June 7th, 2007


Annoying "Where Can I Buy" Post

I have an annoyingly shaped couch (sort of shaped like this).

My cats have destroyed the corners of it over the last 7 years. It used to be a nice expensive couch. We're thinking of putting slipcovers over it because re-upholstering is too expensive (plus, we'll probably replace the whole couch the next time we move). I hate slipcovers in general, but I hate them even more since I can't find any that are built for my oddly-shaped couch.

So, Great DP Oracle, I will rub your belly if you tell me where I can find a slip-cover to fit my oddly-shaped, 2 piece sectional couch. Online slipcover stores seem to pretend such a couch-shape does not exist. I'd rather buy locally anyway, if you can point me in the right direction. Please help me to hide my shredded couch corners. Damn cats.
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Does anyone know where I would be able to get cooking-grade rosewater in Portland? It ought to be at middle eastern markets, but I don't know any, as this is the first time since I've moved to Portland that I've really had lots of time to put into baking and cooking.

I know that Hoda's serves lots of rosewater drinks, so I imagine there are some other people in PDX who like me adore the taste of rose... and this is the rose city, after all!

The Quest for an iBot: The Video Is Ready!

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to test drive the best wheelchair in the world. I have a video of my test drive to share. The thing is, the wheelchair itself is a spendy George Jetson piece of technology, so rather than YouTube, I decided to use a site that will pay for views. That way, when you watch and give it a rating of 3 or better, you're actually helping me get an iBot. I also have an LJ dedicated to the subject that explains more:  theresa_ibot

If you decide to post it to your own journal, that will only help. Thank you in advance!
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Xmas Socks

Vegas Baby!

I'm heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for a bachelorette party. I won't be back until Monday, so basically I have two full days to cause some trouble/win a million dollars. I've been to Vegas twice before and have had fun both times. Of the big hotels, I have yet to go to The Excalibur (where we are staying 3 nights), The Luxor, Wynn or New York New York. I plan to hit those up THIS time. What else shouldn't I miss?

AND... Go!
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2 things


I heard there was a place somewhere in portland where, if you volunteer for a few weeks installing Linux OSs and doing some computer building, they give you a free computer [desktop] - I was wondering if anyone knew the name/location of the place.

Question answered, one left to go.

I was also wondering of there were any good occult shops in the area... not so much fluffy new age [though it's inevitable] - more like ritual supply stores, or places to get weird herbs, tarot decks, and etc.
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Ok, it's time for another hare-brained social engineering idea from LittleBlueDog Labs, Inc.


So, obviously, since no one here smokes, nobody in this com ever, EVER flicks their butts onto the ground. And yet smokers do it in this town by the thousands.

Can we try to stop this, please? I mean, the little buggers don't decompose for a few years and usually end up leaching the filtered chemicals right out into waterways. Regardless of that, though, it's, like, littering, and it's by far the most common sort we see, and it's also, for some reason, socially acceptable to the point where most smokers don't really think twice about tossing a butt pretty much anywhere outside in public. I'm sure you could probably find some crazy statistic like the number of butts flicked per month in Oregon adds up to the mass of the moon or something.


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Okra plants?

Have any of you damnportlanders noticed okra plants for sale in local nurseries/garden centers?

Having discovered the joy that is pickled okra, I'd like to grow some of my own. I can get seeds but it strikes me as too late for that...
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Who's got the best hands?

My muscles are in dire need of a reallly good professional massage. What experience do you have with Portland's hands? =)

Who would you suggest? What is their specialty? How much? and where are they located?

Close to downtown or close-in S.E. preferred... but if they're good, they're good!

(I've had 11 verbetrae broken in the past, so have always been hesitant to get massages...) so, who's awesome?
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ook ook eek eek!

what are the "ownership" laws regarding monkeys in portland? I haven't done any research and know little about other primate friends, except they're extremely difficult "pets."

also anyone have any pig "ownership" resources, as that will almost definitely be the backup plan?

I plan to do much more research, but you guys are step 1! how's that make you feel, pretty good right? me too.
You know just hanging around lol

A new DP.. :o

Hi guys, new to Portland here, and I need to be feeding my vices. What I'm really wondering about is are there any Street Fighter III 3rd Strike machines up here? I know of one in Lloyd Centre and I haven't gone over there yet - so I don't even know if it's a standup 29" cabinet, a sitdown, or a tournament cabinet.

Basically what I'm in search of is a tournament cabinet with P360s and tournament style buttons. From what I hear about local arcade-goers, there isn't much in the way of arcades up here.. But I can hope, right? :3

The other thing I was wondering about is where are the really good nail manicuring places? Basically I have a decent budget, but I want to know who does the best quality work.

Any help is appreciated!

Show tonight!

OK, wow, third post in the last... three days, but I promised this information to a couple of you.

We managed to get a show in PDX tonight!! And I'd love it if any/all interested parties showed up. We are a hard working, hard partying, hard electro band from the most rural area of New York state. We are friendly and chubby and like to jump up and down and run in circles. We would gladly be your new girlfriend.

Check us out at http://www.myspace.com/dancemfdance!!

So! If you're interested...

The Cherubs
June, 7 2007 at Casa Carandy
5435 SE 45th, Portland, OR 97202

Evidently it's right by Reed? I wish I knew more about the city.
So yes. If you're in it to dance, please come out and say hello!
I'm the fluffy, blonde jumping bean on drums. Hope to see you there!

PS- We're playing with our friends Fancie, all the way from Berlin!
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Ain't no resistin' the DOG

I often see people here proclaiming their affection for littlebluedog, saying things like "I want to marry him and have his little blue babies" and "Mmmmm... lawyers."

I got to thinking... what does the Blue Dog have that I don't? And, after some consideration, realized that his advantages were legion. Take a look at the tale of the tape!

- Age: Me, 48. Dog, who knows, but 30-something and looks probably 11. Advantage, DOG.

- Height: Me, national average. Dog, taller than average. Advantage, DOG.

- Encyclopedic knowledge of the LAW: Me, shite. Dog, a freakin' LAWYER. Advantage, DOG.

- Cool stories about past drug use: Me, millions. Dog, nuttin'. Advantage, ME.

- Looks: Me, middle-aged white boy with greying hair. Dog, Jason Statham-style manly hawtness. Advantage, DOG.

- Relationship status: Me, blissfully coupled. Dog, who the hell knows? Advantage, marriage-wise... DOG.

- And, lastly, DP cred from calling everyone "doodz." Me, never. Dog, always.

The dog wins. As always.

So, it's only fair that I open this up to freelance marriage proposals to the littlebluedog. Take your best shot.

transit HELL

Ever just have one of those days on TriMet that just turn into a festering pit of Satanballs?

OK, here's my tale.

I review films now and again. I was very excited to see DAY WATCH, so I was determined to go to the screening at Lloyd Cinemas. To get there, I take the #70 straight from work - Milwaukie Transit Center to Lloyd is an average of 25 minutes. Thanks to the recent unpleasantness that closed down McLoughlin, I got an earlyish start (I thought) and managed to catch a 70 at 5:20 or so. Not too bad, right?

On our way I watched our jolly and cheerful driver slowly devolve into a grumpy-faced wretch as she dealt with stupid, non-observant, desperate drivers, hapless industrial truck drivers, and fought off at least one incident of road rage by some guy screaming at her about how it was typical for Portland to "just close off the streets". Mr. Road Rage was completely ignorant that there had been a massively dangerous industrial accident just a few blocks away - he decided to scream at a bus driver because there was so much traffic.

Transit time: 1 hour, 25 minutes.

I arrived just in time for seating (and got to see a preview for SUNSHINE, which is going to rock the house so hard you won't know what hit you, but I digress). DAY WATCH was both superb and disappointing - in other words, I left the theater pleased, but very worn out, and caught the MAX to Hollywood TC, where I caught the 75 bus. I hadn't had dinner yet (still haven't) so I popped out at Fred Meyer at 39th and Hawthorne to grab a few things. It was 9:48. The next bus was scheduled at 10:02. Less than ideal, but I figured I could hang - I got plenty great music on my device, and I was feeling too tired to take the relatively minor, but serious walk.

Should have, though. It was 10:45 before the next bus came. Why? Was there an ammonia spill at Laurelhurst Park? Perhaps a semi jacknifed all over the Hollywood Transit Center, effectively destroying the next two scheduled buses with big balls of flame and the terrified screams of the dying? (You get an idea of what DAY WATCH is like from these comments, I'm sure... I want to see it again right now.)

Home at last. I haven't screamed yet, but it looks increasingly attractive to just take the 90-minute-long walk to work tomorrow, just because I feel like I'm going to start punching and kicking the next bus I see. I understand that it's nobody's fault, really - accidents happen. But it makes me wonder if I wouldn't have been better off just going down the pub with my co-workers and getting drunk instead. Oh well.. the crazy shit I do to watch movies for free...
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