June 10th, 2007


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Anyone looking for Civil Engineering interns?

I had a job lined up but put off accepting because a "incredible company" told me how great my resume was then made me wait just to tell me they only hire masters students.

Now I’m left without summer employment. Any help would be Awesome.
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It is 3 in the fucking morning. Sure I'm still awake watching episodes of Doctor Who, but that doesn't mean that my roommate isn't trying to sleep. Or that I wouldn't like to be relaxed whilst geeking out without you honking your fucking car horn AT 3 IN THE FUCKING MORNING. Well over 15 times in the last hour. You're lucky it was only now I went outside and yelled at you to knock it the fuck off. This is a neighborhood, as in people LIVE here and therefor SLEEP here and you being drunk assholes and pulling up at 2 in the morning with your stereo blasting hooting and hollering isn't cool. Arbitrarily honking your horn ever 15 to 20 minutes isn't cool.

So yeah, don't ask me why I'm yelling, you douche. I'm yelling at you to shut the FUCK UP because I'm tired, my roommate is tired, the people across the hall and upstairs are probably tired and you are disturbing my fucking peace.

Thanks and have a happy fucking evening,

ETA: Oh, and look how nice. The dumb asshole left me an anonymous comment on my friends only post.
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Based on a recommendation down there in the comments, I went to I've Been Framed. Their quote was significantly cheaper than any other place I had been to.

So I'm pretty sure I'm deluding myself here, but just want you guys to confirm it.

Is it possible to get a print custom framed in Portland for a really decent price? A price that doesn't make me cry? I know it's unlikely. This is what I get for buying an odd-sized print! Just thought I'd check in with you guys to make sure.

I will say this, the Art Media in Clackamas is the best price so far and the gal who helped me was super nice. There's my recommendation for people who aren't cheap bastards like myself.

Here are some better questions:
What are some really neat-looking alternatives to traditional framing? Non-permanent ones, pls.
Or, does anyone here do framing for a living and would be willing to trade for a framing job?
Girl, Dance!, Dance

Worth a shot.

Chances of anyone knowing of any openings for
a bartender within the Portland area?

Or, aside from Craigslist, what other avenues
to seek out opening is there in Portland?

Much gratitude a thousand times in advance.

Digital Audio Recorder?

Hey all,

I really want to do a podcast for local music and feel that it would be in my best interest to have some sort of digital audio recorder.  I would like something that I could easily plug into a sound board to be able to record live music, but also be able to plug a microphone into it so that I could record an interview.

I don't think it matters if it records to some sort of mini disk like the old sony's did or if it simply recorded to a flash drive, as long as I could get good quality out of it and record for several hours.  Also I'm hoping that its affordable.

Any thoughts?  Any one have a suggestion or something they have tried?

Also I have a brand spanking new Window's Vista that is fully registerable and legal that I am interested in selling.  It's an OEM version (which means simply that you can't call Microsoft for support and that it doesn't come with the manual) but it is Windows Vista Ultimate Version.  Would anybody be interested in it? what would you pay for it?

homework help

any of you DPers any good with C programming? I need help on my last assignment for my programming class. I have all the logic, I just forgot how to use -1 to end an array. and I need to put it in a function. I'm supposed to get a string of numbers from 1-9 and output a histogram. so say you enter 1 2 3 7 5 4 2 1 1 the program should output:
1: ***
2: **
3: *
4: *
5: *
7: *

it's due tonight by midnight. so i am in desperate need of help.
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EDIT: I got some help and figured it out. The only way I could figure to do it and the examples the nice people in the C Programming community gave does not use a function, but my teacher is flexible, so hopefully I will get a good grade! :)


I'd like to get a decent tumbling composter but the only places I've found them are mail-order (5-10 day wait not to mention $40+ is shipping charges.) Anyone know if there's someplace in town selling these things?
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Sewing class?

I want to take a beginning sewing class this summer, hopefully one that I can finish by late July (I know, I have kind of a tight schedule). Have any suggestions for a really awesome place to do that?

Thanks a bundle.

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I've decided to buy some cloth grocery bags in order to end the crazy cycle of using 6+ plastic or paper ones during each trip to the store and then hoarding them in the pantry so as not to be even more wasteful.  Thing is, I have no real idea where to snag some from that would be fairly large, durable and (hopefully) somewhat cheap.

If you have a favorite place you've gotten yours from, I'm all ears.  Trader Joes and New Seasons spring to mind of course (I have yet to inquire about 'em at either place) but perhaps the Saturday Market or some such?    ^_^

edit: Thanks for the all lovely suggestions fellow Portlanders; I picked up a trio of bags from TJ's while out running errands a bit ago, and I'm more than happy with 'em.  I also intend to check out some of the other places mentioned, as I've got three roomies who could benefit from some environmental-minded meddling    ;)
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Suburbanites at Beaverton Cedar Hills Crossing, y'all need to calm down.

I am utterly appalled by your behavior. I don't know if it was the overwhelming presence of over indulged soccer moms in their SUV's or the rude guys in their rice rockets, but I witnessed some very juvenile behavior from all the crazy people driving around this shopping center. For the idyllic suburban setting with sun and trees there was an inordinate amount of road rage and general rude behavior. I saw people swiping parking spots, people nearly missing pedestrians crossing in the crosswalks, people being cut off....general disobeying of the traffic rules (IE stop signs). People honking and yelling and people flipping each other off.

So I have decided to write up a guide, I know that if we all work together we can safely get our shopping done and return home with both our lives and our sanity.

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(yes I know its my fault for going here on a Sunday but I needed milk!)
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2007 PDX naked bike ride

I just found this video of the naked ride! (I didn't feel like embedding youtube... because I could, you know, if I wanted to. ;D)

Edit: Changed my mind because I haven't seen any youtube videos posted in at least a day!

Edit the second: look, the second part! (=

unfortunately, I'm in Seattle so I missed it. )= [where I just got hit on by some older guy who told me, "just to let you know, you're the cutest girl in this place" - this place being the Central Library - wtflolbbq hahaha xD]
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More Nudity for All!

I have been moaning all day about the fact that I missed last nights WNBR and I've decided that the only way to rectify this tragic situation is to have another Naked Ride! So, if you missed last night's ride because you were sick/studying for finals/had to work/didn't want to ride in the rain/fell asleep then think of this as a second chance! If you did ride last night but are hankering for another nude adrenaline rush, then you can think of this as your second chance too!

So, what do you think Portland? Are you and your bare buns with me?!?

Montage and Doug Fir

I finally ate at both this weekend, after procrastinating forever. They're both nice places. I could see the potential for Montage being a zoo and possibly having bad service, but we had a good waitress and I enjoyed the liveliness of the place.
I have to say this though, I think Portlanders have to be some of the worst dressed people of all the Western world.


Am i Carzy?

So I know there are a lot of mac fans out there(me being one on them),
but any one see any thing new on the YouTube viewer?
it looks to be using the OS X dock Magnification for the recommended outer videos.
I don't know but with Google and Apple possibly announcing a partner ship (see hear) tomorrow at the WWDC 2007,
and seeing something like that makes me all worm in side.

Any one else see think this or am I just raving mad?
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Portland related because.....

Portland <3 Apple !!
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The boyfriend and I want to rent a movie tonight, but we're not sure what to get.

I want someting with a battle scene, and swords. Knights and honor and all that good stuff. The boyfriend wants something of the fantasy genre, but not LOTR.

A combination of these things would be great, but you can suggest anything you want.

Any ideas?

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1. Place
2. Place
3. Past tense Verb
4. Verb ending in -ing
5. Adjective
6. Adjective
7. Adjective
8. Profession
9. Noun
10. Name of a City +ers at the end
11. Adjective ending in -est ( extra points if you end it in -er instead)
12. Plural Noun
13. Hemisphere (i.e. Northern, Southern, Western, or Eastern)

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What are some good free membership, free entry - type volunteer opportunities (like getting free OMSI membership for volunteering 50 hours there).  I have some time, but no money and I still want to do things!  I already do volunteer work with a nonprofit, so am not really currently looking for volunteer opportunities that don't provide something like this in return.  Thanks in advance!


Hey all you lovely Portlandians,
I just moved here a couple of weeks ago from Boston and am looking for a good yoga/pilates studio. I have been doing research, but it has been hard to weed through all the different places and I was wondering if anyone here has first-hand experience with any classes. I am looking for something a few times a week, preferably for mid-morning or early evening a couple times a week, and nothing too expensive. I like a relaxed environment that doesn't require you to be a yoga master or a member of a gym. Any suggestions? Places on the East side would be preferable. Thanks so much!
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Hey you guys...

If someone wanted to bring something to eat over to my place I would get you so baked you'd barely remember what day it was. Or is. Right, what day it is.

Dude I'm so hungry I'm seeing stuff. No offers of advice please, I only need the food, it was advice that got me this far in the first place.

I am not picky, I am not vegetarian, I am only starving and everyone is either stupid or out of town.

Come on! Free offer of intoxication!

FBI, Philip K Dick

I'm too exhausted to do it, but if anyone wants to check if the FBI were keeping tabs on Philip K Dick, the process and instructions are here as I guess that sort of thing is public record, for deceased individuals, according to the Freedom of Information Act. If you need a social security number, I guess that's easily obtainable through RootsWeb again, for deceased individuals.

Haven't tried any of it, so it's secondhand info, but kind of fun, huh! :D I know the CIA was keeping tabs, and I've been comparing The Simulacra with its translation, הצלם for eevreet studyin, so I just thought of it.

uh, portland related cause ursula k leguinn lives round these parts and has a blurb on a lot of his books. and you guys are awesome, so is pkd. P.M.!

Record/All-In-One Players

Does anyone know a good shop to get a Record Player and/or an All-In-One Player (Tape, Radio, Records) in PDX (preferably below $100)? I have an old all-in-one, but it's not really functioning anymore, and payday is coming up.

I'd really appreciate any leads you guys've got.


Lesbian Dancing?

I just moved to the area and I don't know 1 person here. I'm looking for a gay club that has a decent lesbian population, with friendly approachable people? I just need a place to kind of get lost in the crowd and dance without looking like too much of a loner.

Just Chubb

Invitations recommendation?

Here's yet another question regarding wedding-related vendors. Anyone have a recommendation for an invitations vendor that's willing to do custom designs and the addressing? Any recommendations against? The people that did our Save-the-Date cards weren't very good and I don't want to go through that again.

And really, while I'm at it, I may as well as about florists, makeup artists and hairdressers. Any recommendations there?

Thanks for putting up with me. One of these days, I will ask a question that's not related to wedding. I must, right? RIGHT?

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