May 21st, 2007


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where can i go to get used/discounted/recent 12" singles that ISNT everyday music, music millennium, 2nd ave. or jackpot...

i just spent $17 on ebay for ONE. ugh.

looking for mostly hip hop...but not entirely.

Xmas Socks

Thanks for the baby gift ideas!

In regards to :
This post from last Friday

Thanks to everyone for the great ideas! The baby shower is this weekend and I wanted to make sure I had time to get everything. I have never been to Finnegan's but desperately need to go there sometime. Anyway, I decided on three things for the baby!

The Rockabye Baby CD - Coldplay edition.

A baby T-shirt from Holy Lamb Organics. Some of the softest and cutest stuff around. They were at the Greener Homes and Gardens show that I worked at this weekend at the Expo Center.

Also while working, I saw this woman go by with a great baby wrap. The baby looked the happiest I've seen a baby in awhile. AND the mom looked like it was no big deal carrying her around. The mother said that she walks about 2.5 miles a day with her baby and there's no trouble. If I'm ever pregnant; I think I'll get one of these!

That website...

I'm looking for that website where you can look up value and ownership of real estate in Portland and surrounds. If anyone has that link handy, I'd appreciate it. I tried Google and some URLs that I thought it was, but no dice, as yet. Thanks.


I have an intense and entirely unexplainable craving for a Whipper Snapple, in peach please.

We have retro clothing, retro dance clubs, retro hookers (or at least around since the retro age), but we don't have retro food and beverages.

I think someone should rectify this. I would spend hours of my life and bushels of my money buying food stuffs recreated from the "vintage" 90's.
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Has anyone had any experiences with either Capoeira Raça (in NE) or Capoeira Regional (in SE), or any other school in town (ideally one that also teaches BJJ)? We're looking to start at one of the above and I'm just doing some preliminary research beforehand. :)
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Do you have a favorite camping spot along the coast? (If not on the coast, somewhere else in Oregon?)

I've been to a bunch of cool spots with friends, but don't necessarily know all of the names and details. One campground was situated on the hillside/cliff right above the beach, with a trail down to the water. It was sweet.

We get to go next week for four days and I'd love to find some more sweet spots. Oh, and proximity to towns and "nightlife" is always a bonus. ;)

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Do you have a favorite Blog you read?

I'm looking for new things.

My faves are: (I almost forgot my own silly me!)

I'm a little all over the place but mostly I
like good writing and interesting things that happen.

Any ideas for me???
b&w hat

car guilt?

so i work at this soap store that also has a location in portland. and i'm moving to portland soon from DC, and really excited about it. but today this girl came in who kind of coldly waved off our offers of help and then wandered up to the counter, where a co-worker and i were reading about crazy gas prices on so we're both standing there, minding our own business lamenting how we're totally not going to be able to fill our tanks soon, and this girl out of nowhere was all, "well, sell your car." and we kind of look at her, deciding she was probably joking and being sarcastic, and joke back at her about how, well, we have our cars for a reason. and she keeps on! "uh, there's no reason to have a car. sell your car. ride your bike." in a really snippy tone. i joked about how i can't ride my bike all the way to oregon with my all stuff, and she got all up in my face: "sell your car and buy a plane ticket! i'm from oregon. you don't need a car." and she kept pressing the issue in a really rude way until i was like, "wow, i will sell my car tomorrow if you will just leave the damn store and never come back."

now, part of the reason i'm moving to portland is because it's such a bike haven, since i'm an avid cyclist as it is, and i end up riding most places anyway. and i have a teensy tiny scion xa precisely because it gets fantastic mpg. AND i pay for a terrapass, which offsets my carbon output. so i feel that for a car owner, i'm being pretty responsible. but is that wench's attitude something i'm going to run into a lot in portland, or was she just a nasty person? and how the heck am i supposed to tote my surfboard to the coast without a car, anyway? hmmmmmph *defensive*
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cd/game exchange

if i take cds to cd/game exchange, will i get any reasonable amount of money for them (i'd probably want money, not credit)? i'm wondering if i should take them there before putting them in a garage sale, or just garagle-sale them. thanks, guys!
Xmas Socks

Fellow nerds...

Yes, I'm very excited for the upcoming Body Worlds exhibit at OMSI. It starts June 7th and I've been looking forward to it since I first heard about it a few months ago. We were going to go to the similar show in Seattle, but this one's a lot closer. Plus a lot of the ethical concerns raised with the show that toured in Seattle; are non-existent at the Portland show.

Anyway prior to and in conjuction with the show at OMSI; there are various seminars taking place at the OHSU Auditorium at the Marquam Hill Campus. Anyone else planning on going to any of these? I'd love to hang out if others are going!

Info on the Body Worlds 3 Exhibit

Lecture Info
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Hrm. o_o; Anyone know..? (Kitten related.)

Well, I just got this 5-week old kitten added to my little home. His eyes are a bit gunky so I was told to use warm water to clean it and a little neosporin to help, even. I don't know if it's because he doesn't have his mom now but he meows a lot and I haven't really seen him eat or poop a lot. He eats the dry food (I moisten it up with water) that I give him but I rarely seem him actually drink the water.

I guess I'm a little nervous. I don't know if I should take him to the vet or how much it would cost. Can anyone help me? Maybe they know what's wrong? ;_;

Edit: I want to thank you all for all your help so far. :) I was crying out of fear but I feel a little more secure with some advice. Right now I'm trying to figure out what formula I should get and I will call the vet tomorrow.

My roomie and I also decided to let him sleep with us every night the moment we got him.. I keep him curled against my chest or let him burrow in the pillows on top of my head. He'll wake up meowing in the middle of the night but I guess that's part of not having his mommy and siblings now.

Edit 2:
I got KMR for Kain (His name) and he just went berserk! He sucked that stuff right up and has calmed down for the first time since he got here.He got a little bit messy with it but he seems very happy to have it in his system. :D

I'm going to call that vet place tomorrow that leatherfemme gave me, since it seems that place has high approval ratings. The reason I asked about price was cause my next pay check has to go to a lot of rent. e_e Can't give the kitty a good home if I don't have one! XD

Someone wanted pictures. Instincts told me to nest him up yesterday, funnily enough, so I had him nice and burrowed in. Here's so shots.

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I joined DP a little while ago, I was trying to think of something clever to post for my first time, but I couldn't think of anything.  So I'll just take a page from Nikki's book, and introduce  myself.  Hi, my name is Kristina, I'm new to DP, relatively new to Portland, looking to get out more and make new friends.
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For a class, I need to find a place where I can observe people hooking up, meeting on dates, engaging in general romantic behavior. Catch is, I'm underage so no bars/clubs, and I have to do it by Thursday afternoon.

Help out a 19 year old clueless slacker, anyone?

Glassy Yoga

This should be like shooting fish in a barrel for you guys.  I found a great Yoga class in portland, but the class has been canceled and replaced with, (are you ready for this) Pole Dancing. What is the best break a sweat but not you wallet yoga studio in SE/SW portland? Also, if I wanted to learn how to glassblow where should I go?