May 22nd, 2007

Climbing stairs

Hi everyone. I'm new to pdx and looking to increase my outdoor activity. I know I can do some hiking, but I haven't yet. Is there a part of Portland, some outdoor/park area that has huge set of stairs that I can climb on? No bleachers at high schools...just parks or other places, let me know please. thx!

free bunny to good home

okay, so, i was walking home the other day and i saw this really adorable domesticated bunny hopping around, so i grabbed him and went door to door asking if he belonged to anyone. he did not. after a week of posting signs all over town and housing the bunny in a dog crate, it seems that darren (that's what i've named him) is unwanted.

he's so wonderful -- he has so much personality and is a great companion -- but i can't keep him. i just don't have the space. he just needs someone who will take good care of him. i want to see if i can find someone before i take him to animal services. will you take darren? he's free and young and percet in every way.

e-mail me at and let me know.


May 22, 1843 : Great Emigration departs for Oregon

A massive wagon train, made up of 1,000 settlers and 1,000 head of
cattle, sets off down the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri.
Known as the "Great Emigration," the expedition came two years after
the first modest party of settlers made the long, overland journey to

After leaving Independence, the giant wagon train followed the Sante
Fe Trail for some 40 miles and then turned northwest to the Platte
River, which it followed along its northern route to Fort Laramie,
Wyoming. From there, it traveled on to the Rocky Mountains, which it
passed through by way of the broad, level South Pass that led to the
basin of the Colorado River. The travelers then went southwest to Fort
Bridger, northwest across a divide to Fort Hall on the Snake River,
and on to Fort Boise, where they gained supplies for the difficult
journey over the Blue Mountains and into Oregon. The Great Emigration
finally arrived in October, completing the 2,000-mile journey from
Independence in five months.

In the next year, four more wagon trains made the journey, and in 1845
the number of emigrants who used the Oregon Trail exceeded 3,000.
Travel along the trail gradually declined with the advent of the
railroads, and the route was finally abandoned in the 1870s.
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Batman Makeout Session!

Portland Art Museum cheap ticket!

I need to go the Portland Art Museum tomorrow (Wednesday) from 10am - 11:45am. It's like a 9 dollar ticket, and I won't be coming back after 11:45, so I was hoping someone would be willing to buy the ticket off me around noon for $5, which you could use for the rest of the day.

Please respond with your email address or phone number if you want it!

Care Bear Figurines

So, I'm looking for small care bear figurines that I can get around the Portland area. They're for a friends birthday cupcakes. Last year I used the carebears from a Safeway birthday cake but those are gigantic and I'm not sure that they'll fit on a normal sized cupcake.

I'm making the cupcakes because she's gluten free so buying premade care bear cupcakes really isn't an option unless you'd like to eat a dozen cupcakes sans care bear. If you know where to find those, I'll give you the cupcakes after I remove the toppers.

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Dear DP,

I know, I totally suck. Yes, meetup is supposed to be tonight.

HOWEVER. I am very glad that I was reminded and called McMenamins to confirm because of what happened last time, because it turns out that they have managed to pull the same shit on us AGAIN: there's another charity benefit thing tonight starting at 5pm, and they can't reserve our usual tables. In spite of the fact that...I had reserved our usual tables. *cough*

They SAY that people are usually mostly gone by 8pm, and somehow I suspect we won't be as large a group this time as last time, so y'all would probably be ok (I am out of town).

But if you're worried we can move it to next Tuesday.

What say ye, o DPers?


(no subject)

My dad and step-mom are coming into town for father's day weekend.  For Sunday brunch we are going up to a seafood place.  But I don't know what to pick for Saturday!  They have never been to Portland before, and I wanted to take them to NW 23rd and the Pearl to walk around. 
Question: What's the best place to eat in the NW area? (Note: can be in the medium to medium high price range)

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Meetup: The Conclusion

First off, apologies to non-meetup-ers who keep dealing with meetup posts today. Forgive me, for I don't post this much in a day often.

Okay, second: what I'm hearing on the earlier post is that people can't make it tonight or want to go to other locations. But it's getting a little late to cancel, since I know a lot of you guys don't actually check DP obsessively throughout the day.

So here's what I'm going to do: meetup IS happening tonight (at 7pm at McMenamins Tavern & Pool), with the warning that McMenamins may have trouble seating if the crowd is big (which it sounds like won't be a problem).

Meanwhile, I will find a way to arrange another meetup sometime next week, probably based on a vote for the best TIME. I am NOT going to talk about changing locations at this moment on the grounds that I am not in town and can't go to a bunch of places to find out if they meet all of our varying special needs*. However, as McMenamins Tavern & Pool seems to no longer be working so well for us, I will look into it when I return.

Hopefully that will satisfy as many people as possible.

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(no subject)

So, my lay-z-boy wingback recliner has busted. Something on the left side has come undone or something, and now it's wobbly. Anyone know where I can take it in to get it fixed for cheap?

Direct Hire / Full Time recruiters?

Hey guys.

So, this has been asked before, but in relation to temping. I'm looking for a professional recruiter that seeks full time / direct hire opportunities for someone like myself who is well past the "recent grad" stage. My current recruiter has not given me a solid interview in almost a year, and even then it was for an entry-level job. I'm looking for positions that exercise my many years of admin. skills and also my background in media production, so if you know any companies that specialize in that kind of recruiting service, I'd love to take down their name.

Location: anywhere within 30 minutes of Portland.

And thank you.
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Daniel Johns

st vincent's hospital

Anybody have much experience with the Emergency Room at St Vincent's? Last Thursday I had to go there and get stitches in my face because I passed out, cut into my chin and bit through my lip (not to mention I broke my jaw).

The doctor put 2 stithces on the outside of my lip, but said he wasn't going to put stitches on the inside because that will heal itself. I'm scared now because it's still pretty damn puffy, and really sensitive.

I saw my dentist today and he was shocked and angry that they didn't suture the inside and says I'm going to have a bump forever. It makes it hard to talk because my lip protrudes so much that it's pretty difficult to connect the upper and lower lip when I'm annunciating words.

Has this happened to you or anybody you know before, and is it normal not to suture the inside of your lip in this situation? I'd assume the ER doctor would know more than the dentist when it comes to this sort of thing, but I don't know. :\ Please help!
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The Bowler
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(no subject)

Wow. Busy mcmenamins tonight!

A couple of us are outside, Come join the fun!

Look for the guy with the White Macbook!

We're inside now, near the usuall table.
kuromi is cranky

(no subject)

I looked through the memories and couldn't find anything; I need to get a rabies shot for my kitty cause hers is expired. Thing is I'm poor. Where can I get a cheap rabies shot for an adult cat? And about how much would it be?
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Cheap. Volumizing.

Dearest DamnPortlanders,

what is your favorite volumizing/frizz reducing (it may be impossible to find these in the same product, but I live in humidity and it would be nice...) hair product that you get on the cheap? Bonus points if it's at Walgreen's, because I get a discount.

Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

(no subject)

The Blazers got the #1 pick in this year's NBA draft; they only had a 5.3% chance of getting it.

I'm not a huge Blazers fan, but Greg Oden would be great to give the Blazers a shot in the arm.

Huh. Good for Portland!
Pet the Kitty!

Thanks, DP!

a while back, my SO mitdasein asked you for vet recommendations, and you directed us to Rose City Veterinary Hospital in SE.

Not only have they been absolutely AMAZING with our little guy Duncan, but they have the best sense of humor ever.

Duncan got neutered on Friday, and today we got a hilarious surprise in the mail!

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Anyways, they've been very nice, and accomodating, and we couldn't have asked for a better vet. Needless to say, we will definitely be recommending Rose City Vet to others.

Thanks again, DP! =)
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