June 3rd, 2007

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June Youth/student all zone bus pass

Tonight after fleeing the very scary sea of people doing the rose thing downtown I found an all zone youth/student bus pass as I walked home.

It's something I can't use but maybe something very usable for someone else.

I don't want anything for it.
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общежитие, Корваллис

(no subject)

Oh wise portlanders who know everything! I have a question on (emergency?) dental care.

Here is the situation:
I am not a full-time student or employee of anything, and I don't have regular medical insurance. On the other hand, I am part-time in quite a few places, so paying cash is not a problem. Most dental places I called offer me competent and friendly help in 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately, I have a toothache, and will not wait this long. End-of-the week appointment is okay, early July is not.

- in conversations with dentists, should I call this an emergency?
- who should I call that does not have their schedule full for a month?
  • ragga

Playground w/ Zip Line?

I'm over the age of 10 but I like to go to playgrounds at night sometimes with friends. Growing up, there were tons of playgrounds with zip lines and other fun things all over the place in New England. I've yet to find a playground in Portland with anything more than some swings, a slide and a few things to climb.

Where are the best playgrounds in this town? Do any have awesome zip lines? Anything else interesting at any local playgrounds? Preferably keep it to the inner eastside but I have a car so I could hypothetically get almost anywhere within a 10 mile radius for some zip line action.

Also, I just got a basketball but it's a little flat. Any suggestions on a place that would fill it for free? I don't have a bike pump and I'm not sure I like the idea of just walking into any bike shop and asking them to pump up my basketball.

Thank you!

Support Rally for Latino men attacked by 20 white teenagers

Last Thursday, 20-30 white teenagers beat and threw stones at two Latino workers in the small town of Mulino. We are appalled and outraged at this racist, violent hate crime. Anti-immigrant sentiment has fueled countless other unreported violent acts against immigrant workers and families. Now is the time for us say no to hate and to fight for dignity and respect for all.

The anti-immigrant, anti-worker legislation being pushed in Congress is fueling hate crimes and vigilante violence in the streets (see http://pcasc.net/nodeal/ to take action).

We urge you to join human dignity groups, the immigrant community, and allies in a Vigil Against Hate Crimes:

When: Sunday, June 3rd, at 6:00 pm
Where: Carnegie Center Park, 7th and Jefferson, in Oregon City.

Carpools from Portland at 5:15pm. Bring your car if you have one.
from North Portland: Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy St.)
from Southeast Portland: 2222 SE Caruthers

In case of rain, the vigil will move across the street to Atkinson
Memorial Church.

This vigil is sponsored, so far, by Rural Organizing Project,
Atkinson Memorial Church, Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition, and
the Coalition Against Hate Crimes.

For more information contact : Cara Shufelt at the Rural Organizing
Project - cara@rop.org.

This is a repost. Please forward/repost.

(no subject)

Here's a notable topic for discussion:

Where can you get the best burger (or veggieburger) in town?

What about the best milkshake?

Entries should be considered on the overall tastiness factor with cost implications being a minor consideration.

Annnnnd... go?
  • bennu_

Downtown Studios

Any of you fine folks (or your friends) ever live in any of the apartment buildings downtown?

I'm strongly considering renting a studio, and could use any info you have on how safe they generally are, or if the walls are terribly thin, or whatever you think might help.

Any of them I should particularly avoid?

And.........you know what to do.
  • rahnia

Democratic Debates

My first thought is that I'm upset they didn't discuss domestic issues more. I was surprised at how many educators were in the audience asking questions during the town hall portion, and yet there wasn't a single question about education.

All in all, I liked the format. I'm interested to see the Republicans on Tuesday. I liked the conversational tone of the debate, especially the dynamic between Obama and Edwards. Clinton is trying to stay above the fray, on purpose I believe, but they were taking a few shots and really talking to each other. When they re-arranged for the town hall, I saw a shot of them (Clinton's empty seat between them) excitedly talking/debating about something. This was a breath of fresh air after the last Republican debate, actually, if you ask me. There was some mud-slinging going on, but the conversation was still focused on the issues, not on "who's more conservative!"

Bill Richardson has an impressive track record, but I feel he emphasizes what he HAS done and not what he WILL do too much. I liked Hillary's crack about sending Dick Cheney to other countries, and everyone's focus on diplomacy and scaling down defense. But I imagine there are a lot of people who will disagree with me.

Anyway, did anyone in the community other than myself and halloween watch the debates? What did you think?
new, stephen h

cheese fries

after stumbling upon frientology.com, i find myself wondering...

who has the best cheese fries in portland?
best quality? best price? biggest portions?

all of the above?

who among you has the answer?

quick edit: ok, aside from dots being the shit, anywhere else in town worth RAVING about?

hit and run NE Halsey off 84

At about 4:15 this afternoon my boyfriend and I were rear-ended right after taking the east 84 exit to NE Halsey. As the passenger, if I wasn't wearing a seatbelt I would have cracked my head on the windshield and there is considerable damage to the rear left side of my boyfriends Nissan (about $2000 worth we're guessing but will know for sure tomorrow when he goes to get some estimates). When we pulled off into the parking lot where Mervyn's used to be and there's a Starbucks, etc, the guy pulled in after us but didn't get out of his car. He rolled down his window and said he was going to pull into a parking space. I was really shaken and just thought "ok" and got back in and my boyfriend pulled his car into a parking space. I watched the guy who hit us roll around the parking lot between cars looking at us while my boyfriend got out his phone to call his mum (we were on the way to her place at the time). The guy kind of "faked" like he was parking twice then started to pull out of the parking lot we were in and to the back parking lot of Fred Meyer where 99th is! I freaked out, going immediately from shaken to fuckin' pissed and started yelling and we tried to chase the guy but he disappeared immediately with so many cars and people everywhere.
Unfortunately we did not get a license plate number (I am kicking myself for being too shaken to think to look at his plates) but have a good description of the guy and his vehicle.
The guy was about 25-30 years old, thin build, light skin, dark goatee, wearing a dark baseball cap, dark sunglasses, and a white tshirt. He was driving a green Jeep Cherokee (newer '99-'03) and it possibly has some minor damage to the front right side.

My boyfriend called 911 immediately after and got a police report filed.
Is there anything else we can do? It is extremely frustrating as poor college students to have some douchebag pull a hit and run! Luckily the car is insured and we were not hurt (in that car it definitely could have been a lot worse) but it'd be nice to get the guy.

Sometimes I like to think that people realize they make bad decisions and will turn themselves in, but yeah right. UGH. So frustrating.

Any advice, suggestions, creative advice/suggestions to get this guy caught or to aide our situation would be awesome. Thanks a lot
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(no subject)

beau monde?

yay or nay?

(I need to cut off about 7 inches after tuesday)
(is there usually a long wait to get an appointment? I'd call and find out but its not business hours right now)