May 28th, 2007



Okay .. Ive tried CL ... so freakin HELP!!! I need a roommate .. preferably a female .. I live in fairview .. I eat meat, and I dont want anymore freakin animals ... anyone out there need a place to live??
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Swimming Classes

Can anyone recommend a lap swimming class? Has anyone taken the PCC lap swimming class? Usually when I look for adult swimming classes I just find very basic "how to swim" classes, rather than classes for people who already know how to keep afloat and just need some help with technique. Close into town or the east side is preferred, but I'll take anything you've got.

Keep it in perspective.

Memorial Day isn't about shopping, barbecues, days off from work or vacation.

Never forget the price that's been paid in the history of this country.

You may not like the President or his policies. You may not like war itself. But there are men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving, VOLUNTARILY, in the armed forces that keep you safe. The fact that they get committed to going to other countries isn't their decision.

So when you think of them, don't think of them as an extension of the white house, but of your family. Older brothers and sisters who protect you and your freedoms.
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Bike advice

I'm thinking of finally ditching my car in favor of a bike and public transport. I'm completely uneducated about modern bicycling, and I know there are so many different kinds out there.

Any suggestions on what kind of bike would be a decent and comfortable for getting around town? Mountain bike? Road bike? I plan to get a used one for hopefully under $200.

Also, what is required by law on bikes these days?


Contact lens solution recall.

Epidemiologists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have linked the acanthamoeba keratitis outbreak to AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution. Advanced Medical Optics of Santa Ana, Calif., manufactures the solution, which is used to clean and store soft contact lenses.

AMO said there was no evidence to suggest that its product was contaminated with acanthamoeba and that it took its action as a precaution.

Federal officials have advised consumers to stop using the solution immediately and to discard all partly used or unopened bottles and switch to alternative products.

They have also advised people to throw out their current contact lenses and the lens storage cases because they may harbor the acanthamoeba parasite.

And, officials said, those who have used the product should call an eye doctor if they have experienced eye pain or redness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, the feeling of something in the eye or excessive tearing.

i'm bored!!!

I'm off work and have nothing to do.. what if anything is happening downtown?? Boyfriend has been sleeping all day, we need to get out of this house its to nice to sit inside.. dont have alot of money though...

Camping Recommendations

My boyfriend and I want to go camping in the middle of July. My Dad lives in Prineville and we usually drive through the Detroit Lake area on our trips home. I was wondering if anyone has camped there before and could recommend any campgrounds that they liked. I would prefer to stay as close to the lake as possible, or within 5 miles of the corridor. Thank to anyone who can help!

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Our cat needs surgery and we can't afford it, it took us $600 just to learn he needs it! Is there some sort of non-profit place that will help with the costs?


We took him in to where he was neutered (VCA in clackamas), which is no longer a companion pet clinic as it once was! They wanted $1000 for endoscopic (spelling!?) surgery, way too much, but he was able to call another vet down in Tigard that used to be a companion pet clinic as well, but is now Community Pet clinic. Anyways, our kitty is scheduled tomorrow to have the endoscopic procedure to reach in and grab whatever it is out through his mouth. It's gonna cost $575, compared to $1000 or more. Here's hoping it's still in his tummy and is small enough to fit back out his mouth!
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This seems like a damnportlanders question...

I'm off work for the summer, and in order to prevent impending guilt from being a layabout, I have decided that I should work. However, I'm rather fond of the idea of being a layabout, so I think I would prefer to work part-time. Very part-time. Like, two or maybe three days a week. Since I'm thinking to work such part-time hours, I figure it doesn't matter much what I do, right?
So, I come to you, damnportlanders. Is this where I should be contacting a temp agency? Or...??? If so, (and you are experienced in the whole temp-work thing) is there one you recommend?

EDIT: I'm all about volunteering and good karma and all of that, however, I could use a little extra money, hence I am looking for a job; hopefully one that is part-time enough to enable me to volunteer in addition, should I so choose...

Oh, yeah. And since I'm not a student, I'm not really looking for "an internship that would grant me credit hours toward my degree", either... But thanks for that, too.

Please and thank you, of course, in advance.
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electronic donations!

William Temple House takes electronics. No restrictions, AFAIK. Just sayin', you don't have to pay them to donate your electronic gadgets.

Donations go toward their charity programs: food, rent, clothing and counseling assistance.

[disclaimer: i am not associated with William Temple House in any way, just appreciate what they do]