June 1st, 2007


Sending Thanks into the Kosmo's

To the nice gentleman who called me today from my friends lost phone to inquire about where to return it. You are AWESOME! Not only did you pick up a phone off the street in Sellwood and call me to let me know it was found you then brought it to her place like you said you would, you even dropped it in the mailbox because no one was home.

Sadly, you didn't leave your name or phone number so that I/She/We could thank you properly. It just proves how awesome Damn Portlanders really are.

Parade Poll! Because it continues to fascinate me, and teh intarweb exists to serve me

This is only a four question poll, really. Yes, I type a lot in the morning once my  vanilla meth latte kicks in, but in all honesty I have always wondered why people like parades, so I want to find out if it has any relationship to where people live. And I wanted an excuse to make fun of Vancouver (that's what DP is all about, right?)

ps- never made an LJ poll before. Forgive me for cocking it up. FORGIVE ME!
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Fundraiser for The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

I'm posting this because I assume at least a few of you are cat fans.

Anyway, The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (www.feralcats.com) is having a fundraising event next week at POUR Wine Bar - June 6, from 7pm to midnight.  The owner of POUR is donating half of the proceeds from food and beverage sales that night to FCCO.  It's a great place, with excellent wines and "small plates" and if you go and have fun there that night you can be happy knowing you also helped FCCO's spay and neuter program for feral and stray cats. The owner of POUR also owns Thatch Tiki Bar, which is just a few doors down from POUR, and is offer the same special fundraising deal at Thatch that night, too.  POUR is located at 2755 NE Broadway, near 28th. Hope you can come and drink and eat for catsesesesesssss.
Xmas Socks

DPers are S - M - A - R - T

So, going to tackle some weeding and lawn work this weekend that DESPERATELY needs to be done. I've never really had to do it before. (Lived at home, apartment and a condo) Anyway. Is weeding easier if the ground is wet or dry?

Weeding is easier if the ground is:

Who cares?!
Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day!

Eat a doughnut, or a donut, however you prefer, ya tubbies!

And Voodoo ain't the best, btw, despite what the NY Times says. I highly recommend Sesame Donuts where Beaverton-Hillsdale meets Scholl's Ferry. Best... old-fashioned.... ever. Yummy!
deer in forest

paypal question.

just curious - is anyone else unable to log in? i kinda need to and it's been down all morning, or... maybe it's my account. anyhow, just thought i'd ask if anyone out there might be having a similar problem. thanks!
I have the cape - I make the whoosh nois

Which one is the best?

So, I moved to the Portland area last year, in late June.  Obviously, that means that I wasn't around for last year's Rose Festival.

My question to you insightful people is - Which parade is better?  The Grand Floral Parade, or the Starlight Parade?

I know the subject of parades has been brought up a few times recently, and it sounds like you all have an opinion.  Share them with me... humor me... do something.

And....... GO!!!
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chaco repair?

My beloved Chacos are starting to fall apart. Specifically, the soles are worn through. I'm certain this is something that can be repaired, but I'm not sure where to go in town to get this done.

Any suggestions? Preferably somewhere downtown or in SE. Thanks!

Nutrition for Caucasians

Hello white people!
I'm usually up on the latest health news, but here's a subject I know nothing on.
Is there any nutrient/supplement that helps us white people deal with solar radiation bombardment?
I know about sunscreen and avoiding the sun, but I say diet nearly makes the man,(after fashion and manners).
This is a serious question. I want to spare my thin, fragile white flesh from anymore unnecessary sun damage this Summer.

Aurora Chorus presents:

Standing On The Side Of Love | Sunday, June 3, 2007
3:00 and 7:00 p.m. | Newmark Theatre, Portland
Tickets: $15, $20 and $25 in advance

Aurora is "Standing on the Side of Love," singing of friendship, support, and desire for harmony in our troubled world. The song is love, the language of the heart; Love that makes you weak in the knees, inspires you to move mountains or to lend a helping hand. Aurora Chorus sings of these aspects, and more with soaring melodies, infectious rhythms and poignant poetry in a wonderfully diverse program of contemporary choral settings. Music by Ysaye Barnwell, Holly Near, John Lennon, Bernice Reagon, Z. Randall Stroope, Joan Szymko, and others.

Join us along with guest artists Claudia Schmidt, Steven Walters, Kate Power and Steve Einhorn for a concert to fill hearts with hope. In the second half of the concert, our friends, folk duo Kate Power and Steve Einhorn will emcee the second half of the concert featuring all of our guest artists. Please join us!

“There is a song only the heart can hear, listen closely.” Steven Walters

Reserved seats are $15, $20 & $25

Tickets: 503.287.6721, Ticketmaster, PCPA Box Office, http://www.aurorachorus.org and through chorus members.

Update! The 3pm show will be ASL interpreted! (however it is correct to say that...)
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Please help...

I have to sell all the furniture and appliances in my apartment (well those that belong to me anyway) as quickly as possible to raise $350 to get my VW out of the shop since I can't afford my apartment any longer and I've decided to move.

So, if you need any of these things please let me know, I have to get rid of everything by June 5th.

Queen Size Platform Futon frame and mattress, $250, like new, I've only had them since January, the frame is a beautiful cherry color.
I also have some bookshelves, 2, about 1 1/2 ft wide and 5 ft tall, I'm hoping to get $10 for each of them.
I have a microwave, only 3 months old, GE Model JES1139BL, black, I'd like to get $30 for it. I still have the box and everything that goes with it.
A toaster oven for $10, a rice cooker 3 cup for $10, a Coby DVD player for $25, and a gym matt which works great for working out at home I'm hoping to $30 for it.

Basically I have to sell as much as I can in order to get my bus back so I have someplace to sleep when I can't stay in my apartment anymore. please, if you need any of these things, let me know, I really really need to raise this $350 as quickly as possible.

p.s. I should have added this earlier, but if you could email me if you're interested in anything rovingacademic @ gmail.com then I can get back to you right away. :) thanks :)