June 14th, 2007

Heads-Up on possible AT&T Internet monitoring plans

(since once again this is going to apply to at least one person in portland and since i know plenty of pirates in this fine city! if you feel this is not cut enough.... ie you are using a monitor at 640x480.... please feel free to yell and complain and leave your ips on my lj!)

Greetings. News stories are appearing everywhere about an AT&T plan
to try block pirated content *at the network level*. Typical is:


The implications of this sort of network snooping are immense. One
might assume that a primary target will be file-sharing
technologies. But to actually pick out particular content from those
streams would imply the need to actually examine and characterize
the payload of files to locate and block potentially offending music
and/or video content.

AT&T will no doubt suggest that this activity is akin to virus and
spam filtering of e-mail for their customers. This would be a
specious analogy. Spam filtering can usually be controlled by
the user, and virtually all AT&T mail processing can be avoided
by their customers if AT&T servers are not used.

However, it sounds as if AT&T is planning a network monitoring
regime that would not be dependent on the use of AT&T servers.
What's more, the "benefits" of this monitoring would not be
directed to the customers whose traffic is being monitored, but
rather for the benefit of unrelated third parties.
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Business ethics

If you employ the services of a business (both the business itself and the type of service) for the first time, and they fail to meet their promised deadline, resulting in a wasted trip, an additional day of inconvenience, and a breach of confidence in their professionalism, should I ask for or expect some sort of discount? Should I make a stink about how I'm disappointed? Normally I have no backbone for this sort of thing (I have a hard time even returning things), but I really wanted my goods back on time. I also know that pissy, annoying customers are a plague on the earth. What are your experiences?

If it makes a difference, it's shoe repair. And I almost broke my toe last night at work because I didn't have my steel toes.

running partner

I would like to find a running partner. I live near Murray and Scholls and would like to start some road running around the neighborhoods. I am not a fantastic runner, I'm currently at about a 11-12 minute mile, hoping to get down to 9-10 m/mile. I normally listen to music while I run, but a little bit of conversation would be nice. I turn bright red and pant, so don't expect me to be too entertaining.

What I need is someone who will make me feel guilty for not showing up, and that is depending on me to be there. I am really flaky when it comes to working out.

I would like to start running early mornings (5ish am) or later at night (6-10pm). I would prefer a fellow female.

Email me if you are interested. megsdaisy at gmail dot com

Have a great day.

I was thinking only a few miles to start out with. . . and then seeing if we are alive.

birthday fun

So...the last post made me think of my own birthday which is coming up!  What are exciting birthday things to do in this town?  I was going to go camping, but my fave campground is sold out.  I want to have some fun, but am short on ideas.  What do you like to do on your birthday?

key duplication/security

Hey all!

I was wondering if anyone knows where to get keys duplicated with the engraving "do not duplicate" on them?  I have a friend housesitting for me this week and we all have a history of making copies of each other's keys and playing pranks on each other.  (I know its inevitable that I will come home one day months from now to my bedroom painted hot pink or all my furniture out on my deck, etc. )  I'm hoping to avoid/discourage this scenario, and since I've moved into my new place no one else has copies of my spare key yet.  Any ideas?


(no subject)

so, i have a question for you all. where is the best place to get my hair cut in downtown portland? i don't want to spend the gas to go somewhere farther. also, i either want to be able to walk in, or have an appointment in the next couple days before i chicken out on cutting all my hair off.

so, with those requirements, help me dp! :)

edit: while i appreciate all the recommendations, i guess i should mention i don't want to go to a beauty school. the short haircut i want could easily be screwed up by someone without a lot of experience, and i want a salon that is (decently) reputable. my parents are paying for my haircut as a gift for passing my graphic design portfolio review, so price isn't an object.


Does someone have an awesome wig I can borrow for tomorrow night? I'm going on a Sexy Cyclist bike ride tomorrow and want to have some rad hair. I prefer something with bangs to cover mine. I'm down with all colors and I will take nice care of it. May be a bit messy from wind and all, but ya know :) Let me know, thanks!

Everyone should come on the ride too!

Sexy Cyclist Ride
630 pm, ride at 7
Meet at Berbati's Pan, SW 2nd avenue
riding over the bridge to meet up with the karaoke pub crawl!

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Southeast Portland homeowners and other residents who plant visually rousing and fragrant rose bushes in medians between sidewalks and streets--stopping to smell the roses during bicycle rides is a pleasant experience!

2. The extremely friendly guy at the Swatch store downtown who polished and buffed my Swatch for free when I went in for a battery replacement. Excellent customer service always makes me smile.

3. Delicious yellow plucots (plum-apricot fruits) from New Seasons Market.

4. Wonderful weekend brunch at Mother's Bistro (yay for Belgian waffles with fresh Hood River strawberries!)!

5. Discovering the scenic reservoir area on the Mt. Tabor Park.

6. Locally-grown cherries at farmers markets!
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Plus Sized Pirate Wear

I am a slacker.. I have known about Plunderathon for awhile but haven't found a costume yet. Due to a serious amount of weight gain my costume from last year is much much to small. I have looked at several Goodwills and a couple other places but can't find a plus sized "floofy shirt" or bodice. Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

Help, Damnportlanders!

I've been on a hunt for weeks and haven't had any luck. I'm now down to the wire. I need to find a pair of black, power stretch, *seamless* fishnet tights, and I need them *tonight*. I've already tried Spartacus, Buffalo exchange, and every online store I could think of (and wound up buying two pair that were advertised as seamless, but weren't).

The type I'm looking for are sometimes called "showgirl fishnets". I don't care if they have padded feet or not, as I'm just going to cut the feet off anyway. I don't care if they're crotchless or not, I'm also going to cut the crotch out of them. I work downtown and live in SE, so anywhere in that general area would be fabulous. I'm going to head up Hawthorne on my way home from work and try Metro. If someone gives me a lead that actually results in me finding these things tonight, I'll bake you cookies. Or cheesecake. Or eclairs. Any baked good you'd like, really.

Edit: I've been calling around. Frederick's, Nordstrom's, Hot Topic, Target, etc all have fishnets, but they're not seamless. I'm talking about the seam that goes from the back of the waistband, through the crotch, to the front of the waistband, which nearly every pair of tights will have, unless they're specifically seamless, like showgirl tights.

Edit, the Sequel: dappleshark is a genius! The Leotard in the Lloyd Center mall has them! Yay!
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Anyone wanna buy a laptop?

I've got a laptop I'm sellin' on craigslist, and like many of you, I'm going to post it here, too.

Dell Inspiron 1100 - $200 OBO
Processor: 1.99ghz Intel Celeron processor
Memory: 640MB of RAM - one 128MB stick and one 512MB; upgradable to 1GB.
OS: Windows XP Home, Service Pack 2
Optical drive: TEAC CD+-RW
Hard Drive: Fujitsu, 30GB
Monitor: 14.1" 2.4:1 screen (NOT 16x9 widescreen)

It's all freshly reformatted with a bare-bones Windows XP Home SP2 install (bare-bones = just windows and the minimal drivers necessary to run the monitor, CD burner, etc - no antivirus, no free trial software, none of that other crap they slough off on you when you buy these things new). It comes ONLY with its AC adapter and a PCI WiFi card (already installed).

Everything works great; I'm only selling because I got a new laptop. Get the rest of the details on the craigslist post. And no, I won't ship it anywhere.


Have any of you DP'ers seen any news of the immigration sweeps that were done in Portland today?

I am trying to figure out if any media outlet is covering the story.  

Thanks for the info!
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Just in case you meant to remember, but forgot...

This Sunday is Father's day.  I was just on the phone with a girlfriend and mentioned I was wrapping a gift for my dad.  She said I should be the designated reminder of birthdays/anniversaries, etc.  Because I am "that girl".  I don't forget.  So, I figured...

I don't watch TV or listen to the radio that much so I don't know if you're all being bombarded with ads in the style of Mother's day and Valentines' day and every other commercial nightmare holiday. 

But in the case that you love your dad dearly, as I do, don't forget.  Its Sunday.  Call him.  Or something.
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We wanna buy a hizzy.

We have lived here for almost 2 years, and the last time we almost bought a house (back in Flint,Mi a loooooooong loooooooooooong time ago when we weren't ready) we were working with someone that came on a good recommendation from a friend. So we like recommendations.

My husband and I are thinking about buying a house within the next 6 months, and we want to be shown around. So my question for you DPer's is this: Can you recommend a real estate agent that is willing to work with first timers -- and be gentle about it? Are you a RA? Wanna show us some houses?

and.........................go! *drink*
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