May 26th, 2007

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Today I went to the vet because my dog developed one of those hotspots on his tail near the base, and last night he chewed it up pretty good. They did a wonderful job, and gave me 2 oral medications and a spray for him. They also gave me one of those clear plastic lampshade collars so he doesn't gnaw his tail off at night and when I'm at out. We did a fitting for it at the vet's office, but other than that he's never worn one before.

I put it on as I was getting ready to go to bed, and he followed me around with this pathetic look on his face. I kept having to stifle my laughter as I looked at him, because it looks so silly on his head, but at the same time I felt bad because it seems like he thinks I'm punishing him. I tried to take a picture so I could show you how sad and utterly pathetic he looks, but the clear material doesn't even show up on my not-so-great camera.

Have any of you had to put one of these things on your dog's head? And how did your dog react?
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Urgent Care Clinic?

So I have a couple of issues, I might have broken my elbow and I think a bug is lodged in my ear, and I need to go to a urgent care clinic. Does anyone know of one that is open today?

I don't want to go to the ER.

Also, do they take Blue Cross?

Thank you

Edit: I'm downtown, but anything by Trimet would be great
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Lawn mowers

My backyard lawn has not been cut since November when I first moved in. I have considered sitting outside today and tomorrow with some scissors but I don't think scissors are a long term fix. Does anyone know of a store selling the push mowers that cut grass with no use of gasoline or electricity, just the blades. I already tried Bi Mart and they have run out. Or is anyone selling one?

Thanks for any help

EDIT: It is not completely a jungle. Just a foot high.

COMPOST ---- houseplant clippings ----kombucha

COMPOST for you!!---Would anyone here like my compost? I have recently started keeping it, but I live in an apartment, so I have no place for it. I'd love to work something out with someone where I could drop it off on your porch once a week on my way to work. Maybe you could share some of your soil/vegetables/flowers/etc with me once in a while. But really all I want is to make sure it gets used by someone.

Houseplant clippings/starts TRADE---Would anyone like to share house plant clippings? I could root them for you, or just give you the clippings. I'm not good with names, but I can photos, or just meet you at your house with an assortment of clippings and baby starts (my aloe vera plant gives off babies all the time). I've got lots of light, and lots of pots, I just need the plants to go in them!

Kombucha starts---Does anyone have a start they could let me have? I have all the equipment and I would like to get one started soon.
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ants and dryrot

So . . . we're biting the bullet and looking for someone to come out and assess our ant problem. There is evidence of dry rot on one of the wood panels on the outside of the house and an ant trail going underneath it - the same side of the house where we are fiding ants inside in the kitchen and garage. We are thinking they may be nesting, not just coming in to hang out.

This is where you guys come in: please recommend a company that specializes in ant control but also can assess potential structural damage (worst case scenario). This does not mean someone who will come out and spray pesticides and call it good. We want someone who can figure out how the ants are getting in, where they are hanging out, whether we need to replace paneling on the side of the house, and what we can do to control the ants.

Please pass along good experiences with companies you've had or know about. Companies to avoid are also welcome. Bonus points for environmentally conscious approaches, but botton line is we just want the problem taken care of.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have a fan I can buy off them for cheap?

Like, right now?

My apartment is SOOO HOT. T___T And they're going to not allow us to have air conditioners you hang in the windows cause we're on the 8th floor and it's too dangerous. (I agree, unfortunately.) But I don't do very well in the heat (Despite living in Las Vegas AND Florida prior to this.)

I'll come get it and I can write you a check. T_T; *only uses debit card; has no cash*

If not, any suggestions where I can get either: A) Cheap air conditoner that doesn't hang out the window, or B) A cheapo fan?

I'm really poor from the kitten adventure.
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i'm house sitting for a family member, who left me with nothing but a pack of cheese to eat, in hillsboro. where are some delicious, yet affordable, bus friendly places to eat in hillsboro? preferably around the orenco transit center area.


A friend and I want to take a photography class but first I need a camera. I am hoping someone will have an all manual 35 mm camera (Don't kill me if thats the wrong lingo) to sell me or barter for. Anyone out there in DP land have anything that fits that description?

Weird request..

Does anyone have a VCR they dont want i can have?

We are moving and were cleaning out the attic and i found 4 VHS tapes of my son from birth to 5 years old, He passed away 2 months ago and i want to watch them but dont have a VCR..

OR does anyone have one of the dvd burner things that will burn these to a DVD for me?? i would be forever grateful to keep these memories of my son.


Anytime a friend or family member visits me, I ask their first impression and what they say is always the same thing and it echoes my sentiment entirely: Portland is a city of angry white boys. Angry racist white boys who cloak their racism with virtual militant "racial tolerance" and "open mindedness". Kinda easy to be an open minded racist when you live in the whitest city of its size in the United States.

We need a large influx of various cultures to come in and add a serious dose of flavor to this bland city. We need checks and balances, not hordes of white boys swarming a couple of Mexicans or blacks and beating them senseless with rocks while their white girlfriends take pictures on their Razrs and post em on their MySpace.

Every street in New York, where I'm from, felt alive and incredible because it really felt like a melting pot. It's amazing how much more you'll learn while interacting from people all over the globe as opposed to interacting with 200 other white kids in tight black jeans at the back of the Doug Fir while [insert generic Portland rock band who sounds like everyone else only much worse] rocks out on stage.

We need some diversity. We need better food, less punks, more tango dancing, less black rimmed glasses, more interracial couples holding hands, less guys who weigh 60 lbs, more Polish food carts, less Starbucks. Portland might actually be able to call itself diverse and open minded at that point. It's amazing how many times white women walking my way will cross the street and pass me on the other side, and yet I'm not so amazed (more let down) when the clusters of 4-5 frat guys walking past me in downtown will give a "sup bro" paired with a nod, like it's some secret Afrikan Bambaataa password.

Portland reminds me of this one little suburb I spent a few months in when I was younger. About 90%+ of the population was white, so they had to imagine they were living the hard knocks. White kids who came from money wore doorags and bumped E40 while riding around in their souped up cars, hollering at women and imitating what they heard in songs and saw on MTV. The town would fear certain areas and even refer to said areas as "ghettos" because that's where a slightly higher percentage of blacks and Mexicans lived.

That little suburb is called Portland, OR. North Portland is not a ghetto. Chinatown is a not a ghetto. This entire city from Aloha to Gresham is Disney Town. A caucasian Disney Town whose idea of culture is eating Thai food made from 20 year old kids who just graduated from the Western Culinary Institute and whose idea of city crime is whatever 'epidemic' Fox 12 News comes up with that week and scares you into believing.

I love you Portland, but I'm heading back to Brooklyn this summer cause this city is starting to feel really stale.
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