June 13th, 2007

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Good chow in Tualatin?

Hey, many thanks for the excellent coffee shop suggestions last time I posted here. So far, I've tried Coffee Plant, Half-and-Half, and Coffee Crutch, and they've all been winners. Woohoo! :D

ANYHOO, A friend of mine from out-of-town will be in Tualatin this evening, so I'm meeting up with him for dinner. I'm hoping to find a good place to eat in Tualatin that isn't terribly expensive. His job takes him on the road a lot, which means he eats that Applebee's/Shari's/family chain restaurant junk all the time, so I'd really like to take him somewhere different this time!

Type of cuisine doesn't matter, just so long as it's fresh and tasty. Anyone?

Health Insurance?

I need new health insurance, any recs for good companies/plans? The somewhat decent insurance I got through my old jobs ends the end of this month and will cost $450 a month to keep, there's no way I can manage that.
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Kennel or dog sitter recommendations?

We're heading to Seattle at the end of next month and won't be able to take our greyhound. Her usual pet sitters (family) are also going to be out of town, so we're looking for kennel or pet sitter recommendations. We're in Sherwood, but since we're headed north, recs for places in Portland or nearby areas are great too. Suggestions?
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Fatty Goldfish

paying rent!

i gotta get my cat fixed in the next two weeks, or my mom will have me get rid of him.
i need to know a decent place to get a male cat fixed, and ONLY fixed, not shots or the like, for 30$ or less.

a sister of a friend of mine got hers fixed somewhere in portland for around 20$, anyone know where it is?...

please help <3!
Fatty Goldfish


anyone else here love love LOVE Evangelion? i am ordering the dvds right now, to replace my old vhs, and i think itd be really awsome to organize some sort of mass gathering, where we watch the series marathon style.
would any portlanders be interested in participating in such an event?


Okedoke DPers...

I'm going out of town for the week starting tomorrow, and I just realized that I haven't figured out anything to do with my car. I checked PDX laws and it looks like technically you're supposed to move your vehicle every 24 hours if you park on the street (I live in NW btw). Now, I definitely have gone two, maybe three days before without moving the car, but I'm worried about leaving it for seven. So here's the question: A). Do I risk it? Has anyone ever had a problem? and B). If the consensus is not to risk it, is there anywhere I can pay-to-park for a week that is cheaper than the $14/day the airport charges?

P.S. I don't think anyone gets to drink for this question...but if I'm wrong, proceed to snark (nicely).


Where's the best breakfast in Portland? Somewhere near North Portland (though I would love to hear your recommendations for anywhere in the area), & the more homemade & organic, the better. I'm a vegetarian, so I need some meatless options, but meat on the menu is fine (good, even, so I can convince others to go with me.) I like eggs benedict and home fries the best. Or any sort of cheesy tofu/egg scramble. I'm not a fan of sugary (pancakes, waffles, french toast) breakfasts.

SO. What have you got for me?

Note - My current favorite is the garden tofu scramble (with cheese) with home fries and toast at the Cup & Saucer.
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(no subject)

anyone here in portland interested/study in Egyptian mythology and spirituality?  Sumerian?

hermetics?  kabbalah? setianism?

I'm just interested in finding some folks to BS metaphysics and history with.  :)
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Canadia Flag

Where's a . . .

really cheap place to buy American Spirit cigarettes?

Also, where is a sweet place to get a greasy burger near Alberta?

THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I'm bored.)

(no subject)

So. Yeah, I am a "trendy fuck." 

I really want to see Fall Out Boy & Cobra Starship at the end of the month. 

Anyone else wanting to go but have no one else to go with? Let me know.

I will controll you

Breeding from a conversation earlier this week:

Do you play INWO? Did you and just don't have anyone to play with anymore?

How about playing again or just with new people. I won't take "I don't have any cards or I would play as an excuse." I've got all of them and tons to be able to support making countless decks. So I'll hook you up.

So there you have it, anyone interested? I've got the cards and the space to hold some games.

Drink and snark away...

...oh ye of Damnportlanders:
My gay boyfriend* who is new in town wants to go to a gaybar.  What's a good gaybar  where we can go that's not chickenhawky, derelicty, technotastic, smoky, or festooned with the crazies? It would be a mid-day, mid-week outing, if that matters.  Preferably on the East Side.


*I am a straight woman, for porpoises of clarification
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(no subject)

I thought everyone here might be interested in Penn and Teller's "Bullshit!" program now having some episodes uploaded onto YouTube.

I've been watching all night and am completely hooked. Good stuff!

The PETA episode was especially interesting. Seeing as how there are many of you who dislike PETA, this may add a little extra "oomph" into any future arguments you may find yourselves engaged in.

Check it out! I'm recommending! And, if cosmicjohn recommends it, it must be good!

ophelia by nivi, 2012

free wireless

is wireless internet at starbucks free? i did look at their site, but it was so vague. i'm looking for a spot in nw pdx. if possible, any other coffeeshops in that area that provide free wireless?

thanks. x.
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