
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What it's really like to be a parent

I'm up early on a Saturday morning. Writing time. So, I'm sharing. Feel free to skip. :)

These are the things they never prepare you for in the parenting manuals.

Here's the hypothetical: let's say you're a 48-year-old man. Your 7-year-old daughter has a friend over for the night. In the morning, you wake up and somehow manage to do your yoga workout. You want a cup of coffee REAL BAD, but you've promised the girls that you'll come up and "be a customer" right after you finish yoga.

You walk into your daughter's room and it has been transformed into a medical reception desk and a drug warehouse. I mean, not just transformed with a desk, or something boring like that. The desk is fashioned out of all kinds of stuff, like a backgammon board, a photo frame, some shoes covered with a blanket... all manner of found objects. The creativity takes you aback for a moment. Your mind is divided, with half marveling at the cool stuff the girls have been doing, and the other half wanting coffee REAL FUCKING BAD.
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Mmkay, I'm not actually in Portland at the moment, being home from school for the summer, but I figure you people can help me out anyway.

I have these really cool posters on my wall in my room at home.  However, in the ridiculous summer heat of Boise, the tape that I'm using to hold them up (regular old masking tape on the back of the posters) kind of melts and loses its stickiness and the posters are forever falling down.  One of them is a pretty big map that is relatively heavy.  I've tried duct tape, and the same thing happens after a while (and it leaves weird adhesive gunk on my wall).  What have you guys used to hold up posters and such?  I'm not in an apartment or anything, so I'm free to experiement without worrying about damaging the walls (too much--I still have my mom to contend with.) 


Welcome the Republican senators to portland in style

Anybody up for polite political shenanigans? Bothan spies have found out about a local GOP shindig:
Just wanted to give you a quick heads-up. In just a few hours, there's a group of Oregon Democrats and folks from Veterans in Action that are gathering to "welcome" Senator Gordon Smith and Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) when they arrive at a fancy-pants $1000 fundraiser.

Here's the best part. The fundraiser is on a boat in the Willamette -- and we've figured out what time they're departing.

It'd be fabulous if you could join the crew. Here's the story: At 4:30 p.m., folks are gathering at the corner of SE Water and SE Caruthers. Here's a map. From there, the group will walk one block to the boat dock.

Questions? Call Adrian Rosolie at 503-522-1830.

We're expecting press. Should be fun.


p.s. Bring friends!

Many Bothans died to bring us this information. I wonder what would happen if some of the Plunderthon folks galivanting around PDX today found out about this...

Remember, be polite!
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Good bike shops

I know iglooglass asked this question a few weeks ago, but I can't seem to find the post.

What bike shop would you recommend for someone who just wants a run-of-the-mill bicycle? I went to two shops today and looked around in both for about 45 minutes each and no one even acknowledged my existence. (Maybe Saturday afternoon in the wrong time to go bike shopping?)

Anyway, I'm moving soon to a house that's very very close to Springwater Trail and I thought it would be a good time to get back into bike riding shape. So I'm looking for something that will primarily be used on asphalt/concrete, but not a racing style bike. I'd also like to ride on dirt/gravel from time to time, but I doubt I'll need a mountain bike. I know almost nothing specific about bikes, and the last time I actually owned one was probably over 10 years ago.

Your recommendations, if you please?
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Salon in NW, near 23rd

Does anyone have a recommendation for a clean salon around Good Sam where I can get a pedicure and an eyebrow wax that won't violate my wallet? Alternately, a place around Elmonica in Aloha would be fine too. Thanks :)
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stupid drunk girl (me) loses cell phone at plunderathon

yes, I am the current incarnation of 'oh my gawd I JUST had it, WTF?'

silver samsung cell phone, a little banged up but otherwise no distinguishing features.

lost at plunderathon, some time between the rubberband shootout and the bar behind the library.... (and as an aside, that sentence is one reason I freakin' LOVE portland)

battery is probably dead, service has been suspended with the carrier. honestly, I was planning to ditch the thing and get an iPhone in a couple weeks (shut up, I'm a dork, I've come to terms with it) so I really just want it back for the only copies of photos of my family and some seriously endearing text messages.....

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The Jiffy Lube 1237 NE 82nd Ave is a pretty good place to get your oil changed especially if you think mildly dirty looking guys are attractive... and it also helps that some of the guys are actually really attractive... just sayin'.