June 2nd, 2007

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Where is your favorite place to go for a pedicure? I want to take my mum for her birthday so I'm looking for a place that's nice, yet won't break the bank. And I know how to google and citysearch - I want personal experiences. Damnportlanders know best, after all.
Patchouli Oil

Locate this .... !

To the all-seeing all-knowing DP'ers:

Back in DC before the SUV's took over and one could smoke whereever one wanted ... XD

I need to ask you guys two things:
  1. I need a laundromat with HYUUGE washers and dryers that can acomodate comforters, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. preferably downtownish or whereever TriMet goes, and
  2. Window tint that clings to the window via static.

Ready ... GO!!!

Washington still sux0rs!

A little quizzy for yo Portlanderites.

Poll #995638 You choose,why do Brits loathe Bliar?

You choose,why do Brits loathe Bliar?

Because he led us into Iraq
Because he led us into Afghanistan
Because he is a traitor to good ol' socialism
Because he's a posh Scot!
Because he's a total'Barclays'
Because he bends over for Bush
Because his dad-in-law is Tony Booth
Because he's 'economical with the truth'
Because he's Tony Bliar
Because he has no sense of dress..
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Out of my inate curiousity

Don't you find that some people dress up their belief structure in such a way,as to excuse their otherwise terrible actions,and don't you find these types,so unbeleivably shallow and without any real merit?

Reason why I ask this,is I am wondering if it is a phenomonom that has  spread as far as Portland,as there are some round me,who are exactly that,as described above.

What do you usually do around such individuals and how best should you humor them?


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Han and Leia


I'm not sure how many of you actually watch Bollywood films, but there has to be a few of you out there. I'm wondering where I can rent them in Portland (my only option thus far is to hope that Hollywood Video has one on the rack, and its not working out so well). Secondly, any recommendations for films I have to see? I've seen Lagaan, Bunty aur Babli, Mangal Pandey, Asoka, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and more that I can't remember. Thanks for spreading the Bollywood love!

Small garage sale with adult-themed material.


-Sepia-toned pornographic pictures from the early 20th century
-Black and white tame MM BDSM framed photos
-A gay cookbook (??)

Ran across this stuff yesterday and figured someone would be interested. It's mostly male-male oriented.

1011 SE 32nd Ave
June 1, 2, 3
10-4 PM
(x-street Yamhill; south of Belmont)
hate hate

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Good place to get your eyebrows waxed that isn't super expensive or super snooty?

I've thought about getting my eyebrows and a pedicure at kalista salon but when i tried to check their website for prices, it wouldn't load. If anyone knows about how much that might cost, thanks!

Please don't reccomend Dosha on Hawthorne; their attitude and santitation are deplorable.

tree doctor?

Hey, all you DP homeowners (or I guess non-homeowners in the know)...
If the branches of the tree in my front yard are growing through/between the power lines along the street, is that something that I take care of personally (like, hiring someone to safely cut them away), or something PGE or whoever would come out and do (and charge me for?) if I called them? 
(Edit: okay, call me stupid.  I just checked out the PGE website and think I'm finding answers to question 1 my own self.)
I'm assuming it's the first, and even if not I have two monstrosities of trees in the back yard that need some trimming that I don't think I can safely do myself, not wanting to have a "So, about your garage..." conversation with my next door neighbor.  So, question two is, does anyone have experience with tree doctors of the type I would need?  Reliable?  Inexpensive? Total hacks who dropped the tree into your bathroom?
I stand by for your wise advice.
Chloe quote from Reunion Part 21
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I'm interested in restaurant recommendations for either Greek food or belly dancing - someplace nice, but will let us in with semi-casual clothing, won't bankrupt us with the prices, and is somewhere in the PDX area. Any recommendations? (Please mention if they take or require reservations!)

ETA: We've decided to go with Alexis on 2nd and Burnside for combo Greek food and belly dancing. FYI the belly dancing is currently only on Fridays and Saturdays at ca. 8pm. I talked to two different guys on the phone and they only take reservations for large parties, regardless of it being a belly-dance evening or not. They would not take a reservation for our party of three and "guaranteed" that they would have room for us. (They were very nice/friendly about it.)

Thank you, everyone, for your advice!
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I have to find a neurologist....My general practice doctor gave a few names she also told me to do my own research and find someone that is great, because this will be someone i will have to a LTR with.  With that being said, has anyone had any great ( i'll settle for good) interactions with a neurologist? Insurance is no issue and location isnt a issue , ill travel for someone who is great !!!


Mariana in the South

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any taped or youtube footage of the starlight parade from this year? did a quick search and didn't find anything, probably since it's stil a bit early for these things to appear online.

I'm in your noun, verbing your noun.

I hate posting this inane shit when some girl below is looking for her runaway sister, but..
I need to get some new cotton bed sheets tomorrow. I really don't know where to shop as somehow I've received many new bed sheet sets as gifts previously. Anyone recommend a store that has a good, stylish selection that's open Sundays?