May 24th, 2007

lolcats-damnportlanders style!

I am sure you all have fond memories of the lolKATZ contest:

And I thought that a funny variation on it would be to make lolcats (feline ones), and then put them saying damnportlanders style stuff. Like, you know "invisible vegan burrito" and the like.
If anyone wants to make one, just post it here.
Contest runs from now to Caturday!
(but every day is Caturday!)
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I recently commented in a friend's journal about what I hate about our local news. I'll give you my example.

I'm curious, though, about how others feel about our local television news stations. Do you even watch the local news?

I try not to. Here is my example of the utter stupidity that permeates this collective group :

  • Fox 12 is interviewing a man. Apparently he had his car broken into in a Walmart parking lot. He was upset because he felt Wal-mart should bear some responsibility for the break in.

    They cut to the reporter standing in front of the Wal-mart.

    "Now, luckily, the man did not leave his wallet or any personal effects in the vehicle." she says.

    As she says "wallet" she actually holds up, high above her head, a wallet.

    As if I have no fucking idea what a wallet is.

    "Ohhhh! So THAT'S what a wallet is! Thank you Fox news for that informative image!"
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When passing a fellow bicyclist, it's best to do it on the left, to follow the convention er, preferred rule of motor traffic.  Accordingly, it's courteous to stick to the right side of a bike lane in case cyclists behind you want to pass.  And when you DO pass a fellow cyclist, it's courteous to alert him/her to your presence (a few cyclists have mirrors, but most don't).  Usually you say "on your left."

I passed a cyclist on last night's commute on her left, and said "on your left" when I got close enough for her to hear.  Except I saw that she was wearing headphones, and she didn't hear me.

Hm, I thought.  That's dumb. 

But here were the circumstances: rush hour, busy street, clearly laned for bike traffic, but heavy with bike and motor traffic.

So tell me DP, what do you think?  Is it dumb to wear headphones while cycling in all circumstances?  And if not, in what circumstances is it ok?  And how come?

(My take is that it's not a good idea in any circumstance.)
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At lunch today with littlebluedog, he mentioned this thread about riding with headphones on. I told him that I had one to top that. He said I should post.

I always do as the Dog instructs, as do y'all.

I was driving down NE Fremont yesterday. As you may have seen, Fremont, especially in the Beaumont/Wilshire area, has become a congested nightmare full of new construction, daring pedestrians, too-large delivery trucks, and yupsters trying to parallel park their Yukons. It's scary even when you're paying attention.

I swerved to avoid a bad parallel-parker and nearly creamed a guy on his bike who was riding with no hands, no helmet, and texting someone on his cell phone. With both hands. While staring at his phone. On his bike. traveling at about 15 mph. On Fremont!

Either that dude has talents I could never dream of, or he's the biggest dumbass of the day. I vote for the latter.

And, take Tim to lunch some time. He's nice on a date.
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Vancouver BC accomodations

So the hubby and I are taking a weekend trip to Vancouver, BC at the end of June, and we've never been there before. Anybody have a recommendation on a cheap hotel/hostel to stay in? Or, more generally, what's a good part of town to stay in if you are primarily going to be on foot/public transit?

Thanks guys!

ps. I already know to eat at Vij's, so that's taken care of. :)

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Can anyone tell me the earliest Paprika will be playing in Portland... Cinema 21 has it listed for June 22 which is tooo long to wait!!!! anyone know if a theater will be playing it earlier!!!! :( I've read everywhere that it opens tomorrow. I am seriously about to flip my shit if I can't see it soon.

Best place for healthy food

I'm realizing that some things in my life are out of balance and I'm working to rein things in. One of those areas is how I'm eating. It's not that things are bad. They're just not as good as they could be. Anyway, I'm committing myself to eating a lot more fruits and veggies and whole grains, to start. The thing is, I don't want to throw my financial picture off while rehauling everything else.

So, DP'ers: Where do you go to get good deals on things like whole grains (quinoa and brown rice are the first two that come to mind) and a nice selection of produce?
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Sleepy. Need bed.

Okay, so . . .

I have embarrassingly been sleeping on the same futon mattress for eight years. Okay, okay, shhhh.

I am looking to buy a REAL mattress. I have a full size bedframe. I've never purchased a real mattress in my life, so I'm not really sure what to look for in a good quality/price mattress. I could use some pointers.

Also, I could use some recommendations for places to purchase a mattress.

Thank you for your time(and snark, it is highly amusing).

Edit: I went to Sleep Country. The guy there was helpful, but the gap between the high end and the low end was pretty significant. They only had about two mattresses that both fit my budget and were acceptable to my sleeping preferences. I went over to P.J.'s. A little on the sketchy side, but a much wider selection of mid-range quality mattresses within my budget. I settled on something random from there. I will see how it sleeps and let you all know. It came with a box spring, which I initially declined, but "Mike" had me take anyway. Anyone want a box spring? Maybe I can turn it into a planter box . . .
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Offer: Nokia wall chargers

So I bought a new phone because my old one gotten eaten by Trimet somewhere between PCC and Beaverton TC yesterday, and got a Nokia because my last three phones have been Nokias and I harts them. More importantly, I have something like 4 wall chargers that I've collected, and I didn't want to buy new ones.

Bastards changed their form factor for the chargers.

So if you need/want Nokia wall chargers, let me know? I have two that I can find right now and might dig up more later - I'm in NW Portland and would be able to meetup some place where Trimet goes on Saturday.
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I'm going to go ahead and post AGAIN today (really, did you expect anything different from me?).

When I was a kid, I can remember the school arranging for the fire department to "entertain" us for a day or so. We might bring in our favorite stuffed animal and they would perform certain medical acts on it (totally serious) and we'd get a nice plastic fire hat. God damn, life was good.

The dark side to this, however, was at the end of the fireman's time with us. They would pile us in (mind you, we are no more than 10 years old) to the gymnasium or auditorium and there would be setup a HUGE screen. Oh boy! They're going to show us a film! (We didn't have DVD's, you little lucky bastards.) We all would get a little excited (if this was your first time doing this) and the film would begin to play ...

Images of burned children. Skin being grafted. Explosions and hollowed out houses. Permanent disfigurements. Mothers and fathers in utter horror and emotional breakdowns, watching their child's legs and arms be torn free from melted plastics.

All set, beautifully, to the tune of The Oak Ridge Boys, "Thank God For Kids."

The video here is NOT the video we saw as kids. But, it will do. Don't look at the images. Imagine burn victims and listen to the song.

God damn, that's pretty damaging, don't you think?

What's your damaging moment? Extra points if it was set to music!

To this day it still gives me chills to listen to this beautiful, albeit country, song. But, I never played with matches!

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If you were oh, say, a 48-year-old guy, and wanted to buy some shorts that wouldn't make you look like a complete tool, what would you get?

No fair saying what else you'd do if you were 48, like "I'd cover my damn legs." heh.
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capoeira, anyone?

Do any of you lovely people know any places in Portland (preferably on the West side) where one can take capoeira classes? Bonus points for places where they don't laugh at beginners. Extra bonus points for affordable classes.

JK, ljseek is really neat.
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