June 9th, 2007


World Naked Bike Ride/dance party, and the naked run in Forrest Park

Portland is a wild town. 3 public nudity events in one day.

There are 2 naked bike rides. One in the middle of the day starting at the Joan of Arc statue on 39th. Last year this ride had about 50 people. The other at 11:59PM. This ride had about 500 people last year which was more than double that of the year before. This year 800-1000 people are expected to participate in the midnight ride. Seriously if you are brave enough this is crazy mad fun. Last year the sidewalks were packed six deep with cheering crowds for miles.
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There is also a naked run in Forrest Park. I met the organizer of that event a few months ago, and his description of last years event sounded quite fun as well.

There is a guide to participating in the midnight ride on the shift wiki.

The naked bike ride forum.

Naked Run info

When bored or thinking I use MS Paint.

I drew this design of a Star Destroyer,using MS Paint,it is a member of the Violator class,lead ship(rear on veiw).

It has three Tie Fighter(Heavy) craft flying towards the camera.

At some point I intend to submit my plethora of SCI-FI designs to this website.
.as really I am one big SCI-FI dork..we all have our 'vices'don't we?

Just thought I'd share it with you Portland folks as proof I do other things beside think up weird posts!

Tell us what you think!?



vietnamwar might just like it,sorry it's not a robot!
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When bored or thinking I use MS Paint(2)

Yet another of my Star Destroyer designs,this being the second ship in the Perjury class,'The Rightous Vengance'

'A'=plan veiw

'B'= In space flight mode

'C'= In landed wings deployed mode(as in plan veiw also)

This class was built between 'Revenge Of The Sith' and 'A New Hope' it'ss unusual in having a 'thru deck' flight deck.

Craft can enter from the rear and depart thru a split level launch bay at the front.

The general idea for this class is it would be akin to a giant gunship,with the cheek mandibles housing 4 quad four blaster cannons,along with the flank mounted ones,like the Harrow class it has wings,also like the Victory class ISD's(do you get the feeling I am a Star Destroyer nerd?;) )

It would house mostly assault and strike craft,with a smaller contingent of fighters,troop complement would be 4'500
With supplies for 32 days of continuous action..................



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Mariana in the South

Rental cars

Quick, DP- we need a rental car today. The one who drives has a Virginia license and a debit card, but no credit card.

What companies/places around will do this? Preferably closer out to Hillsboro or along the MAX or 57 bus line. Are any open today/tomorrow?

Alternately, anyone have an extra car we can borrow for the weekend?

rm -rf *

I'm unexpectedly in the market for a Linux installation CD. I don't have a host system to build one, so any distribution (with an enabled tool chain) will do. I went to Free Geek, but if I'm not a volunteer or buying a $2 keyboard, they seem to have little else to offer :(

Do any of the LUG's have a burn box/burning station set up that I could take advantage of?
boobs breastfeeding nippples aureolas


Ok, so....best paint? Miller? Sherwin-Williams? Rodda? Go to Home Depot and get Behr??? I have no clue- I've never painted anywhere I've lived...
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Where is this at?

 You all know what it is,do you know where this picture was taken?

(Hoping this is 'Portland related'enough for some of you?)


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Does anybody know a place in town that sells a) countertop dishwashers and b) window air conditioners of the type that sit on the floor and have a little exhaust port that goes up to the window?

I looked on the Target and Sears web sites and it doesn't seem like they have anything like this in-store. I don't even know if there is a Wal*Mart anywhere close but I'd rather not shop there.

Edit: And platform beds, too.

June Mix (FIXED!!!)

June Mix
In creating and uploading I realized that I really need to diversify some of these mixes. I tend to put the same bands on it feels like with a couple oddities and rarities scattered about. Anyways. I hope you all like this mix. I do.
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Dear non carpoolers

I live in vancouver and work in Beaverton and carpool nearly everyday to the horrible beavertron.
One of my biggest pet-peeves is driving I-5 north at 5:27pm trying to get home and getting stuck behind someone NOT CARPOOLING in the carpool lane, with their right blinker on pretending like they are trying to get over, but really all they are doing is driving at 25mph pissing me off! Yeah great, you realize you are in the wrong lane and you are trying to get over, but don't slow down the process when you are doing it!
Fuck it, you are in the carpool lane, no one is going to let you in, you better high tale it north and get out of the effin way. Because next time, I WILL thrown something at you.

Great desktop for sale!!

Hey y'all!

I'm selling my desktop computer, as I just got a PowerBook for a screamin' deal on eBay. Craigslist listing is linked below, but for DPer's, I'll knock of 10% of the price, and give priority.


and... GO!!

EDIT:I am very negotiable on price. Honestly, i'd like to get rid of this ASAP, any reasonable offer will be considered. please keep in mind that it does have photoshop CS2 installed, and a very nice LCD flat panel moniter.

A Rainbow feather Boa?

Does anyone know where I can get a rainbow feathered boa?

I checked with Lipmans Party Store and they are sold out of the rainbow. I checked with Spartacus and they are sold out too.
I just want to find one to wear for Portland Gay Pride this next weekend...
I hate to try to mailorder one...
Come on all you Marti Gras types...
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(no subject)

I don't know how many will see a Saturday afternoon post, but remember that cool Palm drjeff was selling earlier this year? And how you just kicked yourself 'cause you didn't get it? Well, now is your chance at redemption and love...I have one for sale!!

Also, a Cingular Sony Erickson z500a flip phone, minus SIM card.

Say, $100 for the Palm and $50 for the phone?

Boot repair shop

I feel like i never provide any information or fun events here, i just ask questions. I promise this will be my last question and next time i'll have something crazy to report like a pudding wrestling competition or an inchworm race or something. ANYWAY:

My beloved cowboy boots i've had since high school are on their last leg. I can't bear to throw them out. Can anyone reccomend a good boot repair shop? Hopefully nothing too incredibly pricey, but i'd be willing to shell out a few extra clams to make sure the job is done right.

Also, who's going to the pedalpalooza dance party at 606 madison tonight at 9?
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swedish fish

silicone for braces?

This community has been great for finding places around Portland to buy random items, so let's see if any of you can answer this...

I have a friend who recently got braces and she is looking for some silicone to put on the brackets until her mouth gets used to all that metal. They gave her the wax, but it's not working so well. So I'm looking for something like this. Tried Safeway, but no luck. Any idea where I could get this in Portland, asap?

Thanks in advance!