May 29th, 2007

Elder Resource Alliance members, Eugene and Eric

go see a movie, that's how you can help!

"The Man You Had in Mind" screens June 13th, 2007  

Tickets on Sale Now   $10 General Admission  $7.00 senior citizens and children.  or by phone  1.800.494.8497

Tickets also available at Hollywood Theatre box office in advance and on the day of the movie.

"The Man You Had in Mind," is sweet!  A feature documentary about 5 male couples facing life together, telling their stories of love, devotion, tough times, and the ties that bind them together.  Click on my user info to read more about the film.  The men in the userpic are Eugene and Eric, back in the day.  They are one of the couples featured in the film.

This is a fundraiser for Elder Resource Alliance, a program of Friendly House Inc.  ERA is the only program in metro Portland whose purpose is to provide advocacy and services for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and intersexed senior citizens.  Yep, senior citizens, who are 5 times less likely to access mainstream senior service programs.......and are often isolated because they've experienced and fear further rejection. 

We need money to make this whole thing go, and you can help by seeing a movie at Hollywood Theatre.
My first journal entry will tell you more about our program.

  Anniversary Reception at 6 pm celebrate the couples featured in the film including Eugene and Eric, June 13th is their 54th was serendipitous that way!! 

Film starts at 7 pm

So Saint Cupcake is hooking us up with scrumptious cuppies, Cooper's Coffee is donating this like, 1/3 foot tall cheesecake I sware it's huge!  We'll have sparkling beverages, and you get a raffle ticket with your admission.
 Director James Tuchschmidt and co producer Aaron Kirk Douglas will be in attendance as well. Plus you HAVE to meet Eugene and Eric!
Want to donate to or sponsor this event?  let me know.

To sponsor this event or donate $ or stuff to ERA
contact Rachel Indigo Cerise Baum 503.224.2640  or email or contact me through lj.

Here's a link to our page: 

see you there!

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Xmas Socks

Get out there!

OK DPers, after a 3 day weekend, the cherry on top is this extremely nice weather we're going to have for the next several days. So, get out there and enjoy it. Even if it's just to walk a few blocks for coffee/lunch during your break. Get some color in those cheeks!

wax on... wax off...

I have decided to go totally crazy and actually WAX my old car, for the hell of it.

What kind of car wax do you like? Why?

I'm talking about doing it all by hand with a cloth and such.

Let me know!
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trucker ape

parking at lloyd ctr.

does anyone see any potential problems with using the lloyd center parking lot to park my car for an 8-5, m-f job? i really don't relish the idea of spending so much money just to park for my job. i'll be taking the #10 bus when i can get out of bed early enough; ideally i'll transition to using the bus full-time, but there will certainly be days when i won't be able to make it and need to use my car. if you know of any other cheap or free parking options in the area, feel free to tell me about them.
little blue dog


I'm making some dietary changes and am considering reducing my caffeine intake. However, I'm not sure what the norm is ... so I thought I'd check a few sources, including a completely non-scientific poll in here. POLLS ROCK! WE LOVE POLLS!

I know that healthy levels of caffeine consumption will vary due to a bunch of factors, and I have a bunch of other resources I'm checking, etc. etc., so I'm not particularly looking for advice. I just want to know how much caffeine the average DP'er ingests.

The question is how much caffeine you consume per day.  Here are some resources for caffeine content of beverages and some foods.
The poll's accuracy rests on the assumptions that (1) you're honest, and (2) that you know enough math to figure an average daily intake, for example to account for spikes or lulls on certain days of the week.

I've suppressed the poll results, but if you are particularly proud of your level of caffeine intake, feel free to boast in the comments.

If you did the math wrong (remember, one 12-oz cuppa joe is 250 mg of caffeine), click here and you can re-enter a different response.

On average, how much caffeine do you consume, per day?

under 150 mg
150 - 300 mg
300 - 450 mg
450 - 600 mg
600 - 750 mg
750 - 900 mg
900 - 1050 mg
1050 - 1200 mg
over 1200 mg

green turtle

Camera Repair

I have a Canon S3 digital camera and this weekend my husband dropped it :( Well, now the lens wont move in or out. I have a friend who works for a camera store and she thinks it is just a gear that has popped out of place and estimated that it would be about 100-150 to repair it. That's quite a chunk of change. I'm wondering if there's a more reasonable place to get my camera repaired. Thanks!
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Nothing more fun than barkdust!!!!

After hauling and spreading one load of barkdust, and seeing it cover about a postage stamp portion of my yard, someone once mentioned a company that will bring a big vacum truck and spray it everywhere.

Does anyone have a recommendation for such a thing? Or does it not exist and I've been the victim of that Nigerian Barkdust scam?


Traffic ticket advice

A few days ago I got ticketed for making a left turn from a center lane (I had made eye contact with the driver in the left lane, she kindly let me in, I waved). This is a $242 ticket, which seems ridiculously high to me. When I got speeding tickets years ago they weren't nearly this high. Any tips on how to get this reduced? I plan to go to the court date, as I've heard that for just showing up the judge might reduce the fine. I'm obviously at fault here, so is there anything I can say or do to help the situation?
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state of the union

i've been trying since last night to find a clip from the most recent state of the union address.
it's from the daily show coverage, post speech, and points out cheney and pelosi smirking/laughing after the president's comments.
does anyone remember seeing this, or know where to find it? my searches on youtube, google, and have turned up a lot of clips, but not the one i'm looking for.
thanks in advance.

Carribean Weddings

I'm thinking about about getting married next year in the Carribean. We're mainly planning on a small private wedding (I mean small... like 5 guests max!) 

Anyone here ever been to the Carribean and can recommened a great island/resort?

My guy is interested in the Hendonism II resort in Jamaca. Probably because we could hang out on the beach naked :P
If anyone knows anything about that resort, other than the naked people, I'd love to hear it!

There's so many options with a tropical wedding I don't where to start but I'm excited!!
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portland tatoo

I know it rains a lot. I know it's close to L.A.

Greg Oden, the presumed top pick in next month's NBA draft, is excited about living in Portland.

"It's going to be different," he told the Indianapolis Star. "I know it rains a lot. I know it's close to L.A. and I love that. I want to go to L.A. and go to the beach."

Who can blame Oden for being excited about being a mere 964 miles from Los Angeles?

From ESPN Page 2

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carpe scrotum
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Costa Rica

Any one been? Have an stories to share or places to visit? Have a friend going on her honeymoon there and wanted to get her a book (Lonely Planet/Rough Guide) with some ideas of things to do.

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Aaaaart for saaaale!

Fresh, hot aaaaaaaaaaaart for saaaaaaaaale!

Hand-made traditional printing! Awesome, right? Yeah. Underneath some of the ink, there may be some of my blood, which would come in handy if I ever became super-famous or something. It could be used to prove it's authenticity & stuff.

Anyways, I need money, badly. By Friday. So I'm offering up some of my preciouses to DP'ers before I throw this up on craigslist & play phone tag with people who aren't serious, or live in Bellingham & don't drive.

Without further comes ze details.

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Two questions:

1. Can anyone recommend a Volvo mechanic? Preferably on the East side, maybe N. Portland?

2. I'm bank-shopping.  I would like to have the usual checking/savings and then a small business account. Anyone have any recommendations? Pros/cons?  I'm tired of the evil Corporate Bank that I am currently suffing with.

The Tard
trucker ape

stereo for sale

i'll be putting this on craigslist later, but i thought i'd give dp'ers priority. i never use my stereo anymore since i play all of my music in my car or on my computer, and i need money right now, so this is the first item up for grabs.

it's a 100w panasonic, 5-cd changer, dual cassette, am/fm stereo system. it has:

- 24 station presets
- speakers w/detachable grills
- 3D acoustic image equalizer (disco, hall, live, heavy, clear, soft, manual, etc.) w/joystick and jog control
- Double space spectrum analyzer
- MASH 1 bit digital to analog conversion system
- remote control
- and other stuff i'm too lazy to type out

oh, and a spaceship. seriously. in addition to saying "hello" and "goodbye" and showing z's when you turn it off as if it's sleeping, the lit-up display sometimes shows a little orange spaceship that blasts off from a launch pad and then flies around in outer space. seriously, how can you pass that up?

here's a picture: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i have no idea how to price this, so i'm going to randomly say $40 (or make me an offer). it's a good stereo system and there's nothing wrong with it. i live in SE and if you don't live too far away, i can probably drop it off.

any takers?

EDIT: oh, it has a couple of stickers on it too. they do not affect the operation of the unit though.
Lake Geneva

a place to swim - directions?

Hey, everyone, I'm wanting to go swimming this week, and I'm wondering if anyone could provide directions to some good fresh water swimming spots around here (other than Blue Lake). Specific directions to places on the Washougal would work or directions to other good swimming spots within an hour's drive.

Thanks in advance!
& Daggers!
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Nut butter.

I know there are dozens of old wive's tales on how to cure the hiccups, but I swear! A spoonful of creamy peanut butter does the trick for me every. hiccupy. time.
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teaching aerobics

I have been given the opportunity to teach an aerobics class in Portland. I am a certified instructor in a martial art and am working on the personal trainer certification via the American Council on Exercise (plan to test sometime by the end of the year). I do not have any teaching experience with aerobics, but have attended many classes and am competent with organizing a routine and directing a class. My question is . . .

Is there any special/particular certification needed to teach aerobics at a private facility in the state of Oregon?

Thank you!