May 30th, 2007

Pokemon // Green so seexxyy

..Hoodie fetish.

I love hoodies. I love big, baggy hoodies. They're the sexiest frickin' tops ever.

I just want a cheap black hoodie but I have to use a credit card I cut up. Which means I'm submitted to buying it online since some stores have issues just punching numbers in. (I got two stores to do it; the rest were lazy bastards.)

So... any suggestions? I'm sure someone here was too lazy to get up and go buy clothes at some point or another. Or it's just me.

I mean I've googled a lot but just can't find anything... normal.

Edit: Got one recommendation so far. Let me add a few things:
No zippers
Preferably ginormous and for men, though I guess hoodies can be unisex.
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Shane *Drool*

Biking on Bridges?

For future references, I'm curious as to which bridges in PDX are the safest to ride on? Bonus points if they're also easy/not very steep.

I rode over and back on Ross Island today, but the small/one-sided sidewalk and lack of any barriers, plus the construction on the SW end made it a bit "unsafe" feeling, but the ride was not too extensive as far as energy-use/steepness. Hell, even when I drive on that bridge, I feel unsafe without any median.

And sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything recently asking this.


Foreign Currency Conversion

Okay, so I have $20 canadian and have had it for months now. I would like to convert it, though upon calling Travelex which is located inside the US Bank downtown, I was informed that you have to have a minimum of 50 units to convert. THIS IS BULLSHIT. I know that $20 canadian is a little over $17 but when you have $0.96 in your checking account that $17 is all the difference. Oh, and I'm tired of selling my books. That shit is depressing.

So I call upon you, beloved community--is it possible to convert this money anywhere or am I fucked? Why should there be a limit? Money is money. Also, I'm *sure* I've converted less than that, so is this some new regulation? Are there other banks that I can call and ask that are less cuntish than US Bank?

PLEASE HELP ME. I need you.
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Utility costs

How much do utilities cost on average in PDX per month?

If you have utilities included and don't know, then don't bother, just to save everyone's time.

Also, what are the best rental resources you know of besides Craigslist?


Portland Art Museum

these pieces are not in the show

The Kehinde Wiley show was impressive. Good, not great. The scale of the pieces were remarkable. I mean like 8 feet tall with very intricate design work for the backgrounds. I think coupled with the permanent collection and the Chris Johanson show the 10 dollar admission is warranted. I don't know what it was but there was something that didn't seem to grab me. There was a sort of detachment emotionally in the subjects that detracted from the overall appeal. Not that art need be but I am attracted to brush work and a lot of it was non visible in Kehinde's smooth approach to application. I'm critical though so whatever.
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bike advice

I really, really, really want to start biking to work. The problem is, the only bike I have is a slightly old mountain bike which I think probably needs quite a bit of work to really be commute-worthy. Also, the only time I've ever used a bike as transportation before, I was liviing all of 3/4 of a mile from my office, and it was all flat. So, two questions:

1. Is there a bike shop that would look over my mountain bike, give me an honest assessment of whether it's safe to ride for a daily commute, or what it needs in order to be safe, and not charge me just to look at it? It currently has traditional mountain bike knobby tires, which don't seem especially true, that I'm thinking will have to go, plus it has no fenders, no lights, no rack, and quite a bit of rust on the chain and gears, and a bit of frame rust. My lovely friend who gave me the bike did quite a bit of work on it, and it's definitely rideable, but I don't trust it for more than quick trips to the store and back. Obviously, I need this bike shop sort of place to then be able to do the work/sell me the gear I need for not a huge amount of money. I have a budget for this, but it's not a huge budget.

2. As an alternative, I'm thinking of buying one of these, instead: Any input? I really don't think I can beat $174 for a brand new bike, and I love the idea of being able to just fold it up and stash it in the corner in my office rather than leaving it locked up outside. On the other hand, I'm worried about the little, baby tires. My daily commute would from just past SE 60th & Division to downtown and back again every day. Is riding up any kind of a hill just a pipe dream on 20" tires? Has anyone ever had one of these? Are they fabulous? An absolute nightmare? There's so many bikers here, I figure *someone* must know something about them.


Gaming Tournament

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Hey kids!

I'm trying to get a weekly gaming tournament going on in a gaming shop in SW portland (hillsdale neighborhood). This is going to be the first one. Thinking of doing either Counter Strike 1v1, ten minute most kills bracket tournament, a 1v1 Command and Conquer Generals bracket tournament, or preferably, a 2v2 DotA All-Pick Only Mid Tournament.

Now, the shop keep is going to make the prize worth more than entry fee (obviously) so the more people we get the less the entry fee will be. If we get 6 people, it'll be $10 a piece, if we get 10 people, it'll be $6 a piece. Dig?

Prize will probably be store credit, and if you're a nerdy gamer, you will be finding stuff to be liking at the store.

The tournament will last four hours, or more if we get lots of people. So spread the word.

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Need legal advice about scammers

I have a legal question and a story for you, oh oracle of DP.

Background story:
A couple of months ago as my husband and I were leaving to go out for dinner a man approached us and said he had been doing an asphalt driveway for a neighbor and had some leftover, and would we like him to use that to extend our driveway to the street. We, being very tired that evening, said sure and did not get anything in writing. I did ask how long it would take to dry, since I would need to get the other car out of the garage the next morning, and he said it would be dry before we returned from dinner (which it was). Later that evening the man showed up and asked for payment of an amount much higher than the job was worth. He did not have any contract “with him” and after I handed him the check he said he also did not have the receipt book with him and would return the next morning with both. I should also mention that he asked that the check be made out to his name, not a company name. At that point he already had the check and would not give it back; I had handed it to him with the expectation that he was writing a receipt out to trade me for it. He did not come back with a receipt, and a month later showed up with a contract with a higher amount on it and fake phone numbers which we kept as evidence and did not sign so he still has nothing we signed saying he can do the work. Frankly without that I wonder if we owe him anything at all.

There are more details but the whole thing got shadier and shadier so we stopped payment on the check as soon as he left, since he would not give it back when I suggested he needed to give me a receipt for it. We have since found out that the job was very poorly done and are pretty sure this person does not have a contractor’s license to do this work at all.

The part I need advice on:
This man immediately took our check to one of those check-cashing places and got his money. Obviously the check-cashing place was notified that we placed a stop-payment on the check, but now they are trying to come after us for the money and say it is our responsibility to get it back from the person who cashed the check. We do not have a way to contact that person, no address, nothing, so we can’t take him to small claims for the amount. Is that legal? Do we really have to pay this check-cashing company for a check we had a very good reason to stop-payment on, or is it their responsibility to track down this guy and get their money back from him? I really don’t want to have to pay for this guy’s scam, and it sounds like he may get away with it because of exploiting a check-cashing company loophole even though we figured out what he was doing before the check was cashed – the company did not receive notification from our bank until they had already given him the money.

We have already filed an official complaint with the appropriate places who are looking into his scamming but in the meantime this check-cashing company is threatening to send us to collections so I’m very concerned about what they can and cannot do and whether I have any rights in the matter.
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(no subject)

Awright folks, I need me a bag. Like the kind you take with you everywhere and put shit in. Preferably one of those hippie bags that is large and you wear across your shoulders. Where would I go for such a thing? Suggestions?

(no subject)

FOUND! He came in this morning like he hadn't been anywhere and didn't know why I'd been calling for him. He hadn't eaten, his hind legs were covered in dirt and he looks sore

My cat Jimmy went out last night and hasn't come back. He's never been gone this long. I've searched around the neighborhood, he's chipped and I've checked with the Cat Hospital of Portland around the corner from my house. If you live around the Sellwood area and have seen the little guy any help is appreciated. I live near 11th and Tacoma and I'm thinking he's got to be someplace close.

Picture under the cut

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Have plans for Sunday? Schwing by!

The fair is going to be fantastic. Rontom's is a beautiful space in very-close-in Southeast, indoor and outdoor tables, cocktails and food, music, demonstrations, raffle, a make-and-take craft table, and a whole lot more.

Rontom's is 21 and over.

Co-sponsored by DIY ALERT!, All the crafty stuff in PDX delivered right to your in-box.

Bands you should like, but don't?

What seminal, critically praised, or just generally beloved bands or artists out there are you supposed to like, but don't?

For example, my friend recently told me, "You know, I've tried and tried, but I really don't like Guided By Voices and I don't understand why people dig them so much."

I don't like Johnny Cash or MC5. Like my friend, I've tried and tried to get into them, but I just don’t get it, it don’t stick for me.

10 Days to FatGirl Speaks!!

(x-posted to appropriate communities)

10 Days:

- to powerhouse vocals from Nedra Johnson!
- to the Phat Fly Girls from Big Moves!
- to jam out with your ham out with Fatty & the Ham Slappers!
- to romp and stomp with the F.A.T.A.S.S. Cheerleaders!
- to drink in the sweet-voiced Jana Phoenix!
- to raise your fist with Blacque Butterfly's fierce words and Joy Nash's Fat Rant!
- to embrace your sexuality with Sahara Dunes, SweetPea and Sourpuss' Burlesque!
- to celebrate your curves with Samina and Miasia's Belly Dance!
- to defied conventions and rebellious style in the Fashion Show!

10 Days:

- to another chance to deepen your love for your WHOLE self!
- to another chance to build your community of friends and allies!
- to another chance to fly in the face of every negative message the world sends your way with defiant, powerful, beautiful and joyful SELF LOVE!!!!

FatGirl Speaks isn't just a show. FatGirl Speaks is a revolution. FatGirl Speaks is a respite. FatGirl Speaks is your chance to refill your tanks with enough love to fuel you for another year of bravebody battle!!

Join us!
Saturday June 9th
Doors and vendors at 6pm
Fashion show at 7pm
Main show at 8pm
PSU Smith Ballroom
1825 SW Broadway

Tickets available by calling 503-725-3307
by going to any ticketmaster outlet:
online at (this is the most expensive way -- avoid if possible)
or at the door, day of. :)

(no subject)

according to my google efforts, oregon has no water parks. only lame aquatic centers. is this true? i'm from eastern oregon where we didn't have any, but our towns weren't bigger than 12,000 people. but i thought portland would have something. please tell me i'm wrong! even lame idaho has one (which is were we used to go when i was in high school.)

as far as i can tell, the nearest water park is right outside seattle.

edit: i'm talking, bigger than about 2 waterslides. something about the size of roaring springs in boise.
little blue dog


Where in town can I get a medical/surgical headlamp?

Failing that, I can alternatively use one of them old-timey medical headpieces that has a reflector on it, as illustrated in this highly technical medical diagram:

Thanks for your suggestions.
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(no subject)

Thanks for le bag advice, I ended up getting exactly what I wanted at Global Exchange on Hawthorne.
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In other important questions, I think it's time we decided what the best TV theme song ever is. My vote goes to either TMNT or Buffy. Post yours!

Quick Bike Question...

To all you bikies on DP, I come for advice.
I'm going to be restoring an old Schwinn cruiser for my grandma. It's now in pieces, and is reaallly rusty, but I don't have the time or money to start the project now. My question is, is there something I can spray on it to stop rust and maybe get rid of some of it that's cheap and quick? Not WD-40. As always, your advice is much appreciated!

And on an unrelated note: The tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain come into town on Friday! Go see them and give them some love! (Especially the Lady, cuz she's my boat. ;) )
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(no subject)

Inspired by this post, I was surprised that a lot of people mentioned that their first job was at lame amusement parks as mine.

So where was your first job? I worked in Lubbock at Joyland. I was under 17 so I was in charge of the kiddie rides or the arcade.

Also, how do you get rid of the little flies that are everywhere? They are in front of my building, I'm at the Nob Hill Pharmacy Cafe and they are trying to attack my Italian Cream Soda. I just want them to go away!!
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(no subject)

i was curious what the people in this community thought about the recent deletions?
does it change your views of live journal as a community? six apart as a company?
was anyone in here affected by the first round of purging?
just curious...

EDIT: here are some places for quick info if you don't know what i'm referring to. rest assured there are a mountain of other places to read about this.
basically hundreds of journals were deleted because six apart stood to lose advertising dollars after a vigilante internet group harassed first lj then it's advertisers. comms and personal journals were purged without warning because six apart disapproved of the content.

LJ purging incest, slash fic under pressure from self-appointed "warriors"?
**please note that the Warriors For Innocence site has been found to be heavily loaded with spyware etc, so do a sweep if you choose to visit.

the first direct response from six apart after a lot of run around from lj abuse and customer service teams. link to cnet:
Mass deletion sparks LiveJournal revolt


My roomies [Andrew and Scott] are making me ask the all knowing damnportlanders if anything is going on tomorrow in Portland thats free, or fairly inexpensive. We don't go there often, so we're kind of clueless about what to do there.

Thanks in advance...
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good nighttime activities

I'm hanging out with a friend next week and we want to get outdoors a bit, somewhere where we can sit/wander/explore. The only problem is that he works until ten pm, making it hard to go to most places. I guess what I'm looking for is a combination of the woodsiness of a place like Forest Park but with the well-lightedness of the Esplanade... not Council Crest (though that would be a good example of what I'm looking for). Any suggestions? Thanks!
someday b/w

New Car

My sister is getting a new car and being a non driver I'm kind of limited in my knowledge.

She wants an "SUV" but really what she wants is something she can haul shit like her Jeep and maybe has 4wd
She also wants a Hybrid if possible (yay my influence has rubbed off)
for around 12 grand

used is ok. the sticking points are gas mileage, more of a family vehicle and can haul things.


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What is wrong with humanity?

My alternator went out. I left my car running all day long for work but at the end of the day I stopped at a convience store and turned it off. I immediately realized what I had done and tried to start it again but no such luck. So I popped the hood, strung the jumple cables across it so they were clearly visible to people at this busy intersection, and waited.

While I waited 7 different people came to this convience store and I asked every one of them for a jump. They all refused.
"But it's not my car"
"I'm in a hurry. I don't have time"

After 50 minutes of waiting a guy from my company finally came and gave me a jump. He popped the hood as he pulled up. My car was running before he even got out of his car.

Apparently parking next to me and pulling a lever is too much to ask from the average person.

I've always carried jumper cables and an empty gas can in my car because needing a jump or gas is the biggest reason people get stranded. A little bit of effort from 1 person can save somebody from a lot of suck. If I can do that I will. And I've done it several times.

The thing that confuses me, (and kinda makes me sick), is why don't you?
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LJ Deletions a.k.a Strikeout 2007

There is a plan happening for ppl in San Francisco to gather outside Six Apart's offices and sing the Hoist the Colors song, for the next seven days or until LJ gives a better response. I'm thinking as LJ started out as a PDX company that us Portlanders gather in Pioneer Courthouse Square and do the same. Invite the media to show up. What say you all?

Just wondering...

Poll #994502 How long have you lived in Portland?

How long have you lived in Portland?

less than a year
1-5 years
5-10 years
10-20 years
20-30 years
30-40 years
40+ years

Where you born here?

No, but I moved here as a child

Sorry, forgot to add an "I don't live here" option.