May 25th, 2007

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Spinal Stenosis

This is quite the long shot, but does anyone else here have spinal stenosis? I had a CT scan done earlier this week, and the diagnosis reached was lumbar spinal stenosis. I've had back and leg pain for several years and I intermittently go from being able to run a marathon (literally) to my current status in which I have trouble putting my shoes and socks on. Over the years I've tried physical therapy, pain killers, chiropractic care, limiting physical activity, not limiting physical activity, and yoga - all with very minimal relief. So if you have spinal stenosis or know someone who does, what have you/they done about it? Epidural injections? Surgery (which kind?)? Something else? What has helped or made things worse?

My doctor is consulting with a neurosurgeon before making any recommendations on my treatment plan, but I'd like to hear some personal stories before I make any big decisions.

I tried posting this in more relevant communities but got no response, and all the research articles I'm finding about it tend to talk about elderly people, since this is most common in older people. I'm 27, so it's possibly a congenital case or caused by injury. Thanks for any input!

Dog placement

I'm asking this because so many of you appear to be animal fans; is there a dog adoption group/network that any of you can recommend either here or in Eugene?  It' s complicated, but a friend my ex-husband needs to place a dog that he can't take care of.  She's really sweet, but has always lived outside and has had very little training.  She certainly needs a secure yard and some training.  I can't take her as I don't have a yard.

About the dog: She's 2 1/2, and her mother was a Rottweiler and her daddy was a Costa Rican Houndog.  We used to live in Costa Rica, and got her there, and brought her back to the US.  She's adorable, and incredibly sweet; she looks like a small Rottweiler, but she's grey with black spots, and one eye that looks like a globe.  Everyone says she's beautiful.  I will post a picture when i figure out how to.  Unfortunately, she had bad training as she grew up on our farm where she was free to roam.  So she needs a yard, with a good fence, and someone with patience to train her.

So, that having been said, any of you interested, or know anyone or anyplace that could help find a home for her?

Thanks for your suggestions/help.
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(no subject)

Where can one purchase a keg of cheap light beer (think Coors light, Bud light, Miller light, etc)  tonight around 5:30?
I know it might be a long shot since it's short notice right before a holliday weekend, but somehow I got stuck on beer detail. 
I, and my fellow drunks, thank you!
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Camping along the gorge or South Central WA

okay, so i'm supposed to have figured out by now where i'll be camping tonight, but i was busy doing stuffs this morning and before i begin the ass-ton of research i thought i'd be lazy and ask here in the hopes that someone could give me some ideas on either good places to camp or good internet resources to find good places to camp (how's that for a run-on sentence..). i'm shooting for anywhere that's not too far off of 84 and not too much further east than the dalles and no further west than hood river. or alternately, anywhere off of 97 in southern wa. between the border and yakima. ideas?

edit: oh, and of course ideally it will be free to camp there.
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Goth Punk Toddler Meet Up

A few of us are getting together today at the North Park Blocks playground for a toddler play date. One or two will have babies too possibly. If you have a little one and need an excuse to get out and do something you're welcome to join us. We'll be out around 4 or 4:30. I have to meet one mommy at the Hilton at 4pm and we'll walk there directly.
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bike routes?

What are your favorite bike routes around the inner SE area? I can go north, but I'd need it to veer close to Hawthorne/Belmont. I've done the Mt. Tabor-to-the-reservoir route, the bike-as-far-up-20th-as-possible route and the Belmont-to-Woodstock via both 41st and 20th. They're all getting boring.

I'm biking for exercise, so a combination of hills and flats is ideal. I also prefer to ride on residential bike lanes rather than on busier streets like Hawthorne: I'd rather get my heart pumping from aerobic exertion rather than panic. Most of my rides are about four miles, but I'm working up to longer.

I know, I know, I could just pick a good map with marked topography and routes (got recs?), but it's nice to hear other suggestions.

Thanks, DP!
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Hey where is everyone?

Here's a question:

How do you spell the sound a siren makes?

Phonetically or otherwise. And yeah, there are a lot of different types of sirens, so there will be a lot of different types of answers. Whatcha got?
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In-town movers

On June 20th, my partner and I will be moving from SW Portland to NW. Last year, we had a friend help us with moving, but have a lot more furniture this year and thus would like professionals to do it.

Now, my partner is paranoid that our stuff might get ripped off by said movers, so can anyone recommend an in-town moving service that is credible (as in our consoles won't go missing mysteriously during the move) and also decently priced? We had one good recommendation from a friend, but it would cost at least $700.

I pray to the oracle that is damnportlanders, please help?
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Memorial Day weekend. Shoot me.


I haven't seen anybody ask yet - but what is going on in this town on Memorial Day weekend? I have family flying in and 4 days to keep them entertained! Help a girl out! What is your favorite farmers market (not including Saturday market downtown)?? Are the falls going to be crazy busy with tourist? Other activities? Somebody at work mentioned activities on the water front...but i cannot find anything about it. I am up for traditional touristy things and unusual as well... And I was thinking of visiting edgefield since I have yet to go they actually do tours of the winery & brewery? Do you know of any places close that do tours like that????

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She Learned the Hard Way

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

I know this question has been asked here before, but...

I need to find a liquor store that is open...RIGHT NOW! (And for the next half hour or so.) I'm close-in NE, and meant to run this errand much earlier in the day, but...have not. Oops!

Any suggestions? QUICK!
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Donating your car question..

we have a car that's been sitting for 2+ years.. we know we can donate it, but question is.. do we need title? the plates are arizona plates and we would need to get title from arizona.. what a pia that is..

**edit, since we do need title.. what else can we do with this car LOL any ideas? I dont want to tow it to the new house to have it sit here for another 2 years while he debates fixing it, men and there crap is all i gotta say about this one!**


So I need to buy a reliable car. And, I found this beautiful BMW yesterday, I think I might buy it. Before I do, though, I want your opinions. Any bad experiences with BMW? Obviously, there is the price issue - I realize that one. Any others? Things I should watch out for?

The particular BMW in question is:
4DR 2000 528i
115,000 miles

I know the miles are high, but it was a corporate lease vehicle so it really seems like they're mostly highway miles. And, woo, talk about immaculate condition. It doesn't look or drive like it has any miles on it. Seriously. I knew I would be hooked as soon as I drove it.

Thanks in advance guys! Have a fun and SAFE weekend!