May 15th, 2007

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in reguards to this post, we ended up going to pussycat tattoo in gladstone.

they were pretty informative, and helpful with alot of my questions. i was a bit hesitant to get anything done right there and then because of all the comments left on the previous post, but i found something i rather like. my name is amanda, and when i was a kid, i was (of course) amanda panda. i'm really glad i got something that sort of meant something to me, if that makes any sense at all. my boyfriend is an eagle scout, and got his tattoo of an eagle, in case anyone was wondering.

name suggestions?

i am glad to say that it didn't hurt nearly as bad as i expected to, and i am now planning my second. next time, however, i will have it planned out far in advance, and booked.

anyway, i guess the point of this is to say thank you to everyone who read and gave advice. i love you, portland.


what are the first steps? "drafting a constitution?" something entirely different? barter system? what are some pitfalls? what are some opposite-of-pitfalls?

Who wants to marry me?

Me and the boy just got our marriage certificate today....

We need someone to sign it! Who wants to?

Come on DP, I know that at least one of you is ordained by somethingorother. And will be able to do it for a plate of yummy cookies.

<3 PB

EDIT: Thanks you guys, I found my lady! Isn't it weird how you can have friends with certifications you don't even know about?

Anyone want to take part in a pedal car build-a-thon?

Figuring gas prices are only gonna get worse this summer I bought these plans online, and I am willing to share them with anyone who wants to build one too.... copyright laws and all I cannot just hand out plan copies but thought if anyone was interested we could do a build day party, knock em out fast and then BBQ. Anyone interested in a pedal car build-a-thon say the first or second weekend in June? (I work every weekend till then). You need to buy your own materials ( PVC pipe, etc). The custom parts kit on the site is rather spendy so I am going to be working on getting the parts fabricated locally since instructions are included for them (like 5 brackets), If you know someone I could get a price from please post their contact info....for the rest of the bike mechanical parts you can use new bike parts or recycled ones....
Who wants in?
I will email those who plan to come a parts list, so I'll need email addys, or you can email me via my LJ user name @ yahoo. Suggestions for a location to do this appreciated

Metals question

Does anyone know a source in Portland for zinc? As in zinc powder or ingots for melting down and casting? How about aluminum powders/ingots? Any other somewhat inexpensive low-temp or highly-soft nontoxic metals?

I am kicking around the idea of making coins the old Roman way, with hand-struck dies and all that, but don't want to use gold or silver (too costly) or lead (too toxic, and yes I know Aluminum can be toxic too but at least it's more stable). Zinc melts at 460 degrees, so it may work out for me.

Aurora Chorus presents:

Standing On The Side Of Love | Sunday, June 3, 2007
3:00 and 7:00 p.m. | Newmark Theatre, Portland
Tickets: $15, $20 and $25 in advance

Aurora is "Standing on the Side of Love," singing of friendship, support, and desire for harmony in our troubled world. The song is love, the language of the heart; Love that makes you weak in the knees, inspires you to move mountains or to lend a helping hand. Aurora Chorus sings of these aspects, and more with soaring melodies, infectious rhythms and poignant poetry in a wonderfully diverse program of contemporary choral settings. Music by Ysaye Barnwell, Holly Near, John Lennon, Bernice Reagon, Z. Randall Stroope, Joan Szymko, and others.

Join us along with guest artists Claudia Schmidt, Steven Walters, Kate Power and Steve Einhorn for a concert to fill hearts with hope. In the second half of the concert, our friends, folk duo Kate Power and Steve Einhorn will emcee the second half of the concert featuring all of our guest artists. Please join us!

“There is a song only the heart can hear, listen closely.” Steven Walters

Reserved seats are $15, $20 & $25

Tickets: 503.287.6721, Ticketmaster, PCPA Box Office, and through chorus members.
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I have two things to announce!

OK, maybe three.
  1. LOLKATZ macro contest currently in effect! Lots of entries, go back and take a look at the new ones, post an entry if ur feeln inspired.

    Entries must be posted by 8am tomorrow morning (May 16) in order to be considered for the prize of emakelle's OMGcupcakes.

    I've been advised that teh winnar will be chosen unilaterally, rather than by popular acclaim (hey, she's the one making the cupcakez); however, it is possible that emakelle will be swayed by responses to the entries. So please voice your opinion on the one(s) you like!

  2. Know what today is? It's International THINK Day. Think. Celebrate thinking. Pass it on.

  3. Finally, drjeff is cool.
As you were. Please get yer butt outside today at some point; it is FABULOUS. I think summer is here, or at least visiting.

this would have been in 85-89ish

When I was a kid I sold greeting cards to all the women in my neighborhood so that I could buy a red GE cassette tape walkman. (Stop, FF, Play)

I think the company was called Olympic but I can't find any info on the series of tubes about it, no Wiki, no nothin'

I'm almost positive I signed up from the back of a comic book. They had all sorts of pictures of rad stuff you could buy if you sold enough crap. 

ring any bells??   
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In preparation for the the summer heat

So, I spent most of last summer miserable without an air conditioner. This year I figure I will get a jump on the summer whether and get a unit. The question I have for everyone here is whether you have had luck with 'Evaporative Air Coolers'. Is there too much humidity in the area during the summer to make them useless?

Any Antarctica Geeks here?

Ok. So I'm a student teacher in a 5th Grade classroom in NE Portland. And I'm kindof interested in getting some kind of actual interaction with real scientists with these kids. And we're going to talk a very little bit about Antarctica. So I'm just wondering if there are any damportlanders who have ever BEEN to the Big White and if they'd be willing to talk to 11 year olds about it. Anybody? Beuller?

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What in the wide wide world of sports?


So I have a medical screening tomorrow.

And it includes, among other things, a "palmar sensorium screening".

Now, googling "palmar sensorium screening" only comes up with the question of "what is a palmar sensorium screening?"

With no real answers posted.

So I was wondering if any of you knew what the hell it was.

They're also doing a urine sample for 'glucose' and 'ketones'. Why would they do this? = /
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I normally hate Starbuck's. Okay I always hate Starbuck's.

I normally don't go to Starbuck's, but for this I'll make an exception.

One of their new summer beverages is an Orange Crème Frappuccino (one of my favorite flavors on da EARF!)

What're some of your favorite summer flavors?

edited to reduce hate
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So we're moving to Portland (finally!) in early June, from the godforsaken wilds of Western Colorado. (Hooray! Real food! Unstraight people! Riding our bikes without everyone assuming we're doing so because of multiple DUIs!) My question is: can you recommend a salon that delivers a high-quality cut for a reasonable price? I'm female with roughly jaw-length, spiky-ish hair that I color myself (and don't want a stylist who is going to tell me 438 reasons that I should pay her $100 a month to have her do it instead), and I don't want to walk out of the salon looking like an unrecognizably done-up creature from the planet Blow-Out. Every time we've been in town, I've seen tons of girls with adorable haircuts, and I'm sure one or two of you must be reading here and willing to recommend...

Thanks so much for your tips. Looking forward to getting to know you.

weird r sounds

OK. You know how Taylor Dane (that singer) has that weird sounding singing voice? I don't know how else to describe it other than a weird r sound. So, I googled "singing weird r sound" and of course that didn't go well, and I read her wiki and nada. A lot of country singers do it to.

Again, I don't really know how to describe it other than to say it's a strange, throaty r sound.

Does anyone have any idea what this is called? I am CERTAIN there is a name for it.

spanks very much DP

Downtown Parking Ideas

Howdy, dp'ers-

I've got company driving to town for the weekend, and naturally I live downtown with no parking in my building.  They'll be here for a few days, and I see only two options:

1) Clockwatch obsessively in order to feed meters every 3 hours without getting ticketed, or:

2) Pay a small fortune for each day to have the car boxed in until 5-6 p.m. in one of the surface lots (parking ramps might give us more freedom, but probably cost more I think).

I know this is asking a lot, but does anyone know of places downtown where you can park long-term without coughing up like $20 and without getting your stereo/rear-view mirror fuzzy dice/your entire effing car stolen?

Y'all rock my vehicular world!
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Second GOP debate

Wow. So. the MSNBC debates so far were WAY better than the Fox News debates. These debates seem a little more unorganized, and more about vying for who is REALLY conservative, vs. who is going to be able to actually lead the entire country, not the Republican party. I guess who can lead the Republican party is more pertinent at this point in the election cycle, but is anybody else with me here? The moderators are encouraging them to throw mud at each other! Not just John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, but each other!

debate buddy, thoughts?

still selling stuff

I posted a not too long ago about some DVDs I am selling. I have only managed to sell one. I still need cash! lol. so here is what I am still selling(i have also added a couple items since my last post):

Seasons 2-4 of "Will and Grace" $15 per season or $40 for all three(was selling for $20)
Season 1 of "The L Word" $25
Season 2 of "Queer as Folk" $30
Season 5 of "Queer as Folk" $45
"The Forgotten" DVD $7
"American Wedding" DVD Unrated $7

let me know if you are interested. comment or email

I prefer to meet somewhere on the maxline for the exchange unless you want to come to me :)
I have season 1 of "Will and Grace" but the first disc is scratched rendering it useless... my mom's asshole ex-boyfriend scratched it obviously on purpose. But if you really want it(I'm sure you can get disc 1 for cheap on ebay or something) I'll give it to you for like $5.
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Heard in downtown Portland tonight

Quotes from a certain DPer who will go unnamed. For now.

"I lost my butt warmth."

"I thought I would share my inner monologue from when I was in the bathroom..."

"I'd like drjeff to come to a meetup. I think he'd be fun to hang out with. He HAS to have a sense of humor, look at his kids! ...And by that I DON'T mean his kids are ugly. They just look fun."

P.S. This certain DPer is NOT me!
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Just a note of appreciation...

.. I was going to make one of my semi-annual posts about how much I truly love this community. I figured that I would instead simply list the wide array of posts that have been made here in the last 24 hours and let them speak for themselves. Bear in mind that many of these posts had answers that ranged from hilarious to helpful and from soothing to snarky.

Ooh, alliteration!

Starting with the last post and working toward 24 hours ago...

Quotes from a DPer
A link to a new site
Stuff for sale!
Another link
And another
Where should I park?
Where should I ride my bike?
What the hell is Taylor Dane doing with her Rs? And, on a side note, what the hell is Taylor Dane?
A car for sale!
GOP debates
Auction snipers
Vera Katz > Liza Minelli?
Moving to Portland and NEED A HAIRCUT STAT
Friendly bike shop?
Me being a dumbass
Orange Creme Frappuccino (so close to Zoolander's Orange Mocha Frappuccino)
Falwell, dead!
Hi from a newbie lurker
Courteous drivers? Right here in River City?
Goddamned yuppies and their disruptive boats
Medical screening questions
Swamp coolers?
What the hell was the name of the company I sold greeting cards for?
Falwell almost dead!
What's up with the new Satyricon?
LOLKatz pimpin' and think day
Contra dancers?
Muppet Pulp Fiction video
Aurora Chorus
Where do I get some zinc?
Pedal car buildathon
Volvo for sale!
Who wants to marry us?
How do I draft my own constitution?
Name my new tattoo!
LOLKatz entry by the world's cutest LJer
Gimme your band's Myspace link
CD exchange

So, nothing remains to be said. Much <3, DP. G'night.