June 12th, 2007

Xmas Socks

Ocean's Thirteen?

Has anyone seen it yet? I'm thinking of going today (Tuesday) after work. (Free Popcorn on Tuesdays at Regals!) I'll probably go anyway even if it's not getting great reviews. I LOVE movies of all kinds and well, I enjoyed the other two!

Dentists for Wisdom Teeth Removal

All right, call me a wuss, but I'm terrified of getting my wisdom teeth removed.

It's not really so much of a dentist-phobia as it is a Jesus-Christ-they're-gonna-pull-my-freakin'-teeth-out-phobia. But it's now a necessity, since the wisdom teeth are pushing up the left side of my jaw and I can hardly eat, I'm in so much pain.

So if someone could recommend a dentistry that would be, um, nice and supportive of me in this time of extreme fright, I'd greatly appreciate it. Normally I take the "suck it up" attitude (I'm a pro with needles), but, ugh, not this time.

In addition, this'll be the first time I hop over to the dentist's without my parents' help. I have Blue Cross insurance...does that limit my choice in dentists? Sorry, I know I sound extremely ignorant as to the ways of the world. But once again, any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

The End of the Road

Hello all you damn beautiful people. Some of you I only communicate with via this community, so I thought I'd drop a note to everyone at once. I wrote a similar post on my own journal, but I'll customize the message for you lovely folks:

As wonderful a tool as this is, I really only use LiveJournal for DamnPortlanders these days. And since in 30 days time I will no longer be a Damn Portlander, I decided to delete this journal within the next week. Mid July, I am moving home to New Orleans to keep hope alive and be a a part of the re-emerging artist community there. You can still find me at http://www.myspace.com/orphanrefugee . However, as I am also going to be a high school teacher come August, I may need to lock my profile down to private status or censor the content pretty heavily in the coming weeks. I don't need any students tracking me down and using my words against me (they are good at that, aren't they). Drop me a line at MySpace if we haven't made friends there yet. If you don't have a MySpace, then use your interwebz-savvy cunning to track me down elsewhere and say hello and/or goodbye.



Right, so my health plan covers a lot (PacificSource) including therapy visits. SO would any of you recommend a good, female psychologist/general therapist (not psychiatrist, I don't need to be on meds)? Ranting on LJ only does so much for the soul =) Really anywhere close-in is just dandy. Outer edges are fine too, if your recommendation is for someone awesome.


EDIT: hmm I just realized that perhaps a lot of people who HAVE good therapists would not want to publically announce that fact. If you would prefer, please email me: windfaerie (at) gmail (dot) com

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Meat Lockers

I'm really tired of buying meat from the grocery store and I'm interested in finding a good local meat locker or shop. Any of you wonderful DPers know of any?? Bonus points if they are in Vancouver :-)

Extra bonus points if they are vegan (LOL...I'm kidding...I crack myself up!)

Thank you so much!!!

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(no subject)

Alright, looks like I can't afford a place on my own, so I need to find a room. What are some great roommate resources besides craigslist?

Oh, and if any of you are seeking a roommate, I'm employed, easy going, clean up after myself, and am not drama-prone at all.

Take a picture

I'm trying to compile a list of places in Portland to do photo shoots. That way, when a client needs an idea, I'll already have a bunch to go to. So far I have:

Hoyt Arboretum
Oaks Park
Bridal Veil Falls
Chinese Gardens
Pittock Mansion
Rose Gardens
The Grotto
The Oregon Garden
Central Library
Park Blocks
East Bank Esplanade/Industrial Area

Where are your favorite places in Portland to hang out? They would ideally be low-cost and interesting from an architectural/artistic perspective.

Starting a Fat Burlesque Troop in Portland, OR

Are you interested? It would be a fataboulous. We could sit around and make pasties together, think up sexy dance routines and hang out in our underwear. Eventually we would go out and perform somewhere in Portland. Drop me an Email if yr interested: anna.isarobot@gmail.com. Tell me what days would work out for you to practice and meet. I'll start an email list and we will get the ball rolling.

The more the merrier!


P.S. Our name is going to be the Obesity Epidemic. All credit goes to vivalajamie on that one.

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Happy Happy

So I am in the PSU McMenamins right now enjoying a tasty drink and Hummus Plate (yay happy hour) but was wondering what other places near PSU have a happy hour. I don't like beers but most other drinks are tasty :) Any suggestions?
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Portland or Oregon-typical restaurants?

For a research project I'm working on, I'm trying to think of a restaurant- preferably a chain- that is quintessentially "Oregon" or "Portland". Something on the level of a McMenamins (that's the first that came to mind, but won't work for a couple of reasons), so not Burgerville. Anything else ring a bell? Ideally something that at least offers local / organic options on the menu, but really, something Northwest-specific. (Ivar's also came to mind, though that's a Seattle thing, not Portland.)
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In case you find yourself in need of a bucket, or a few, there's a pile of about 10 nice clean 5-gallon plastic buckets on my neighbor's parking strip with a big FREE sign on 'em. I already got mine, so they're all yours for the taking. You can be a real portlander and hook one on each side of your bike, or use them to construct your own "I has a bucket" macro-style sculpture.

NE 30th, just south of Knott.

The more you know!...

(no subject)

I have heard from several people that in Oregon a minor may enter a bar if their spouse is of age and they can provide proof of marriage. I have been googling like crazy, and read the OLCC website, but I cannot seem to confirm this. Also, does Washington observe this rule? My husband turns 21 soon and we're heading up to Seattle, and it would be nice to go out with him if I can.

Thanks in advance--of course we'll only be going to bars made of vegans if that makes any difference.

(no subject)

More Flexcar goodness, from my gmail inbox today:

Dear Abbigail,

Just a quick note to make sure you've received the news of our Flexcar "Friends & Family" offer. It's a great chance for you to extend a free Flexcar membership to your friends, neighbors and co-workers, and it makes for a timely Father's Day gift, too. (There's also a little something in it for you.) And if you happened to receive an email about this with someone else's first name on it—think of that as our way of suggesting some other friends and family members for you to refer!

Thanks for your support.


Mark Norman

P.S. If it's easier, just forward this email to your friends. They'll get a free first-year membership by using promo code ffep7FLEX when they join at http://www.flexcar.com.

Feel free to sign up now :)
tegan ice cream

want any cds?

so today i finally went through my cd collection and have decided what to get rid of. since i really have no need for cds anymore, i'm only keeping ones that hold special meaning for me (as physical things, not the music -- i'm getting rid of a lot of music i love, but it's all in itunes now). i'm going to take the cds to cd/game exchange shortly, but i thought maybe you cool portland people might want to buy a few first.

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So I happen to be the reluctant owner of a crappy old laptop.

I'm trying to watch Bleach on stage 6 using DIVX and it's NOT WORKING. (It freezes every minute or so and then takes 5 minutes to load)

Anyone know how to make divx work?
Anyone know how to make my computer better?
Anyone know a BETTER PLACE TO WATCH BLEACH (preferably in english, I don't really care much for japanese/swedish/german... I'm only on episode 10, it's not that hard)


Passports at University Station

Hey y'all in DP land!

If you're looking at getting a passport anytime soon from one of our fine local post offices, I recommend going to the PSU post office branch instead of the Main post office near Union Station. The woman at the main office was very unpleasant, and was, in my opinion as a customer service person myself, being rude and was clearly lying about the process (based on the information readily available in that office and from the Department of State). I escaped the hosebeast and went instead to the PSU office to talk to someone there, hoping that they would be a little more willing to help a first-timer to this experience. I was very pleasantly surprised at the results at the PSU location.

The PSU office had an efficient and friendly service, and when I explained the situation about what happened at the main office, they said that woman has a really bad reputation, and then answered my questions about the application process and sounded like they actually knew what they were talking about. The guy who took my pictures even confirmed the pictures before using them so I wouldn't end up with some crappy photo in my passport for the next ten years. They were great!

I'm going to send a letter of thanks to the PSU office about how good my experience was, and send a separate letter to the supervisors at the main office and tell them how awful my experience was in their office.

Happy trails!

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