May 18th, 2007


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thisNik Photography Presents "Looking Forward: A benefit for P:ear and In Other Words"

When: Friday, May 18th 6:00 - 8:30 pm

Where: In Other Words - 8 NE Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97211 (503)232-6003

How Much: Free, though donations will be welcomed.

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moi cube


My Sidekick and I are headed to Portland on Monday for some Birthday and 1/2 Birth Celebration.
We're looking for some fun stuff to do, with peaked interest in sub culture/counter culture type things. Clubs, Bars, events, random cool shit. We'll be there thru Thursday and are looking more for the local experience. We will do some tourist stuff for sure but what do the tourists miss?
We have collected a small list of stuff to see/do and are being partially guided by Chuck Palahniuk but would love the inside view.
Thanks for the help!

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A Two Part Question

1. What's the best way to go about Jelloizing something? I don't have anything to stick in Jello because I don't want to get in trouble for using a work stapler and ruining it and I'm BROKE so I can't buy a new/used one that looks like the office one... So I'm stuck with pennies, a tooth brush, paper clips and other random things i have on my desk and that won't be missed or make sense. I'm afraid of putting things in there and having them float to the bottom instead of sitting in the middle. I was planning on waiting till it was mostly solidified and then nestling them in there but i'm afraid it wont close back up and you'll see tracers where they were burrowed in. Should I use twice as much jello to water? Help!!!

2. One of the office's favorite co-workers is on Vacation and he's instrumental in doing something silly to someone on his team's desk when they are away. so since he's gone they have taken foil and covered as much as they can with one roll. it looks pretty good as it's all shiny! Our office is big on reusing paper to limit access to the cube, cardboard to limit access to the monitor/keyboard and tape to confuse the owner of a phone or mouse. It all makes for many laughs. What kinds of things have you done, or you've seen done?
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friday night

Is there anything going on / Are you doing anything / Will someone take me out of my misery tonight downtownish? 

I work til 8:30 and I am really wanting to do something, but that is kinda hard when your fiance wants to warcraft and you really dont have friends out here.  

I work downtown, but I live inner SE either would work for me.  There has to be someone anyone. 

little blue dog


Um ... this post is Portland-related.

Someone done gone and started up a Portland Wiki!

I have no idea who, or if I'm scooping any o' you creative DPers by announcing it to the hordes, but who better to contribute content than US? I mean, who knows this town better than we do?

Thus, I beseech thee all: GO POPULATE IT with articles! Currently there are like ... 2? 3?
gizzard, deadite, army of darkness

Are there any bands in Portland?

Ha ha! It is to kid!

Anyway--one of the few things I'm going to miss about living in Colorado is doing my biweekly community radio show. My last show will be June 1st, and I've got sort of a dual theme of Tearjerkers and Portland going on. I'd like to play maybe ten or so songs by Portland bands and/or about Portland (it's a three-hour show, so that'll be about a third to a quarter of the total airtime). I've already got a list of a few of the obvious candidates lined up (Shins, Decemberists, Loretta Lynn/Jack White's "Portland, Oregon") plus tracks from Menomena and YACHT.

So... any other can't-miss by/about Portland/ers songs I should know about? They should be (a) radio-playable (fuckin' FCC), (b) under about 5 minutes long and (c) able to fit into a more-or-less indie-rockish format (i.e., no blues). Oh, and if I don't have to pay to download them, that would be key too.

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide!

Portland, Oregon Female WoW players

Are there any of you out there?!?!?!

My company is looking to interview female World of Warcraft players, so far I have 5 girls including myself but we are trying to find 10.

We are thinking of all meeting up at a restaurant on a Saturday afternoon, it will be paid for and deciding from there on what to talk about in the interview. It will go up on a few gamer websites when it is finished. The interview will not take place on the first meeting, just dinner to discuss the interview the following weekend.

If you are interested contact me via email, or my myspace which is on my Live Journal page
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Muhfuggin' Seaside!


I'm heading off to Seaside this weekend (I know, I know, but I got a free room Saturday night!) and would like to find somewhere that my lovely companion and I could have a drink or 263. I'd really like to settle in somewhere that is not populated by older couples with fanny packs, or the Junior Drinking Association wielding fake IDs.

Bonus points for ocean views. And, of course, vegan beer sporting tattoos and Katz macros.


Oh, shit, almost forgot! And...................................................................... GO!

Biznik PDX presence

Biznik is a fairly cool business networking site of which I'm a member. It was founded in Seattle and that's definitely where the majority of their users live, but there's a growing PDX contingent.

The thing I find cool about it is that it's geared more toward indie businesses rather than those with really large corporate presences. I'd love to see it grow in PDX, hence the mention here in DP. There are tons of independent business owners there - massage therapists, life coaches, naturopaths, etc - as well as high-tech and more 'businessy' businesses.

I am not affiliated with these folks in any way - I'd just really like to have a stronger and more accessible local professional community. Collapse )
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I want to take a language course over the summer, in the evenings (I'm working and going to school in the mornings/afternoons). Doesn't have to be for credit. I don't really care about the language, but I'd be a beginner who can pick up things quickly. I already speak French somewhat fluently (conversationally), so it'd be great to join some sort of French conversation club if nothing else. Otherwise Italian, German, Danish or Finnish would be my top options, since those are my considerations for future study abroad. I've checked PCC (that's where I'm taking math and physics), but can't find anything in the evenings...

I've tried to teach myself German and Italian, but it's really hard to get pronunciations and I always give up :C

Help! Please!

Today is my birthday, and I'd like to have some fun here in town tonight. The problem is that I'm bad enough when it comes to making decisions, and I just can't seem to find many ratings on places to make the process any easier. I figured why not ask all of you for some new and/or fun places to check out. I was looking for a good place to have dessert, then somewhere for a couple good drinks, and finally a place to do some dancing. My tastes in food and music are pretty wide open. I suppose, I would say I'm fairly eclectic over all really.
Thank you all so much!

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To commemorate International Museum Day, May 18, the drink of the day is:

Modern Cocktail

  • 1 1/2 oz. Scotch
  • 1 tsp. Dark Rum
  • 1/2 tsp. Pernod
  • 1/2 tsp. Lemon Juice
  • 2 dashes of Orange Bitters


Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

And Gogogogogogogo!!

Fried Ice Cream..

Does anyone know of a mexican (or any!) restaurant in the Portland/Vancouver metro area that serves fried ice cream?? Everywhere I have been I have asked and some restaurant's haven't even heard of it. The first and last time I had it was with my dad when I was a kid.. I am starting to think I am just imagining a thing such as fried ice cream. ha. Does anyone know what I am talking about?? And better yet, where to find some??!!


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Was there ever a tv series that used Portland or any place in Oregon as it's "location"? I remember the short lived mid 90's police drama 'Under Suspicion' did but were there any others that you know of?

aaaand, more stuff!

following up on my post of yesterday, here's the list of records i'm selling.
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I'm looking to get between 2 to 5 dollars on most of those,
but make me an offer and i'll let you know. Delivery/pick-up
can also be arraigned.

Also, I have a minor dillema. I look to you, damnportlander's for advice.
Here goes- I've been offered $200 to be a hair model. The catch is that
I have to get my hair shorn from shoulder blade length to a pixie cut.
It's taken me two years to grow it this long, however, it will grow back again.
To aid in your decision, here's a picture of me with my long hair taken 6 months
ago. It's not the best, but it'll do. so what do ya think? taken the money,
get a hair cut and then get a real job? or continue to tend to my lovely lady locks?

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this is the first time i've used lj cuts or any of that fancy nonsense, so let's see if this works!

EDIT- these are actual vinyl records.

Piercings and Taxes

So I just got back to the Portland area and already things are going downhill. But, I know that in Portland I have an awesome pool of wisdom called damnportlanders to draw from! So, here are two of my most pressing questions:

A) I have had a labret piercing for years. No problems with it. No scarring, nothing. Then, (yes, I'm fuckin stupid), I tried to enlarge it and caused myself to have a somewhat large scar around the hole. So, I took everything out, and let it close up. (It always closes within a day, anyway). Question is--how do I get rid of the scar so I can re-pierce without complications?

And then there's

B) I did my state and federal taxes before leaving for Japan and when I got back yesterday, I had a nice little letter from the IRS waiting for me saying that I had incorrectly subtracted something. And I quote: "We changed the amount of taxable income on Line 43 of your Form 1040 because the exemption amount on Line 42 was subtracted incorrectly from Line 41." Okay, so, that's great. I went over that form about five times, so if I DID incorrectly subtract something, it can't have been incorrect by that much. Besides, I used a calculator. But what really gets me is that somehow, instead of getting around $400 in tax returns, according to this letter, I OWE 62.25 for paying my taxes late. How's that possible, though? I didn't HAVE Federal taxes to pay, plus I mailed my tax form in plenty of time before I left for them to get it in time! Has anyone else dealt with anything like that, and how do you talk to the IRS about it?

Regardless of these problems (and the fact that my car won't start at all now), I AM glad to be home in Portland, and I am deeply grateful for any suggestions you all might have. :)
Xmas Socks

Baby Gifts?

One of my best friends is due in August for her first baby. It's going to be a boy and they're naming him Jack Charles. So my question is... What kind of kick ass baby gift could I get? I'm thinking of getting a "Rockabye Baby" CD. It's one of those that are lullaby versions of Metallica, Beach Boys, The Cure, The Beatles, Coldplay, etc. What else would be cool? (I want the best (but not hideously expensive) baby present EVER!)

And.... GO!

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Dear Portland,

Whenever I have a question to ask, you always answer it. Whenever I need something from you, you give it. You're so good to me. Whenever I can aid an inquiry or provide explanation, I do the same, right?

Lets keep this reciprocal relationship going.

Now I realize this is not a file request community, but these are special circumstances. Because you are Portland, I have to ask. Does anyone have a computer file of the Whitney Houston and Kraftwerk mash-up "I Wanna Dance With Some Numbers"?

I'm going crazy without it!


I need a hypodermic needle

Or something similar to one. I just need something that can push out a very small amount of fluid. I've seen something similar to a hypodermic needle used to oil fine machinery and watches, but I don't know what those would be called. I think you can only get a needle with a prescription from a drugstore? Anyone have any ideas of something else like that, or where I could get one?

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whoa. what the hell is up with all of the idiot ruby-on-rails folks?

ack. so many kids attempting to do software development. i kind of wonder what all of the rest of the "senior" software folks think of all the idiocy.


portland related because it's happening in beervana.
someday b/w

Got to Love teh Nerdy Boys

Let's try this again....

Who's your #1?

#2 is currently mine...

But I wouldn't kick a single one out of the bed.


I didn't dub these men "nerdy" the article does and I am going along with it. and I think the point is compared the he men the other article that this is in reference to they are nerdy aka smart. so get over yourselves. kthanks
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Ding dong, Les Schwab is dead and here's a damn essay!

In honor of the death of Les Schwab, I respectfully offer a re-run of a Free Beef essay I wrote a while back. Please read it with the proper amount of gravity and respect.

Or not.

There are things in Oregon that one just takes for granted. I take for granted that our beaches are accessible to everyone. I take for granted that we get one interesting governor every 20 years or so, followed by a wax museum figure or a child molestor. And, I take for granted that Les Schwab is going to offer Free Beef, and I'm not going to get any.

I've gone to Les Schwab to buy my tires since I had my first car. I got my driver's license in 1974, and I'm pretty sure that Les Schwab had been around for about three centuries before that. I got my first car, a gleaming 1971 Toyota Corolla wagon, during my senior year in 1976. Back then, tires for a Corolla (also known as the "you ain't never getting any, dumbass"-mobile), ran about 35 cents apiece. They've gone up slightly since then, but you can still get 'em pretty cheap. In a pinch, you can use day-old donuts.

Side-note: If you haven't laid a '71 Corolla into a controlled drift on the Greensprings Highway in December with a carload of drunk high-schoolers, you really can't even say that you have DRIVEN.
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trucker ape


i'm looking for places with real darts/dartboards (i.e. not plastic) in NE or SE? to play, not buy. i already know about triple nickel and horse brass. where else?