May 23rd, 2007


Nintendo DS Question

My question to you wise damnportlanders is The Square has wi-fi yes? would the DS's wi-fi work down there and let me be able hook up to what ever it connects to? Sorry I just got it today and know very little about how wi-fi works.

Thank you!
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Push Button For POPSICLES

What the hell?

Why does the company that empties the dumpsters for the church across the street come at three in the morning?

Is there a way that I can get them to come at a different time?

Usually I don't care about other people's noises or businesses, but the smashing of metal is REALLY FREAKING LOUD and harsh on my ears.

I'm pretty sure it also wakes up my light-sleeping roommate.

an open letter to the fucking arsonists

Do you think you're actually accomplishing some good?

I guess if your point is stupid and meaningless vandalism, well congrats, you made the news. Get over yourself now.

If your point is to employ hardcore guerilla tactics to combat pollution, do you seriously think that combusting a couple thousand pounds of rubber and plastic is somehow LESS toxic than running an SUV?

Or perhaps the logic here that people thinking about buying SUVs or otherwise will be deterred by this spate of burnings, and instead opt to bike or publicly commute to work, thereby making the world a green and happy place again? Well as far as I can see, you're pursuing this albeit noble agenda by propagating fear and terror, inflicting thosands of dollars in damage and placing innocent lives at stake. I can come up with several ways of accomplishing the same goal without all of the above, and I'm sure you could too. Maybe you have. Have you tried them all, with as much effort and energy as you've put into the torchings?

Grow up and think about it.
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(no subject)

Anyone doing the Scoggins Valley Triathlon this fall?

Me, I am thinking about the "sprint triathlon" or "tri-it" (shorter and actually kind of feasable). But here's the catch.

It's $60 for an individual entry, but $35 apiece for each "team" member. I tried recruiting folks at work, but they were too chicken. My goal here is to actually complete the thing, as most of my training regimen is moving boxes around a warehouse and biking home with 50 pounds of groceries. I think that would make an awesome team - "we run to catch the bus, and now we're here 'cause we can be". Of course, real training is helpful too. Anyway, I'm looking for some loveable misfits to come along! Up until September, you get to have Rocky-style montages and take pride in the fact that you're going the distance.

What do you say? Is anyone game?

Stop Thief: Unusual Maker Item Stolen: Homemade Powered Longboard

Keep your eyes out for some unscrupulous types riding an orange long board with a battery pack, digital speed readout.

Also taken from Watershed, PDX, this morning at about 6am was a laptop, a big bundle of clothes (!) and a couple of backpacks. Looks like they came in the Milwaukie door and waltzed off with the gear of some travellers just passing through from the Maker fair in S.F.

The theft is less than three hours old!
Any info can be routed to deadletter b, 206-383-7306

Keep your eyes peeled!


Beer "pigs"?

Anyone know of any brewpubs that sell "pigs" of beer? They are those little brown plastic kegs that are re-usable. I think they have a bag inside. I saw someone with one in Corvallis and thought it was very cool!
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anjelina jolie

(no subject)

This weekend my girlfriend and I are going to be in portland. normally we just stay at my dad's but we would like to possibly stay one night in portland so we don't have to drive all the way back to vancouver thus, I can actually drink, etc.
Does anyone rec a cheap hotel or know of anyone who sublets their place for cheap?

x-posted to queerportland.

Paper Cranes

I'm having a little origami party this weekend and I want to find a book that I read once when I was little...about a young girl who wanted to make 1000 paper cranes. I think it is a true story.

Also, do any of you have movie recommendations? Keep in mind, this "party" will include a 10 y/o girl.

Thanks so much!

front 242

printing stuffz

Hi, i recently moved here from virginia and i was wondering if there's anywhere around like Kinko's that i could print stuff from a disk or the internet. do you even have Kinko's up here? TIA
No No


Does anybody know just how long it takes for a tetanus shot to STOP HURTING? I am going on nearly 72 hours now and it still aches. I want the use of my shoulder back now please.
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As promised...

Here is the posting of the folks who attended the DP meetup last night:


If I forgot someone (or someone forgot to write their name down)
or if I misspelled a username, do speak up :).

Pokemon Diamond

 So I asked about the wi-fi dowtown and Nintendo DS earlier and it got me to thinking, How many of you have Pokemon Diamond. I feel kinda dorky asking but really, anyone looking for some new friends on there? 

 My friend code is 0172-8041-2646 Name's Grim, feel free to add me :)
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Sunset accident

Anyone know what happened on Highway 26 EB right around Cornell tonight about an hour or so ago?

I was stuck in traffic coming home (and it was mayhem- lots of people on the on ramp decided off-roading into the Target parking lot was preferable, and I saw this guy in a Lexus almost get stuck [he spun his wheels for a long time] trying to do that) and the accident itself looked pretty nasty. A motorcycle was involved and whoever was on the motorcycle left most of their clothing behind, which I figured couldn't be a great sign. A guy sprinted past me on the shoulder to a van pulled to the side of the scene where a girl was bawling.

At first I was pissed about getting stuck.... I'd had a long day and I wanted to get home. But one look at that accident scene made me feel lucky that I got to come home to my kitties safe and sound. I hope everyone comes out of it okay. . .
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Feta & Spitiko Olive Oil ?!?

What is the best place in Portland to buy feta? Both in terms of quality and price.

When we lived in Pasadena (CA) we lived just a few blocks from this awesome Mediterranean grocery that had the best prices and the best tasting feta that I've seen anywhere, not to mention a number of other yummy goods that we bought there on a regular basis. It would be nice to find someplace comparable around here.

Likewise, has anyone seen Spitiko olive oil around town anywhere? Or a similar fruity tasting, extra virgin olive oil? We've tried others even from our old Mediterranean grocery. But, none of the ones that we've tried so far live up to the delicious, yummiliousness of Spitiko.

Are we doomed to stocking up on the stuff when we go back to California to visit friends and family? Or does anyone know of a place to find this delicious liquid gold?!?!?