June 15th, 2007

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Attention East Siders seeking new places for good Mexican Food

Last night, we tried this place - it's on 223rd near the corner of Stark (in Gresham up the street from the Wood Village Freddies)


It's not impressive from the outside, and they are new (opened 3 months ago) and the place was not busy at all (possibly due to the fact that they are hard to spot, nestled in that little nook by the car dealers)..

But the food there was really tasty - they make it all in house - even the tortillas!
The menu was extensive (I noticed a number of vegetarian options too, by the way) and also very reasonably priced (My 10 dollar plate was way too much for me to eat in one sitting).
So go give em some business because I'd hate to see my new local favorite go under!

Karaoke superstars--another bar night to test your pipes at

Thursdays at Bent which is located at 633 SE Powell, on the north side of Powell and at the foot of the Ross Island bridge. It's a little difficult to get to if traveling east on Powell. It used to be a number of strip joints. They left the stripper pole up so if your karaoke song has too many instrumental bars in it you could always try it.

I ended up there last night and it's pretty cool. They have good food but few vegetarian choices and strong pour drinks, non-smoking with a patio for the smokers, lots of drink specials throughout the night and the sweetest servers. This is a gay/lesbian bar which is new and striving to be a comfortable place for everyone.

KJ L.P. has over 95,000 songs at his fingertips.


Tickets - longshot request

I've posted this to Craiglist but hey, you never know if there's a DPer with some random concert tickets in his or her pocket.

I'm trying to see M Ward with two out-of-town friends, but hadn't realized he's touring with Norah Jones, which means oh yeah, it's sold out and it was probably sold out weeks ago. Finding THREE tickets seated together on craigslist is a challenge.

Any of you happen to have three Norah Jones tickets for sale? Arlene Schnitzer Hall, 6/30. I'd sure be a happy girl if I could make this work out. I'll bake you some pretty phenomenal goodies on top of the ticket price. :)

Thanks in advance!
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Black poofy skirts

Does anyone know where in town I could get a long, black, tulle or crinoline skirt? I'm hoping for something ballgown-length and *really* poofy, hopefully $50 or less.

Or, if there's a place online that'll get it to me in the next 12 days, that'll work, too.

Thanks in advance! Y'all haven't failed me yet!


Also, YAY PLUNDERATHON! I'll be there doing the lady pirate thing, wearing black with a burgundy headwrap and a (real metal!) sword, so come say howdy. My guy and I are new to this place and itching to meet some cool people. If I'm drunk enough, maybe I'll even buy you a pint. ;)
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I, Anonymous on the 8.

(Here's something I might submit to the Mercury's "I, Anonymous"...)

I came home on the 8 after waiting nearly 20 minutes at the Rose Quarter Transit Center because Tri-Met decides the people in NE don't need regular bus service.

Religious jerk on the bus in the seat behind me was talking to another person in his congregation about how he was "bothered for four days" about telling a co-worker of his that he knew the co-worker was bisexual and that everything would be all right if he just repented and devoted his life to Jeebus.

Maybe you were bothered about it because your conscience was telling you not to be a jerk and go around in other peoples' business. Religion also doesn't give you an excuse to be rude and homophobic, either.

Nathan Fasten

any wikipedians want to make an english version of this oregonian's entry? part of oregon's/OSU's proud tradition of eugenics, including the infamous Wild Woman of the West, Bethania Owens-Adair, who overcame gender stereotypes of her time to become a real live doctor and perform real live forced sterilizations!
Fatty Goldfish

Eva marathon!

ok, so we seem to have a goodsized group of people interested in the evangelion marathon idea.
we had someone that was going to bring a projector and sound system, but they are not able to anymore :(! we DO however have a livingroom graciously provided to us, but only in the event that we can find someone with a projector.

IS there anyone else out there interested in attending an Evangelion marathon, who might have a projector/good speakers?

Origami & Pomegranate-Cosmo Party Update...

My sincerest apologies for having to reschedule... (spent today in the ER for my ankle)... so...

Name your day... Collapse )

See how well you can fold paper while you're tipsy!
With the right people and the right personalities it could be a blast!
Let me know *what day* you want this to happen! Suggestions, Ideas, "bartenders"??? *smile*

My friend who inspired this... will be making beauties and I predict I'll be wadding up paper.

Hmm the possibilities...

-Racing to see who can make the most paper cranes.
-Hoping you'll meet a real HOT artist there! *wink*
-Want to party, have fun, make paper dolls of other DP characters and goof off or just goof off.
-Actually want to learn, or just want to help and meet new people.
-Come to watch every one else act crazy and write about it later in LJ!
-have a killer paper fight at the end of the night... "I call behind the couch!" (seriously) Wad up your *colorful* recycled ammo in advance. *woo hoo*
-I draw the line at spit balls though! =)

What books and other resources would you recommend if we plan to get them from the library?
Also, where is the cheapest place to buy Origami paper?

For those interested:
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you can see original posting here:
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Libertarians: here's your next cause

I think the next law to be passed in Oregon should deny publicly funded medical treatment for lung cancer, mouth and throat cancer, emphysema, asthma and chronic bronchitis to anyone who is or has been a long-term smoker, say over 15 years or so. It'd be nice if it could get passed on the Federal level to cut off coverage from Medicare as well.

After all, wasting my tax dollars treating illnesses willfully self-inflicted by those of sound mind impinges upon my civil liberties. Those dollars could be going to people who actually deserve treatment, and to funding research to treat and prevent diseases that aren't self-inflicted -- in other words, those tax dollars could actually be benefiting me and those around me who don't choose to give themselves serious illnesses.

If you choose to smoke and can't afford health care once it makes you ill, you can rot in the street and cost me nothing. That's your free choice.
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It may be old news

I was driving down (or up) SE Grand today and happened to see a place advertising Coffee People coffee. It's a little shop about a block south of Oak on the West side of the street. I don't know to what extent they serve the Peeps but it might help get over the sadness of losing them...
You know, in case you care...

Fun things for Saturday Night!

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The illustrious DJ Gino Mari is leaving for vacation soon to Peru, so this is going to be the last we see of him in god only knows how long. This show is celebrating his last show in Portland before Peru, and the closing down of Turn Around Sound, the record store he has diligently worked at for years.

So come one, come all, support your local glam rock band!

Oh, and PS: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clinton Street Theater, 26th and Clinton. Saturday night at midnight. You should come. We're handing out applications for the next term, in case you crazy people are interested in being part of the cabaret.
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