June 6th, 2007


zomg snow!!1`

Yes yes. A weather post. But I must ask.

Did anybody else spot funnel clouds yesterday, amidst all the stormy madness? I swear there was one spiraling toward Port of Portland around 1:30 and I damn near peed my pants. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

I'm sorry...

My younger sister visited me/Portland last week. And now she wants to move here. I tried to "warn" her about the rain and all that stuff, but she's dead set.

Sorry guys, I tried! ;)


my husband is in extreme pain and needs to get 2 wisdom teeth pulled. i have called a ton of places and they want half down. i need a place that will do payments because we are so BROKE! are there any places that anyone knows of that will cover MetLife insurance and take payments????
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damn dmv

So I get a letter from a lien service the other day saying that the city towed my car and the towing company is selling my car and I am responsible for the fees. But the thing is that I sold the car 4 years ago. I sold it to a car dealer who resold it and the new owners have been renewing the registration in my name. I didn't know this, so the car is still currently registered in my name. The DMV tells me that since the car is registered in my name I am responsible. EVEN if I have a Bill of Sale that shows I sold the car. Their comment is that since I didn't report the car sold within 10 days, and since the car is still registered in my name, it is my responsibility. Can this be true.

I have been told that the lien service can't collect from us, that this happens all the time in Oregon and to just ignore the letter. But I am concerned as to what this will do to my credit.

I don't want to get a lawyer, the money isn't enough to do that, but it IS more than I have. I can't afford to pay for the car, and I can't pay for a lawyer to deal with this.

Does anyone have any experience with this or any advise?
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wanted - mannequin, arms, legs, etc.

I am looking for a couple of mannequins to buy. Male, female, or kid. I dont' care if they are beat up, missing a limb, torso only, etc. beacause I am going to paint them anyhow.

come to think of it, if you have extra limbs for sale, I am interested in those too.

Please email (on my profile) if you have plastic bodies for sale.

(yes, I am checking on craigslist too)
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dishwasher pete

Tomorrow night Dishwasher Pete is reading from his new book at Reading Frenzy.

I've read his zine for years I'm sure the book is great. Seems like he's gotten pretty well known from his contributions to the This American Life radio program...

My question...

Years back, Dishwasher was to appear on David Letterman but used a friend in his place. I would love to see the Letterman clip. The Booklist review said that D.P. was scheduled, but never appeared, on Letterman.

Youtube has Crispen Glover's acid-karate-kicking-removed-during-the-commercial-break appearance as well as Harvey Pekar's rants-against-GE. Where's the imitation-Pete's appearance? I sure couldn't find it. Help anyone?
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Just Chubb

Photography Night Class in Need of One More Student

My lovely and wonderful photography professor from college teaches in the summer at the Oregon College of Arts and Craft. Her Beyond the Basics B&W Photography class needs one more student by the end of tomorrow. It's an evening class. Anyone interested?

Edit: The class minimum is four people, so you'll get plenty of the professor's attention.

Collapse )

Oregon College of Art and Craft Photography course: BEYOND THE BASICS
Instructor Pat Bognar

June 11-August 13, 2007
Mondays 6:30-9:30pm
$340 plus $60 studio fee

Oregon College of Art and Craft
8245 SW Barnes Road
Portland, OR 97225

coming to visit!!

Hi Portland kids,

My sister and I are taking a 9-day roadtrip from San Diego to Vancouver, BC.

We've never been to Portland. So we're planning on being in town June 17-18.

I would love to get these recommendations:

-Best breakfast place that serves french toast
-Funniest landmark (e.g. world's biggest thermometer)
-Best place to view of Mt. Hood (not too far from the main highways)
-Best thrift store in/near downtown

Thank youuu!
And if you plan to visit San Diego sometime this year, ask me for some recommendations in the comments area (and I'll do my best to help you make the most of your visit!!).

Hey boys/men!

Hey, guys. You know what I learned the other day?

Big Brothers has a TWO YEAR wait for Little Brothers who need some male guidance, because there aren't enough Big Brothers.

That's a long time. And you only need to commit a few hours a month to hang out with some little kid doing things you already do, like playing ball or video games.
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(no subject)

I have to come up with $100 by Friday. At this point, I'm down to considering those post-dated check payday loan places. I know they're a scam, and I know they charge ridiculous fees, but does anyone know of a place that's slightly less evil than the competition? Preferably downtown or in SE? I know it's a bad idea, but I don't have any others at the moment.

I'm moving to Portland just for haircuts at Bishop's and sushi at Todai....

A hefty round of kisses to all you damn portlanders who replied to this post re: my disgusting hair. I ended up at Bishop's on... Columbia, I believe (The downtown location, I think?) and got one of the most wonderful chop jobs I've ever received for nineteen dollars-- I wasn't planning on hacking most of my ponytail off but I got convinced and now I love it. I tipped nicely and got some wonderful conversation out of the deal. Sucks that I live in NY or else I'd be getting my hair done there all the time!

Now, on to my next question: My band's show ended up getting cancelled, although we are being jammed on the bill for a house show tomorrow night. What is there to do in Portland (hopefully music-related) tonight? Any good shows? I realize now that I slept through Matt & Kim last night, so if anybody knows anything awesome, hook it up.

(FYI: I am not 21 and don't know the rules about bar entry around here.)

And does Powells carry the new Miranda July book yet?
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(no subject)


Thanks for all of your responses to my last post. I have another question!

Where are a few good places to go in Portland where you can drink and dance? Preferably for the younger crowd. I've been to a few regular bars, but no over 21 clubs or bars with dancing. Any tips would be appreciated.
mr yuk

Mr Yuk Stickers?

Anyone want to go in on getting some Mr Yuk Stickers?

10 stickers per sheet, packages of 250 sheets

I just have no use for 2500 stickers.... it'd end up being like .20 per sheet or something...

I'm a dork.

Seeking Draftsperson / Architect

Hello all!

I feel a bit guilty posting this, as I never post here anymore (and very rarely read everyone else's posts, either), but figure that I might as well give it a shot. I work for a small downtown architecture firm, and we're currently seeking new people, starting immediately.

Right now we're in a crush of work, so we unfortunately don't have time to do much on-the-job training. We particularly need somebody who is familiar with construction details, and can turn a design set of drawings into a construction set of drawings without too much supervision. We use PowerCADD on the Mac as our primary CAD platform; even if you haven't used it before, it's easy to learn if you're generally familiar with CAD and good at picking up new software. We also use SketchUp and (recently) Cinema 4D rather extensively, for design development and presentation materials respectively.

The fact that we're a small, creative firm honestly means that we can't pay as much as the big boys. And this current position is contract work, looking to become a full-time hire provided that the current workload persists, which it looks quite likely to. What we *can* offer is a creative, self-directed working environment, with an egalitarian design process, flexible days and hours, with quirky and stimulating co-workers. Also, given a bit of time, you can get experience in every single aspect of the architecture profession, which can be an invaluable experience if you ever want to start your own firm.

Even if you're not especially experienced in producing construction documents, please leave a comment if you have ANY interest at all in working for a firm like ours. Beyond our immediate need for a technical draftsperson, we've got a lot of other positions that will need filling soon. It can't hurt to say hello!

Edit: Oh, and if you know anybody who is NOT on DamnPortlanders who might be interested in this, let them know. Thank you!
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So, in the place where I lived before Portland, there was a wine shop that would hold tastings every few months or so. A bunch of local distributors would show up, and for about $7, you'd get the chance to taste a couple dozen wines from various regions, plus they served some halfway decent food: obligatory cheese and fruit trays, little sandwiches, and one time they had sliced roast pork. It was a fantastic way to kill a couple hours (and since you'd leave drunk if you tried everything, you could kill a couple more hanging out downtown), as well as a great way to find some wines you really like.. and if you bought or ordered them the night of the tasting, there were bottle and case discounts.

I'd like to find something like that here, but the only tastings I've seen are either tiny (usually weekly events at wine stores and wine bars) or ridiculously expensive (the wine festival we had here a few months ago). I realize $7 was an amazing deal for that much wine + actual food and I'll probably never find that again, but does anyone have any suggestions that come close?


I have about 700 soda cans/bottles that I want to recycle. Are there any options besides going to the grocery store machines where they limit you $10 per day? If I take them to a landfill or recycling center will I get my deposits back?

  • kimie

ISO officiant

My co-worker is getting married Sat. June 30th at 2pm in her home in Vancouver. Fairly small event. Well, her officiant canceled on her TODAY via email. I know there's a few people in this community who are licensed one way or another. I believe they already have their vows all figured out and what not. Is anyone available to marry them?? If so, please leave me a comment with your contact info and fees so I can pass along to her. Thanks!!
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(no subject)

I'm bored.

Is there A) anything cool to do tonight anywhere or
B) someone interesting who wants to sit around and drink beer somewhere and bullshit with me?
set off firecrackers, shoot some guns, wander around, you know - normal things? :p

Me: 23, female, alternative variety.
No - not looking for a date - just a male or female [or both, hell, I don't care] drinking buddy.
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strip club questions...

Hey, so we all know portland has a thing for strip clubs, as I was reminded by willamette week today. But I've been wanting to ask this for months:

Do any local clubs specialize in pre-op transexual or plus sized/BBWs? Or have specialized nights dedicated to those?

For the TS, I'm not really looking for a gay club. Any suggestions on either would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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So, my kick-ass 7-year-old athlete is completing a season of Little League, and her team decided to give out KEYCHAINS to the players this year, instead of trophies.

Rather than write a treatise on how fucking lame that is, I thought I'd channel my incredulity into something constructive and just buy her a trophy.

So, question is... have any of you had good/bad/crazy-ass experiences with local trophy shops? I'll let my mouse do the walkin' to pick one out, if I must, but I thought I'd consult the DP Oracle first, as you've yet to steer me wrong.

And, to answer the most important question, the trophy does not have to be vegan. Beef trophies are fine if they look cool.


Does anyone know the cheapest place in town to get already primed and stretch canvas for painting?  About how much does it cost for bigger sizes (poster size)?  Thanks in advance!


This evening I was hanging out with a friend of mine that I have liked for a really long time.....And she knows this, or at least I believe she does, Well while talking and stuff we joke and I sort of pester her trying to tickle her foot or what ever.....Mind you we are same age and have known each other since we were sophmores in high school.

Now I have never been a casanova or an Einstein when it comes to girls and how they feel towards me or anything like that. Now my father who likes my friend and thinks she is just a wonderful person feels that she is interested in me; I am definitely interested in her on the personality side (not just the physical side....Don't get me wrong she is very attractive but I like her for her smarts)......

She at one point was sorta dating two people at the same time and is still friends with them (one more so than the other.)....Now the problem is that I never know wheather she is interested in anything more than just sit around and hang friends. Also this evening I ended up saying something really stupid that has just put me in the Depression/funk/guilt gutter and I want to let her know that I feel really stupid for what I said and that I feel guilty for saying so stupid to her even though her and I aren't dating.....Also I have never been good at talking to people about how I exactly feel, Especially when its a girl that I really like.....

So I turn to you the great people of Portland for your support and guidance on what I should say and how I should do this feat without feeling like more of and ass than I already do.

Mariana in the South

(no subject)

Hey DP. You know those plastic cup things that were really popular in the...mid-90s probably? They're basically thermoses of sorts, but pretty much only promotional and only for kids. Typically Disney. My grandparents had a 101 Dalmations one. Anyway they often had two layers and some sort of liquid [plus floaty glitter and cute things] between the layers, and their main feature was retractable rubbery straws that you twist the lid and they twist down into the lid.

Anyway _drain_ found me a Disney princess one new so I KNOW they're still around.

What I want to know is:

1. What on Earth are they called?
2. Where might I be able to find a reasonable selection of them?
3. What would eBay call them?

I tried googling infinite variations of cup - sippy - straw - twist - retractable - disney - plastic - promotional - thermos.....and got NOTHING.