June 4th, 2007

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I am moving to Portland from Boston this July. It has been very hard finding a place a craigslist since I am not in Portland to meet the people in the houses.

If anyone here has a room open, or knows of one, I could really use the help.

you can IM me at her euphony
or e-mail me etymology at gmail dot com



After many months of being a parasite around here while secretly living in Eugene, I'm moving to Portland next month. Watch out or I might just show up at one of your little get-togethers. Then you'll all be sorry.

In the first of what promise to be many brain-picking posts to come, I ask for your favorite yarn shops. I know there are quite a few knitters in this community, so I'm hoping for recommendations as specific as possible (best prices, best selection, least pretentious employees willing to help, etc.)

I've found several Portland yarn shops listed in the back of knitting magazines and via google, so I'd love either feedback on these or the addition of any others you know about!

Thanks muchly.

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Also! And importantly! I'll be looking for a knitting circle to join - preferably once a week, and I'll be living in the SE/ S. Mt. Tabor area but I'm perfectly willing to travel. I'm fun. Sometimes. I promise.
ophelia by nivi, 2012

i need to sleeeep

where can i find these things---->
not the cat. looks kinda mean.
the wide eye coma coveralls and the tassled ear muffled dazzlers, whatever the hell they're called for real.
thanks in advance, back to coma.
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Another seemingly random question...

A few weeks ago I asked the seemingly random question

"Do you live in a building with an elevator?"

Which wasn't a random question at all, because even though many people who read this live in apartment buildings, not very many live in big multi-floor apartment buildings.
So here is another similar question:
For laundry, do you
a) have machines inside of your home
b) use a laundry room that is part of your apartment complex
c) use a laundromat

I am thinking that most people who answer will be the second option, but I could be wrong.
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Raspberry tea

Who can tell me where to get some raspberry tea? We're not talkin' "hibiscus tea with raspberry flavoring." I mean the real thang, babies. Bonus points if you actually have seen raspberry tea at the location, not just "they have a lot of tea there." Super bonus points if you give me 100 dollars.

Where? Who? HOW?

And................... proceed.


A big thank you to everyone who responded to my post concerning non-pretentious bike shops here. I ended up going to City Bikes on Ankeny and they were SUPER friendly and answered all of my 9 million novice questions. They were beyond helpful and I built my idea of the "perfect" bike for a pretty reasonable price. I'm picking up my bike (complete with rear basket, fenders, and new more comfortable handle bars) in two weeks! Thanks again, you guys always have the answers to my very specific questions!
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Boring Yuppie Day

Hi All,

I've never been one to suggest that there needs to be an International Men's Day to compliment International Women's day, or that March should be White History Month because February is Black History Month. I know all that isn't appropriate. But I do feel like there are some unrepresented groups that deserve their own day, and perhaps even a parade.

Portland has a day where bicyclists take over all the bridges and part of I5, and people who identify with the Jolly Roger have the Plunderathon. There are jazz fests and love fests and all sorts of things for just about any special interest.

But I say, what about the boring yuppies? They contribute so much and ask so little. I suggest we organize a parade to show our support for these folks. People can wear smart sweaters, dockers and sensible shoes, carry laptops and ask where the nearest wireless access point is. They can admire their reflection in the shine of any passing Mercedes-Benz, proclaim that their Saturn is good enough, but quietly covet the more expensive car. They can show off pictures of exotic places they've seen from the deck of a cruise ship, and talk endlessly of vacation homes and time shares they have, have had or plan to get in various hip places.

We'll have to find an appropriate place to end the parade, because the last part will, of course, be the drowning of the sorrows associated with their meaningless lives. Any place that serves Mojitos (or whatever the latest "cool" drink is) would be fine.

Who's with me? Anyone have any other suggestions?
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Dear Willamette Week:

If you want me to pay for my ads, please:

1.) Send me itemized bills *every month*, not just when you feel like it.
2.) Have my balance on the itemized bill.
3.) Don't have ad reps getting pissy with me because I haven't paid a balance when I don't know how much the balance is.

No big loss. My Mercury ads bring in more business at a fraction of the price.

Desperate New Yorker seeks Amazing Haircut

Hey! I hope this isn't OT but let me know if it is.

My band is touring the country right now and we have the chance to spend a day in Portland (we're working on a show right now). Sleeping in a car has taken its toll on my head and I am in desperate need of a haircut. I'm wondering, what is the best hip/moderately cheap (I'm not asking for the world, just a haircut that runs me $50 or less) place to get my hair done in Portland?

Numbers and locations, & average price ranges appreciated. Just something that will look good even after a four hour nap on the interstate. <3 Thank you in advance!!

eta: ps. if anybody wants a sweet and chubby touring rock and roll band to play in their basement/living room/sex dungeon/dirty kitchen, let me know. you can check us out at myspace.com/dancemfdance.

somehow our portland show fell through and we desperately need a gig for tomorrow night. we'll play for donations, and by donations i mean 'also free and ps we're desperate'. we're super cute, we are really good cooks, and we all come equipped with the ability to bring sexy back.
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Art Classes

My 13 year old sister is interested in taking some art classes this summer. We have looked at the Saturday Academy and at Tualitin Hills Park and Rec, but none are really what she wants.

What she wants is:
Focused on her age group 12-14 ish
Drawing (if it is fashioned based it is better)

I am sure someone knows where in Portland/Beaverton (preferably on the west side) to find a good art class for a 13 year old.

Thank you!
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Does anyone know which scale would be more accurate? The type that is common in a Dr's office (or used to be) where you slide one bar over in increments of 50 lbs, and the top one in increments of 1lb.

OR...a digital scale at say..a gym?

need software - help?

You guys seem to know everything, so I have another question:

I need some software that will let me edit mp3s. Not just the tags, but actually make changes to a song, turn two songs into one track, cut out bits I don't want, stuff like that. For example, Voodoo by Godsmack has, on one 9 minute track, a 4:30 song, followed by two minutes of silence, followed by 2 minutes of drum solo. I need something that will allow me to move the drum solo to before the song, cut out the two minutes of silence, and fade into a 2nd song without a gap inbetween. Then I need to be able to burn the finished product onto a CD that will play on a regular stereo, not just on a computer (I can already burn audio CDs, I just need to be sure it will save in a format that will work).

I'm not opposed to paying for software as long as it has some sort of trial period that will allow me to do all the above and verify that it *actually works* all the way through to playing the CD on a stereo before I shell out for it. And as long as it's not going to cost me hundreds of dollars.

Alternately, if someone has some sort of professional setup that will do this, but that I'll never be able to afford, would you be willing to manipulate a dozen or so songs for me in exchange for beer, homemade baked goods, handmade soap, or some combination thereof? I've got 10 days to get this done, but I'd prefer to not be down to the wire quite that much, so sometime this week would be better.

If you're wondering, I'm not trying to do anything immoral or illegal (as far as I'm aware). I'm a bellydancer, and I have a major performance coming up on the 15th. I really want to use some new music I just bought, and I don't want to have to ask the DJ to skip around tracks and mix things on the fly for me and hope she'll do it.
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Youth at Risk/Homeless Resources

This is in response to a post over the weekend asking for info on shelters/locating runaways, etc.
I hope it is helpful, I'll cut it for length and to spare the uninterested.

  I also have additional information about shelters for adults, but is super lengthy and didn't want to type it all here.  I'm glad to reply if you have any specific questions (types of shelters, locations or their criteria.)

I did not write/compile any of this myself, so if any info has changed, I apologize but it is all accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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