May 31st, 2007



I live in Quatama (beaverton to peeps not from the 'hood of the west burbs), off NW 205th specifically. The streets are filled to the brim with cops tonight. They've been zooming up and down the road, sirens blaring, seemingly doing laps around the block at 80 mph. Now they have the street blocked off and it sounds like they're not letting anyone into Quatama Crossing, an apartment complex a bit up the road from me.

So... in an effort to satisfy my morbid curiosity to know what the hell is going on, one of the thoughts that crosses my mind is "oh! I wonder if anyone has posted in damnportlanders about it?"

WTF... just shoot me now. Ya'll are knowledgeable but you aren't "DamnOracle"

(too bad I'm not white trash enough to own a police scanner)
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Back again!

I made a post not even a week ago in trying to find an air conditoner that was cheap and didn't hang out the window.

That was recommended to me. However, as you can see if you clicky, it's sold out. D: I don't know anything about these things.

I'm counting on you to keep me cold! ;_; (As I made a post the other night about hoodies. Oh boy. I've got issues.)
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Lost Wallet

I have been checking the lost and found ads in Craigslist and the Oregonian for this. As a final resort I am going to ask if any of you lovely people happened to find a green m,icrofiber type wallet either Sunday or Monday. I can give a very detailed description of what was in it. Thanks, my life resides in that thing (and like a dumbass, that included my social security card)=/
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(no subject)

We have an almost-full large bag of Pedigree Large Breed puppy food that Baldr turned his nose up at. We've already replaced it with a lamb and rice formula more similar to what he was on at his previous 'home', but if anyone wants the big bag of food, first come first served.

Plunderathon updates ahoy!

A few updates for Plunderathon!

1) A local liquor rep signed on to arrange for, how should I put this . . . big Vats O' Grog. Cheaper than usual. Plus at least one venue is offering $1 beers.
2) There will be a Pirate rock band (Sunken Chest) at one stop
3) The night ends at the Fez, with an 80's cover band (no charge to get in if you are with Plunderathon, no charge to get into ANYplace during Plunderathon, no charge to participate in Plunderathon. Not that we would turn down money or anything)
4) There has been mention of "Promo Girls," for what that's worth
5) We seem to have a wikipedia entry now
6) The website has been update/fixed/probably more broken than before
7) the record for the pirate coming from farthest away for the event is currently some dude in Michigan
8) No ninjas have been heard from in weeks. Pussies.
9) The streetship H.M.S. Venture may be in the Starlight Parade this weekend as a test-run. We probably won't be firing off the cannon at the parade (but I may give in to temptation). But there is a cannon. It shoots condoms and chocolate coins.
10) For the last time, Plunderathon has nothing to do with Pirates of the Carribean. Portland Piracy predates that movie franchise. I swear at least one person is going to reply to this post with "enough of trend-of-the-minute pirate crap already!"
11) Dinner will be on the roof of a building downtown.
12) There is crap to buy on cafepress if you want it. Link is on the plunderathon website. All stuff is marked up only one penny, 'case we don't actually care if you buy it. Worth a look though, since one of the items is a "douchebag hat" and the rest have varying degrees of funny in the description. Varying from "low" to "abysmal."

That is all.
-Dave The Horrible
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I'm such a bad girlfriend!

Portland, help!!

Where (if ANYWHERE) can I get SAME DAY delivery for a birthday cake/cookies/brownies anything. Don't mind paying extra. 1800flowers and ProFlowers and all that nonsense is all next day. Uuugh! Help! I need to embarrass him at work and it won't be the same If I showed up with the a cake.

Help help!

TO the idiot on 20th and Lovejoy...

You think your so slick breaking into a Comcast Van, stealing a laptop you cant get into even if you tried.. when there are CAMERAS in the van! Hope you get in deep shit cause now boyfriend cant do his work for the day without that laptop and now has to take the rest of the day unpaid, deal with the cops and all that BS.

interview for paper....

I'm taking a course on minorities this term, and the objective of one of my papers was to interview someone who grew up in a different culture than I, and write a paper about it. I had this all lined up, and ready to go, however the person I was supposed to interview backed out on me the day the paper was due.
So my question is, with all the people in here, is there anyone who grew up in another country or culture willing to answer 9-10 questions about growing up, and how it affected their values and beliefs?
I can be reached at either or if you would be willing to basically help save me from failing this course.

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

Alas, I forgot to make an entry last Thursday. After a week's hiatus, I am back, for better or for worse.... :o

1. The beginning of the Lents International Farmers Market beginning this Sunday (and running every week from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. until October 14th), with live musical performances of African, Latin, and European styles, free vegetable starts for early visitors, and face painting for kids. Yay for a farmers market in FoPo!

2. Being introduced to a new spirits bar in the Pearl District (Apotheke) last weekend....herbal liquer....yum!

3. Spending couple of hours in the warm evening bicycling around Southeast Portland, only stopping at traffic signals, stop signs, and to smell the roses along the way (both Center and Sellwood neighborhoods have fragrant roses in their neighborhoods).

4. Taking a scenic break sitting on the river-facing bench at the Eastbank Esplanade at dusk, watching the illuminations of downtown Portland across the river.

5. Being stuck riding behind a nicely-dressed, fellow bicycle rider (in a blue, summery dress) during morning bicycle commute earlier today. Yay for delightful sights. I'm sure that littlebluedog would have approved. ;)
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anyone willing to part with their old NES consol for around 15$? just the box itself, we dont need chords or controllers or games.
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I'm seriously thinking about getting a tattoo that relates to Portland in some way. It's my home, and no matter where I am, I want it to be close. Would people with Portland related tattoos mind posting/sending me a pic? I'm not going to steal it, just wanted to get some ideas of what others have.

I was sort of thinking the downtown skyline around my ankle, but I'm not sure how it would end up looking.
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Japanese food

I've got a serious travel bug in my ass to go to Japan, which I've decided I'll do in about a year. Until then, I can't wait to get some good Japanese food in me.

What are some great places in Portland (sushi bars and general Japanese restaurants) that won't break the bank?


Glass Wax

Does anyone else know what this is? I guess I'm kind of dating myself, but back when I was a kid, my folks had it instead of Windex. It doesn't streak. I want some and can't find it. It used to come in a square,pink metal can. I've tried the True Value on Hawthorne and the DIY Hardware on Division. If you have a mom n' pop-type-hardware store in your neighborhood, let me know. I'll call around before driving around. But I'd love to find some again.


I am sad to be out of town and thus unable to go to QDoc.  This means I expect the rest of you to go for me!  If you haven't heard of it check this out.  It is the first annual QDoc, it is the first queer documentary film festival in the USA, it is this weekend in Portland, and it's gonna be rad!
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This time la luna....

Before the night turns into day, I must say that the full moon tonight was a such beautiful sight to observe. I caught a brief moment of its French vanilla ice cream-esque tint of the glorious moon on my bike ride home just moments ago, and seeing the moon made me smile.

I guess we can file that under another Thankful Thursday item. :)
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Ok, seriously, what's up with parades? Why?

I honestly don't get why people go to parades. It's cars driving slowly; you can see that every day on the I-5 during rush hour. Really, it baffles me. It's like NASCAR without the wrecks.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Are there people out there who actually care who the homecoming queen is, or what kind of convertible she will sit in for the hour of the trip? Why do people tape off the sidewalk? Do they think that actually means they get exclusive right to that chunk of sidewalk or something? Would they punch me if I stood in their spot? Why don't they get tickets for litter when they leave the tape behind (you know it takes WEEKS to clean up downtown sidewalks after these parades, right?)

And for sheer what-the-hell-is-going-on-factor, why do people WATCH them on TV? You are staring at a box that shows a picture of cars moving slowly! It's like . . . like. . . It's watching the TRAFFIC CAM ON THE LOCAL NEWS WEBSITE DURING RUSH HOUR!

:::: sobs ::::

I need thorazine.