June 5th, 2007


Where is the love, people?

We have been snarking the H-E-double hockey sticks out of each other. I have been here or what, 15 minutes, and I'm all eye-rolling as soon as I see certain names on the header for a post. And I'm sure I ain't the onliest one.

So, my proposal is we declare a happy DAMN song that we can hum to ourselves while beating back the snark demons. I smite thee, snark demon. Well, not completely, but enough so I can read through the WHOLE post and comments before striking.

My trio: Candy Girl by New Edition, When I Get You Alone by Robin Thicke and Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena. You may not need mindless dreck but that's what works for me. So does writing Mrs. drjeff on my Peachie.
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metal stencil, awesomeness, you&I, volunteer, betterment, etc

I want a stencil with the handicap symbol and the words NO ACCESS on it, who can anonymously provide, in case it's traceable graffiti? but also I might never follow through with tagging the fucking annoying non-ramped/bumpy/inaccessible sidewalks. someone else might.. who knows. email significants gmail if you can do it free, or if you brought it upon yourself to bring attention to those parts, plus locations if you please. thanks!
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jefferson + lesbo bars

Sup dudes. I am thinking about visiting the Jefferson Theater to see what it's all about, but before I do I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into. Porn theater only? Strippers? Live sex acts? Not that any of these would discourage me, but I'd like to know what I'd be participating in/viewing.

Also, anyone know of a good lesbian bar to visit in the area that's for younger women in their early 20s primarily? Preferably h0t b@b3s? If so, what is their spoken/unspoken policy about men? If I went I'd want to bring my guy friends like I would to any other bar.

Thanks. :)
bruce lee
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Again, I must consult the oracle of DP:

So, I somehow defied the odds and landed a J-O-B at one of those big fancy buildings downtown. I've been looking for a good coffee shop, but all I've seen thus far are corporate asswipe chain stores like Starbuck's.

Where's the best non-yuppie coffeehouse in or close to downtown? Bonus points if they also offer good organic and/or vegan breakfast bars/cookies/pastries. (drink!)

road to morrocco

(no subject)

I've been trying to finish (more like start) a craft project but can't seem to find inkjet printer iron-on transfers. You know, the kind that you print a reverse image onto, then iron the image on a shirt?

I remember we used to sell them when I worked for Best Buy, but now I can't find them anywhere locally. Are they now the realm of specialty paper stores? Stationary stores? Do I have to go to a photo supply shop? WHERE ARE THE TRANSFERS ALREADY?!?!?!

Quick question..

Where is the best place(walking distance to oh, 3rd/4th and Alder) to get good grilled cheese and tomato soup? Preferrably somewhere that is not BluePlate, while their grilled cheese is good, their soup doesn't do much for me.

Any recommendations? Today is a rainy dreary soup and sammich kinda day :)
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hello all! glorious day!

anyway, i didn't find anything about brake repairs (specifically) in past entries. i need to get my brakes worked on (as in crunching sound, probable rotor and pad replacement, maybe more) and i have yet to have anything repaired on my car here.

does anyone have a suggestion of somewhere i can get my brakes fixed? it'd be really awesome if you've personally had something repaired at your recommended shop and can vouch for their service. as anyone does, i'd like to avoid breaking my bank, but i want a quality job, so...

i live in north portland and work in downtown, so somewhere in those areas is preferred.

thanks, dp! you rock!

Need day-trip destination ideas!

So I'm starting to make plans to do a series of day-trips through the summer, and so I figured that there's no better resource for destinations than you fine people! The only requirements are:

--Must be about 4 hours from Portland or less- because it's, uh, a day trip
--Must be somewhere worth taking a vacation for- e.g., a village of quaint little shops would be okay, but one quaint little shop would probably not be worth travelling for
--Must not be something with a high admission price- more than, say, $15 or so
--Obscure is awesome, but give me the obvious ones too :)

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It's raining! Fellow Portlanders rejoice!

I just love the rain; the quieting sound of it falling on sidewalks; the sombre gray overhead; the refreshing chill that leads to cozier habits and warmer clothing. Oh yeah, and the fact that the allergens are ripped out of the air leaving many Portlanders at ease.

Anyway, what is there in the way of Swing dancing lessons/nights here in Portland? I'd love to know! And perhaps suggestions for some great swing songs or bands to listen to as well. I already have some stuff like Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Big Bad VooDoo Daddies, so what else do you have for me?
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free foodz?

pleasedontkillme if this has been posted before. i promise i did the search thing.
i'm visiting portland for a few days this week and would really like to spend as little money as possible.
what are the best places to get free/insanely cheap food in portland? what's tasty, what's open on weekends, what's close to downtown, etc.?
thanks, all. love ya.
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Say I lived in SE Portland and wanted to volunteer one day per week helping out with homeless/homeless related issues with a (secular or not too pushy religious) organization. Who would I contact?

Vet questions...

So we found this dog, want to take him into vet cause he has some serious sores on him and could be a beauitful lab..

Where is the cheapest place to take him that wont break the bank? We are looking for his owners also so dont want to drop a grand on a dog that is not ours. We are in beaverton, but will travel for right price ;)

(no subject)

Hello Damnportlanders,

I don't have health insurance and I need to see a doctor about some allergy relief. Does anyone know of a low-cost clinic or doctor in the downtown Portland or Beaverton area that I can go to without being charged a ton of money?

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CNN Republican Candidate Debates

They were less interesting (to me) than the Democratic candidate debates--then again, this was the third GOP debate I've seen and only the first Democratic (I missed the MSNBC Democrat debates, although I've seen some clips) debate. Or maybe that 10 white guys arguing on a stage isn't terribly thrilling.

Who did you guys think did better, Democrats or Republicans? Did any of the Republicans stand out to you?
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My Docs!

My much beloved bought-from-Goodwill-for-$5 Doc Marten's have a scar on the toe. What is the best way to at least minimize the appearance of it? I got some "scuff cover" shoe polish which at least made it less dull than the rest of the shoe, but there's a definite displacement of leather. Thanks for any info.

Also, I have it in my head that there's a Doc store on Burnside somewhere, but am more brainless than usual and can't remember where it is. I'm looking for the shoe polish and insoles - I'd pay just as much for insoles at Freddie's and I've already worn through a Freddie's pair with these shoes. Thanks. :D

Ayudame! Need your thoughts/opinions/advice

Hola Portlandios/as,

Need some input. Any help is greatly appreciated!

1. I am a graduate student who will be soon taking a MTWR class in the afternoon. The class will be a month long from July-Aug but I would like to get a temporary/part-time job in the mornings or late afternoon. Because I am bilingual, every employer I have dealt with starts requiring more hours, or insisting on offering me f/t offers or more money. That is good and dandy but I am weary of saying "sorry not interested". Question: Any good temp offices that you know that can offer me short-term gigs (Admin/csr/etc) without having to commit. Bonus puntos if they are located downtown. I do not have experience with temp offices in Portland (just Florida).

2. I want to gain some basic yet substantial enough web design skills that would make my vitae look good. If I am able to update existing websites, add a few text or new pages, then I am happy chica . Should I take a class via PCC this summer? I saw several Dreamweaver (Basic and Interm) and XHTML classes, and was wondering how helpful they could be!

Gracias a todos y todas.

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Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers

Are an amazingly simple but effective tool
Just got to thinking this,looking at mine.
Are there any 'everyday'tools implements,devices you use or see
That make you think the same too?

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Portland Serenity Charity Screening Update

We're coming up on the Can't Stop the Serenity screenings, so here's the latest announcement on the Portland event.

We're pleased to announce that Scott Allie -- Joss Whedon's editor at Dark Horse Comics -- will be our guest for the Friday night screening. Among other things, Allie worked on Serenity: Those Left Behind and the forthcoming Serenity: Better Days, and edits the current Buffy: Season 8 series. Our thanks to Allie for wanting to help make this year's events in the Portland of Oregon, birthplace of the charity screenings movement, even better than last year.

Doors open for pre-screening activities at 7:00 PM [Friday, June 22 at Portland's Hollywood Theatre] and programming begins at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $13 in advance and $18 at the door on the day of show, and are available online or at the Hollywood Theatre box office.


windfaerie wrote this about your fair city.
I must say I echo her feelings for Portland.
If Portland was a woman I'd marry her in an instant...
...As for it currently being a 'long range'relationship,I must say it is painful at times.
As is my way,I stay utterly loyal to those who deserve nothing less,so Portlands always on my mind.

You folks are very lucky,very lucky indeed...and don't forget it!

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