June 8th, 2007

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I have lots of family coming to town for my commitment ceremony this summer and we're trying to find a reasonably priced non-scary hotel fairly close to my house (39th and Holgate) where they can all stay. Of the ones on the list below does anyone have any favorites and/or horror stories? Thanks!

Best Value Inn & Suites (airport)
4911 NE 82nd Ave.

Briarwood Suites
7740 SE Powell

11518 NE Glenn Widing

Comfort Inn
8225 NE Wasco

Comfort Suites
1477 NE 183rd St.

Comfort Suites (airport)

Days Inn Airport
1530 NE 82nd

18323 SE Stark

Hilton Garden Inn
12048 NE Airport Way

Holiday Inn Express
9707 SE Stark

Quality Inn Airport
8247 NE Sandy

Ramada Inn Airport
6221 NE 82nd

Rodeway Inn Airport
9727 NE Sandy

Super 8 Airport
11011 NE Holman

949 E. Burnside

Travelodge Airport
3828 NE 82nd

Travelodge City Center
2401 SW 4th

Favorite camp sites?

We're going to attempt camping this summer (I say attempt because we will be joined by our toddler, a different proposition than previous trips) and I'm wondering if any of you have favorite campsites? I'd prefer something along the coast but that's not entirely requisite. Someday, we'll return to the hike-in places but for now, we just need accessability. Postcard-perfect would be a plus, of course :)

At the carwash...

My dad has asked me to help him sell his carwash. He wants to just sell the building, and not the property. Why he's asked me, I have no idea. Apparently since I've sold a couple of Inu Yasha DVD's on ebay, I can sell a carwash as well.

Does anyone know how I should go about doing this? Should I just post an ad in the paper or on craigslist for awhile, and if that doesn't work tell him to go to a realtor?
Kat in the Hat

Rentals for people with bad credit?

I dunno why this intimidates me so much... but here goes:

I have a bankruptcy (of almost 2 years ago) and imagine that my credit isn’t looking hot. Im looking to rent a large/expensive house - - but my rental history has always been roomshares without my name on a lease of any kind for about the last 5 years. And, although my employment history is stable and I make decent salary, most property management places require good credit & rental history to qualify.

Does anybody have experience with this personally? Are there 'better' management companies to look for in this regard?

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This parade "taping" issue is really growing according to KATU.

Anyone want to go on a tape-raid today? =P
I think that article in the Mercury, "Free Lawn Chairs," was the funniest thing I've read all morning.

spa for a guy?

i have a friend who is willing to spend a bit to go to a nice spa...but he is clueless where to go.

just something nice and relaxing...no modern or weird stuff for him. very mellow.

i realize that is what spas are about...but i was wondering if you had any suggestions.

i looked at the massage response...but he wants more than just a massage...so...

thanks a bunch!

biking viking

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style (belated)!

Aieeeee. This has been a very busy week, and consequently, I am a day late. Alas, it is better late than never....

1. North American Organic Brewers Festival this weekend at Overlook Park in NoPo. I may investigate this tomorrow....

2. Being able to go from staring at my computer screen at work at my downtown office, to being one with the natural beauty of Forest Park trails in 30 minutes, thanks to the bicycle-friendly streets of downtown and Northwest Portland!

3. Dragonboat racing at the Waterfront Park during this weekend.

4. Juicy and delicious Hood River strawberries from Farmers Markets (I am convinced to forego grocery store berries during the summer berries season)!

5. Etsy Art & Craft Show at PSU South Park Blocks (south of the Farmers Market) tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This looks like an interesting event....

6. A field of beautiful yellow flowers (dandelions?) along the southeast area of Mt. Tabor Park (alongside the North Tabor Drive trail)!

7. Discovering the vast beauty of Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden for the very first time last weekend!
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dear nerds:

dear damnedportlander nerds:

i am in a bit of a quandry. i'm a ren.faire nerd from way back, and have done faires across washington, idaho, and the middle of oregon, but i haven't found .any. near town... is this because i've been too busy in myriad other areas of my life and not paying enough attention to the one thing that truly matters (okay; three -- beer, swords, and bodices), or are there truly no faires around pdx.ia?

...also, does anyone know of any local groups that perform/teach choreographed live steel combat, or semi-choreographed, or other...? barring that, a good local larp group where folks get together with boffers and beat the crap out of each other on a regular basis? ...storyline is a plus.

clutching my dice bag in rapt anticipation,

tonights musical needs

Cold war kids
she wants revenge
dropkick murphy's
Modest Mouse's newest
They might be giants

I have good music to offer

Send me an IM

yahoo: dalewoodruff
msn: little_dale@hotmail.com

oh yeah- and just out of curiousity- is anybody looking for a fully registerable (as in with unusued key) OEM version of window's vista supremo?  If so how much would you pay for it?
usr/bin/w00t Facepalm

This commercial cracks me up.

Has anyone else seen that "Rent N' Roll" advert?

It boggles my mind. How freakin' desperate do you have to be to RENT-TO-OWN YOUR TIRES AND/OR RIMS?

Just thinking about some thug getting his rims repossessed for nonpayment makes me laugh really hard. "Yeah, dawg...was gonna go out cruisin' but them Rent N' Roll fuckers repo'd the spinners on my minivan!"

life sucks

I just broke up with my boyfriend (of a somewhat serious relationship).
I'm feeling kinda down. :(

Does anyone wanna talk on aim (beccalavelle)?
Go out for a beer (Eastside Portland)?
Hang out and watch a movie at my apartment (or tv, or cartoons)?
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Explaining the cold war

Has anyone here that is in my age group (and older), had the discussion with someone younger than you (and in this case, younger could even be college age), about what the cold war was like and how scary it was? And the fact that there used to be a Soviet Union that we were all very scared of (depending on your age group, you might of grown up more or less afraid of the war). Of course, most people know this, but having lived through it is hard to explain. It still confuses me to think that there are college age kids who didn't go to bed thinking about the bombs dropping. That these kids not only view it as a historical oddity, but view it as a minor historical oddity, as if the end of the world was just one of those funny things, like only having three networks.

And of course, living in Portland (I had to tie this in somehow), I've talked to many younger immigrants from former areas of the Soviet Union, and had them be mildly amused at the notion that they were my apocalyptic enemies as a child.