May 20th, 2007

Well that was fun.

I arrived after things had died down a little, but it was fun nevertheless. There was some kind of informal art show in an empty building on N. Mississippi tonight, with music and drinks and music and other stuff too.

I didn't know about it until I was walking my dog down the street and I heard screaming. Then a crowd of 20 people on bicycles went whizzing by. I'm sure some of you DPers know exactly what was going on. Someone told me a developer had bought the lot and was going to take down the building, and they let the locals use it for an art show as a last hurrah. I have no idea if that's true or false. Does anyone know? Was anyone else there?

PSU Library

I have looked at the PSU library web page and it does not tell me if you need to swipe a card to get in on Saturdays and Sundays or if the library is just open to the public. I am taking classes at PCC and their library hours are well non existent on Sundays. Does anyone know if I can just go and study at the PSU library without being a student?

Me in southpark form

MY TROOPER: 1991 Chevy Corsica 5 speed

Its time for me to say goodbye to my car. WE've been through alot together and now its time to say goodbye.
Note: does not come with phone booth. Just proves shes a trooper. She will come to you washed and cleaned out.
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I don't have the space for her anymore.
SO if someone is looking for cheap transportation and isnt into flashy looks, heres a car thats very rare as a manual(most are automatics)

1991 Chevy Corsica 4 cyclinder 2.2liter. 120 horsepower. 5-speed manual
22 city, 31 hwy

3 inch autometer tach
2 inch oil pressure gauge
Beretta GTZ front end
Fold down rear seats.
Speakers in the doors that are nice

New parts
New engine head( remanufactored with new valves and seals)
new water pump
New t-stat
New spark plugs
NEW windshield
base price $300

Stereo goes with car for 50 dollars more.

Car could use a new master cyl9inder for the brakes. Sometimes you have to pump it to get the brakes to work right. I can replace this with a new one as i run my own shop but i dont have the extra cashto front it unless i knowsomeone wants it. So 100 dollars more if you want that replaced.

So max price $450. Please give her a good home and check her oil regularly.(as you should with any car.)


I need some help for my C homework so if any of you wonderful DPers are C savvy and want to help a poor little programmer in training, send me an email and I will tell you the details of the assignment, and the code I have so far. Thanks in advance.

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My wife has MST3K and Warner Brothers cartoon tapes recorded off Comedy Central/TBS in the early-to-mid 90s - some deterioration, but most of the tapes are watchable.

First-come, first-serve, and FREE. Please don't email for list, just pick 'em up. Answer on the thread if you would like to pick them up.
Laurel Point horse

accident on 26

3 right lanes are closed westbound outside the tunnel, someone flipped their vehicle over the barrier where the landslide happened. So, you might want to take a different route if you'll be heading that way soon. Expected delays between 20 minutes and 2 hours.