May 17th, 2007

Go away, bees!

I was wondering if you guys think there are a lot of bees in Portland. The reason I ask is because I want to move somewhere in Oregon but I'm super afraid of bees, more specifically the HUGE carpenter bees we have here (size of a fist). I can go outside and stuff, I'm not agoraphobic or anything. I'm just so sick of driving through bee swarms, and bees trying to get into my truck while I'm sitting at a red light!
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Hello All~
Its clutzy Serenity here. I got so many responses to my request for an air cast that I thought I would ask another question.

Tuesday is my birthday and I have plans to go to the beach this weekend to celebrate. I can't imagine walking all over Seaside on crutches without getting super super grouchy. My boyfriend suggested I see if anyone has a wheelchair they are willing to loan me. So- any wheelchairs floating around out there.

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The beginning of the weekly Eastbank Farmers Market beginning today (from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.)--the market's vendors supposedly include a Japanese rice balls (onigiri) maker and a gluten-free bakery.

2. Delicious blood orange gelato at Staccato Gelato...yum-eaux!

3. Springwater Corridor celebration (commemorating the newly-created stretch of the trail) this Saturday morning, featuring a brass band, bike helmet painting, and talk with the bridge design team.

4. Extensive vegetarian and vegan cuisine options at Yuki Japanese Restaurant (which is great when I hang out with vegan friends).

5. Discovery of a new Flexcar location just three blocks down the street from my apartment in SE Portland (the company just added about 6 new cars in SE last weekend!).

6. Extremely pleasurable weather during the weekdays, with more of the warmness to come!

7. Irvington Home Tour this Sunday!

8. Zoo Brew 2007 event at the zoo this Saturday evening.
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Hello DP. I've come to the conclusion that my teeth really need some straightening. I've done the braces thing, they've just shifted a bit over the 10 years post-braces. Would any of you be able to recommend an excellent orthodontist, ideally someone who has experience working with adults?

I know I can just go to anyone, but I'd prefer someone who understands that I work in a professional environment and really want to have any dental equipment be hidden as much as possible. I look young as it is and really don't want to add to that effect. Bonus points if they also do Invisiline consultations in addition to regular consults. Location: Anywhere w/in the Portland metro area, I'm willing to travel for quality. I should also mention that my insurance doesn't cover orthodontia for adults, so that's not a factor either.

Thanks! =)
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Recommended Hand/Body Lotion?

I like to keep moisturizer/hand lotion at work because my hands get dry from touching paper all day.

Can anyone recommend a good-smelling lotion to me? I hate floral or perfumey scents. I prefer stuff that smells like food - vanilla, chocolate, bakery items, fruits, etc. Nothing too strong.

I'd like to ideally get it in town and not have to order it from a website but I'm still open to that idea. Any suggestions?

Note: All Bath & Body Works current stuff smells like a pile of crap. Or your grandmother.

Thanks for all the suggestions! I am going to buy two different ones today but bookmark this for future reference. Awesome ideas.

Big white wall, in a park in Portland

Ok its me once more,

I Am looking for a park that has a big white wall, some where in Portland
or at least one with that I could project video on.

I have come up with I idea to try. I want to take my projector out to a park with my wii and play wii sports outside after dark.
I already have power / controls / sensor bar has been taken care of I just need to find some where to play it.

I hoped for some where that is going to be ok to be at after dark. Also if I do end up finding a place,( I would like to do this sat night), but if everything goes well maybe making it a monthly thing.

So if any of you damnportlanders  would be interested in going to this, we can meet at the place after it gets dark.

I have four controllers so we can play  on two teems of two or  free for all.
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Wedding photography and videography?

O knowledgeable Damnportlanders...

I'm currently looking for a photographer and videographer (doesn't have to be the same person) for a wedding.

Ideally, the photographer would have at least a few weddings (or some sort of social engagement with lots of people) under his/her belt and shoots in a documentary/photojounalistic style vs. posed shots. I'm okay with people that are not "Wedding Photographers" or people that are just out of art school. I only care about their eye for composition. For the videographer, we really don't require a lot of production work. I would just like someone with a discerning eye and not just Uncle Ted with a tripod.

It would be wonderful if they happen to not be very pricey.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!
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South Me
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Introduction with a contest

Hello all, I am joining this group after being pointed here by[info]singswithtrees .

To introduce myself I think I will run a little contest.
Collapse )
First person to comment with the street corner this lamp post is on will win a prize. Hint, there is a rather good pizza place that serves slices and beer. The Prize, you ask. Why a slice of pizza and a beer on me, at the mentioned pizza place. So comment away.
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SWAT action, babies!

Woo, two blocks from my kids' school! SERT Team! News teams! Lockdown!

I went to pick up my 7-year-old, and drove past about 5 gajillion cop cars and a few giant SERT vans. I got to the school and it was in "lockdown," which always reminds me of old prison movies (but hey... what doesn't?). I found a friendly favorite kindergarten teacher at the back door and snuck in and got my kid. When I signed her out I noticed that she was the ONLY kid who had been signed out.

Strike a blow for subversive parenting!


Hey folks- I'm wondering if any of y'all have tips on the best places in town to sell a) comic books b)records and c) clothing. I am aware of the multitude of places out there, but I only get use of the roommie's car for a few hours in the quest to rid my self of stuff and make some moneymoneymoney. Therefore, I would prefer to only stop by places that are likely to buy my stuff and give fair price for it.

Alternately, I have quite a range of comics and records, if anyone is interested, I can follow this up with a list of what I'm getting rid of and you can make an offer. I'm not trying to get rich, just to get some bills paid. You know how it goes.

I like saying stuff over and over in my head. It's pushing all bad things out. stuffstuffstuff it!
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So, I have decided that tomorrow morning/early afternoon, I am taking myself out on a date.
I want to go to a nice (inexpensive) cafe where I can get something (vegan) to eat, and some coffee to drink.
And I want to kill some time just relaxing and reading. So does anyone have any suggestions?
Nothing in Southeast 'cause it's too much of a journey for me.

Lola Rennt

Do you love the movie Run Lola Run? Do you not own it and wish you did? I have a copy on VHS that none of my friends will take. It's fine, I just replaced it with the DVD.

Do you want it? It's yours. I live in NoPo, near Mississippi. You can pick it up. Or meet me on PCC Cascade campus Monday or Wednesday to get it.

Campground Recommendations

I am planning on going camping next month, however I don't know of any campgrounds. I am hoping you Portlanders could give me some ideas.

What I am looking for:
*Not an RV park
*Welcomes dogs (on leashes)
*Has tent sites with fire pits
*Preferably on a lake or something for swimming
*Fun recreational activities nearby
*Prefer to not drive more than 4 hours to get there

I'm aware that Oregon has State and Federal campgrounds, but I have no idea what they are like. If someone could explain that would help.

I am looking forward to your replies!


(memmmmmmmmmmories... like the corners of my minnnnnddddd....)

Do any of you fellow moustache bleachers remember when Sally Hansen switched from the little plastic cup to the plastic..... I guess it's a tray?...... that you get now, for mixing?

I'm feeling nostalgic
Toothy Chubb

Sending out the love

Today, I sent out this SOS in my search for a wedding photographer/videographer and I am overwhelmed by the support that some of you have shown me. Thank you for your help, phrassie, varro, wj, skeets, thatsassylassie, poptopia, and whoever else comes along. All of your referrals have been useful and I went from zero and at-the-end-of-my-rope to a big long list to go through!

I love you Damnportlanders! Sure, some of us bicker and fight but I'd like to think that the good outweighs a few flaming apples...or however it goes. One big happy dysfunctional family!
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