May 16th, 2007

Language schools.

I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with language schools in town. I'd like to both learn new languages and become more proficient in the ones I already know a little about. I assume there are classes at PCC and the like, but I'm curious about things that are a little more sophisticated and/or immersive.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Guerilla motivation

I was feeling like hell on my way into work yesterday, and part way through Springwater Corridor someone had chalked:


It completely made my day. And about 1/2 mile further, SERIOUSLY!

I love this town!

Vera Katz.

I'm aware of her posishun of power within PDXlore..............

Funny thing is,when I was there I found some literature in a postbox with her visage on,and asked myself..Why is  Liza Minneli's picture on this political mailshot?

To this day I am stil a somewhat confused little limey...........???

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(no subject)


to the guy on marine drive yesterday afternoon around 3pm
heading westbound
passing a car on a curve
causing me, eastbound in a semi,
to hit my brakes and bark

first: that double yellow line?
it means 'do not pass'



second: there's a brand new roadside memorial
with your name on it
just waiting to be added to the others
on marine drive



Hey folks!

Yes you 'orrible lot!

What is the most sickest,depraved frankly revoltingest joke you have ever heard/told?

Please elucidate!

And no 'Aristocrat jokes'please!

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LOLKATZ Contest Winnar

Omigosh, I can post without littlebluedog's help! Isn't technology grand? Click here for the official archive of contest photos.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Thanks for playing, I had a lot of laughs.

Teh winnar is! (Well there's two, I couldn't decide!)

bellybalt forand hentaijess  for

bellybalt and hentaijess, if you don't get an email from me (hopefully the emails on your profiles work) comment with your email address and we'll talk cupcake logistics.

Collapse )

eta: sorry for my lack of lj-cut a second ago!
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Ok, I was the winner of the 94.7 fm nation supporter a bout a month and a half go.
I called in and claimed my prize. Two tickets to the Sasquatch Music Festival. They sad that they did not have the tickets yet but would call me when they came in. Its been a month and a half and the Festival is a week from Friday.
I have not heard a thing form them. So my question is dose any one know who to contact there? To find out what is going on.
I looked at there Web page but all they had where the emails for the DJ, and the phone numbers for the request line/feedback line.

EDIT- its all good now !! thanks
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History question - SE 72nd between Holgate and Foster

There is a nifty little area in SE PDX, where SE 72nd splits into 2 1-way streets with a park / blvd in the middle (between Holgate and Foster).

This appears to be an oddity for the layout of most SE roads. In doing so, the little two-block area is very cozy, and really kind of neat. I am wondering if anyone know any history behind this area. Was it an experiment? Why is it not done elsewhere?

...just trying to fill some curiosity.

Violin lessons

I am looking for violin/viola instructors Beaverton - Portland Area. I've searched around but want to hear some recommendations. Also, is it standard for the place to make you rent or buy an instrument when taking lessons?

Most importantly, VIOLA or VIOLIN. Anybody in here want to tell me why they love one more than the other?

x-posted damnportlanders and beavertonpeople

Also, thanks for the words in my post about jewelers/rocks!

(no subject)

I'm trying to find a relaxed coffeeshop with free wifi where I can sit outside and work on a paper without too much disturbance. I'm not much of a coffeeshop goer so your sage coffeeshop wisdom would be appreciated.

Big plus if it's in SE, especially near Sellwood ('cause that's where I live), though I don't mind taking a short bus ride.

Also a plus if they don't mind smokers outside, as I recently fell off the wagon.
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Crutches and Ankle Braces

I am a clutz and have once again done damage to my body. Yesterday I sprained my ankle. Luckily mom still has the crutches from when I sprained my ankle in highschool. Unfortunately she no long er has the air brace. I feel like my ankle would heal much better if I had an air brace. However, I looked at fred meyer, rite aide and walgreens and they had NOTHING. I called a medical supply company (Brace Yourself) and they had one... FOR 50 bucks. I'm a poor student so 50 bucks is NOT really in the budget. Anyone have an air brace OR know where I can get one relatively cheap. Also... somehow one of the armpit pads on the set of crutches is missing- Does anyone know if there is a place that sells those?

Thanks so much for your help.
My super puffy ankle is eternally grateful.
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Geisha stuffs.

Ok, first off.

Does anyone know how to do traditional geisha hairstyles? i can find hundreds of books of PICTURES of geisha hairstyles, but nothing on the fold-here pin-there type instructions that i need, nor can i find any instructional videos.
Is anyone out schooled in the ways of geisha hair-ism? Lord knows my hair is long enough, and i have tons of hair sticks, combs, and decorations up the yinyang.
Would anyone be willing to meet up with me, and show me a few hairtricks?

HOW does one tie an Obi knot? I cant find instructions on how to tie an appropriate Obi knot, either. I have the makings for a good kimono, and lots of long bolts of fabric which would make lovely Obis, but i havnt the foggiest on how to tie one properly, with or without help;.

Can ANYone out there help me :'( <33?
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Recommend a bagel place please?

I will be moving to the SE area of Portland from the Chicago suburbs next month and am looking for a great bagel place (the person I'm moving in with doesn't like them so he's no help).

I've googled but that just gives names/addresses - I'm looking for opinions. Where can I go to get a good bagel? Any help is appreciated.
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(no subject)

This is a shout out to the a-hole who busted up the windows in the Portland Building:

Nice job. You know that window that you so thoughtfully smashed? It's to the building's preschool. Specifically, the room for the 4-5 year olds.

Next time, just go mess with the Starbucks at Pioneer Square like everyone else.
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Pink hair searching for jobs

So, I want a job. I'll be 18 very early in June, and I'd really like to have a job during the summer.

Problem: I have pink hair, and I can't seem to find many businesses that are willing to hire me with said hair color (and no, I won't be dying my hair back to it's normal color).

So.... anyone know businesses willing to hire folks with unnatural hair colors? (Preferably in the SW/SE area of Portland and south of Portland, such as Clackamas, etc.)

I've already applied at Hot Topic, but they're not hiring until closer to summer.
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Oui Oui September 2013
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Shape Up

*EDIT* contract under negotiation...thank you ALL for your input, advice and offers

I try not to pester all of you too much, but I HAS A QUESTION!!!

So...I have been mulling this over in my head but have not yet done my research but will pose the scenario to you all anyway.

I would like to get in shape. I mean, I HAVE a shape I just want a less jiggly shape but more importantly I want to be more fit/healthy.

I know the proper way to eat, diet and nutrition wise (my mother is a retired dietitian).
I am just not very good at keeping myself motivated to stay on some sort of work out routine.
Oh sure, I have started and stopped many times so I really desire to just NOT stop.

So the idea I am tinkering with in my head is....would there be anyone out there who lives in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area that would like to be a workout partner?

I have some specifics and they are:
My window of working out during the day is slim, I work split shifts with variable hours daily.
I can work out after 9 pm
I am willing to drive some
Can meet at the gym (not selected one yet)
I am willing to pay YOUR monthly membership as long as you treat this responsibly.

About you:
gender/age/religion/lifestyle/planet you are from do not matter
must know how to use gym equipment
be helpful in motivating me to go 3 to 5 times a week (1 hour minimum per session)
helps if you are funny
you need not be in tip top shape however I prefer someone who knows a bit about exercise/toning/etc.
I just need a motivator/guide to help me stick with a routine

Sure, I can pay a personal trainer, but I would rather make a new friend and pay their monthly gym fee for helping me out.

I cannot say which gym though I suspect it will have to be 24 hour fitness given my crappy window of working out opportunity. There is a 24 hour fitness off TV Highway? or is that Cornell?

I also cannot say how long this *contract* would be. I hear it takes up to 3 months to make something a habit, so I guess for now the minimum amount of time I would want someone to help me with this would be 3 months.

I really do want to get fit and I don't need a slouch who will show up once a week. I would like a set schedule and truly someone who is quite familiar with gym equipment and can maybe give me pointers to get better tone.

In case any interested parties want to know how much I want to lose. I would like to shed 15 to 25 lbs. I don't want to be a twig as I like mah curves. I just want to be healthier and toned.

Assuming I pay the membership...this means I hand the money over to the gym, not to you.

Other perks may include but are not limited to:
you might like me
new friendship
you get more fit/healthy
I have extensive diet/nutritional knowledge
treating you to dinner/lunch/movie
I will dye your hair if you want =P
I like to bake yum yums and may bake some for you

So, for now (as I have guests coming to town left and right all month) I am just posing the question. I am not certain I will or when I will put this proposal into action.

As always...thanks!!!!!
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If I were to make a documentary it would be about people who are really into garage sales and their crazy habits and methods I would call it...well I don't know what I would call it....BUT
what would you make a subject of a documentary?


What are the laws governing sitting on the sidewalks here in town. In particular something along the lines of all the people you see sitting asking for change. So what rules are there behind sitting in one place on the sidewalk with a sign.