May 14th, 2007


laptop hard drive? trade/borrow?

So my super old HP laptop's hard drive kicked the bucket. I'm planning on buying an Apple around june 15th and I need my puter to last another two months.

The cheapest 2.5 inch hard drive on is 29.99 + shipping and that's too much for something I'm going to use for two months.

So does anyone here have an 2.5 inch laptop harddrive I can buy for cheap (15 bucks or less) or maybe just borrow for two months?

If you let me borrow it I will GIVE YOU MY LAPTOP in june after I get my new puter*. Its only real problem (once it has a new hard drive) is that the fan isn't super useful and it overheats especially in the summer. I have a full sized fan blowing on it when its warm/hot. I'd say its a 1 Ghz, 256 or 512 ram (I'd have to check) running XP (when I get a new hard drive) I'll also throw in a pcmcia card that has two usb 2.0 slots and a laptop cooler with four more usb slots.

*otherwise I am donating it to free geek
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(no subject)

so, the boy and i are planning on getting tattoos tomorrow. i am getting a frog. i'm not sure where i want it yet.

to anyone who has tattoos, where is the best place to get this done? i am sort of a clean freak, so that is preferred. any advice?
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(no subject)

does anyone have a large plastic dog crate they'd be willing to part with? we're adopting a german shepard/siberian husky mix and we definately want him to have a crate. we're more than willing to pick it up, but we need it by wednesday afternoon at the latest. we'd also pay you for it, of course.

I've been checking craig's list and freecycle too.

thanks guys!

edit: I've got a lead on craig's list, but I'd still appreciate hearing from anyone who could help in case my cl person falls through.
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Meetup + Stuff

HAH I got in the meetup announcement EARLY so NONE of y'all can post the "durrr what about MEETUP?!" posts tomorrow. HAH!

...Right, anyway, meetup is A WEEK FROM TOMORROW. Which also happens to be May 22nd. It will be located at the McMenamins Tavern & Pool on NW 23rd and will start at roughly 7pm. It'll run as late as we want it to, but minors have to skedaddle around 10pm. Meetup FAQ is here. I will not be in attendance as I'm visiting Oregon's Mexico, but I will pawn the markers and nametags off on some poor unsuspecting soul in advance. Probably.

Also: I am seeking two things. First, I require a mask to wear to a semi-formal masquerade ball-type event while I'm out of town, and I'm hoping to find something vaguely Venetian/carnivale in style that isn't hideously expensive or a cheap plastic thing from the party supply store. Any suggestions? (I already tried eBay and Saturday Market. Craig's List just doesn't seem right for this kind of thing.)

Second: I have a silver earring that I want to get a duplicate made of (because I lost one). Anyone know a good place for such things?

Many spanks!
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should Tim risk electrocution (and ridicule)?

On today's episode of "YOU MAKE THE CALL, DP!", an electrical question.

In front of my house, there's a short stone pathway leading from the sidewalk to the porch stairs.  There's also a short column to one side of the pathway that abuts the sidewalk.  I want to put a post top lantern (something like dis) on top of the column, and two focus lights (something like dese) on the side of the pathway.

Assume these will have to be line voltage powered (rather than low voltage or solar powered), and that I will have to have to install wiring and, most likely, an outlet.  I want them to be on an adjustable timer rather than manual.  I am smart, careful, and capable.  I know nothing about electrical wiring.  I have the "Home Improvement 1-2-3" book.

Okay, DP.  You make the call!

Should I do the wiring myself?

Are you absolutely nuts? Hire someone.
Yeah man. There are a few details, but you can handle it.

Feedback appreciated.  And, for example, if you have the number of a good electrician (cuz I currently don't), please kick down.

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[BST] Word of the Day

flatulatarian (noun). An individual engaged in a plant- and dairy-based diet who is susceptible to episodes of breaking wind.

Example: The embarrassed flatulatarian learned not to consume six bean-and-cheese burritos right before an important board meeting.

Have a great Monday everyone!

(this is sort of Portland related since this poster, an occasional flatulatarian, has a tendency to cropdust while walking through downtown streets of Portland....)
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This may be a stretch, but does any know how to make the picture better on a LCD TV? The Comcast guys hooked it up to the DVR with the basic cable cord from the wall. I tried using Component cables running from the TV to the box and switched it to Video4, but it looks even worse (yellowish and fuzzy). Anyone know how to fix this or what I'm doing wrong?

If not, where in Portland can I look to for this kind of help? Unfortunately I don't have any guy friends who know much about it. At this point, I'm ready to go back to my dinky tv.


Everyone hear knows about lolcats.
But who is up on the next biggest trend, LOLKATZ!


(and if you don't get the joke, you should)

Also, my gimp-fu kind of sucks, and I still can't figure out how to change the text font. So if anyone wants to tell me how, or shape this picture up to their own devious ends, feel free.

Oh, and I beat LBD at posting this...
(LBD informed me that the idea was actually emakelle's, and he was just being gentlemanly in waiting for her permission before posting his lolkatz for the public to see. So there we go. Sorry)
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LOLKATZ contest!

glowing_fish scooped me on this, but the inspired and funneh emakelle concocted the idea that DP should have a KATZ macro contest.

Step 1: find an image of Vera Katz, or something related to Vera Katz.

Step 2: make a macro of it (use Photoshop if you're oldskool, or go here and do it).

Step 3: post here and LOL.

ETA: emakelle has offered a prize of OMGCUPCAKES to the poster of the LOLerest Katzmacro. I can personally attest that this is a prize worth all of the effort you will spend.

ETA #2: the contest will last forever, but entries must be posted by 8am Wednesday (May 16) to be eligible for the OMGCUPCAKES.

Here's mine:

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it came to my attention some time ago, that i HATE wasting white paint to try and create a perfect skintone while painting people.
i love watercolours, and i love painting people, but theres only so much white to make so many colours.

so, heres a helpful hint to ammature watercolour'ers out there:

want skin tone paint? use foundation! its cheaper, ive found, ,and you have a good skincoloured base to start with, even if you wnat to tweak it here and there.

that is all.~

(no subject)

ANyone have an idea how much it costs to get a car rekeyed?  That's something only a dealership can do, right?  2000 Jeep, 2006 Subaru.  Just had wallet with drivers license and keychain with two sets of car keys stolen.   Only got a one car garage.
Sometimes I hate people.
They stole my shirt and my bra.  Seriously. I had to go to the desk wrapped in a towel and borrow a shirt from lost and found.
Hard to believe you'd be on here, but whoever you are, I hope karma comes and kicks your ass.

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i need help planning

so my friends birthday is tomorrow night and i planned out this huge thing but then today found out that her underage sister is coming down for it. which is good but means i have to change my plans around because i had planned on taking everyone to a bar for drinks after dinner and dessert. so does anyone know a good late(ish) night place that we could still get drinks at and have an underage person with us (who wont drink of course) and be fun on a tuesday night? maybe with live music, maybe around the nw 23rd area?

thanks for all your help


I think Virgo and Spica are visible this month?
I've always wanted to be able to identify the constellations.

If there's any gazers out there, is there anything special in the sky this month?
Link me to anything?