May 19th, 2007


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May 18th has come and gone, and I didn't see one mention of the 27th anniversary of Mt St Helens. Seriously, that was one of my earliest memories. I remember going to the pedestrian overpass where lombard meets 1-5, and seeing this huge mushroom cloud in the sky.

Oh, btw, Portland was mentioned positively on the 700 club today!!! As basically a bike commuter's paradise. I don't watch that show, but I have the feeling Pat Robertson thinks of us as Sodom and/or Gamora, lol.
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So, I'm turning 20 next Saturday and I want to get a tattoo for the special day.

So tell me DP where is the BEST and AWESOMEST place in P-town where I can get it?

This might sound stupid but I also don't want to pay an arm and a leg to get it.
When I say "arm and leg" I mean any thing in the range of a grand.

Any recs?
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random question

1,) i have a old radio flyer wagon that i want to turn in to a planter for strawberries. How would go go about poking holes in the bottem for drainage? do strawverries even need drainage?

2.) can you replant strawberries once they started to berries? i have a small pot that has be come overrun and to replant them but dont want to kill them.

3.)we have Brad Paisley tickets for sale $130 ( sec 101, row Z, seat 36&37) we cant go....

i'll see you when my lifeboat sails

... Anybody else hear that?

It's 1:55pm, I'm in SE, and I just spent about fifteen seconds pinned in place by some unnervingly loud and unfamiliar sound from outside -- like a low-flying plane, maybe, but with this weird, intermittent "whooshing" noise I couldn't identify. It got super-close and then faded, but I couldn't tell what direction it was moving.

Anyone? Bueller?

ETA: All right, consensus seems to be a couple of U.S. fighter jets doing a low flyover. (Well, that, terrorists, somebody with rockets on Powell Butte, or robot overlords.) Thanks for your weird noise identification, DPers -- knew I could count on you.
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Grief Counseling for Children?

Tyler, my 5 year old son, is going through a phase right now and I'm pretty worried about him. He's got some big time anxiety and fear about death and dying. We frequently deal with melt downs usually before bed time, or if he is already upset about some other unrelated reason and I'm not quite sure what to do about it. He brings up my Great Grandma a lot, who died 2 years ago. He cries and cries about missing her. They were actually very close. When he was a baby, my grandma cared for him while I worked, and my great grandma moved in with her when he was little. He kept her so happy, when otherwise she was a little old grumpy 98 year old woman. They really did have a special connection. I've done everything I can think of to help- we make cards, we've visited her grave with flowers, we've looked through pictures. I've tried to help him understand that while she may be gone, she's always here in our hearts, and we have many great memories of her. Well, it usually doesn't end there, he then goes into hysterics about not wanting me or others in our lives to go away, and how he doesn't want to die, etc. I've found the best solution is to find a way to take his mind off of it- but it's obviously only a short term solution, since it returns several times a week.

I'm at a loss trying to help him through it on my own, and I've decided I should probably take him to a professional of some kind who can help him work through his grief. I know it's a long shot, but has any other parent gone through this and know of someone who can help us? Any books you've read? Anything? I'd really appreciate it!

lookout & recommendation

Oh honored DPers:

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So, second thing is: if I were to need to bring my Subaru in to a dealership, anyone have a recommendation?  Store least likely to totally shaft me with costs, since a) replacement cards haven't arrived yet and b) my bank account's already being drained by costs like replacing home door locks, drivers license, etc.?
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Unrelated: Straw Poll

If you're driving, say, on the highway, though really anywhere.  You're in one lane, look in your rear-view mirror, side-view mirror, check your blind spot and all those good things.  There's someone in that lane, but adequately behind you that it seems reasonable to move over.  You put on your signal.  Person in other lane and behind you flashes their brights.  Do you interpret this as:

a) I see you and your turn signal and am letting you know it's cool to move over in front of me.
b) don't you f'ing dare move in front of me, or even think of it, I will run you down!

Does that change depending on if they flick once or twice?  Quickly or slowly?

Just curious.  These things can be regional. 

Thanking youze!

You Portland doods and doodettes,never let me down..thanks for the jokes!

This isn't my worstest joke,just one of'em,ok?

"I was sat on the couch with my girlfreind the other night,when an item comes on the news about peadophiles,she turns to me and asks:"Terry,what is all this about peadophiles?"

I reply"Jeez that's a big word for an eight year old"

So yeah thanks again..much appreciated!

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