May 13th, 2007


west side breakfast

So we're looking to bike to breakfast on the west side (Cedar Mill/Beaverton/Hillsboro-ish). Our default spot is Biscuits, and IHOP is not an option.

Anyone have any other favorites that don't involve heading over the west hills?
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Drink More Coffee. Buy More Collages

XENOPHORA: Collages By Amy L. Sacks, now available for viewing at the Northstar Coffeehouse. Through May 31st, 2007.

Northstar Cofeehouse is located at:

7540 N Interstate Ave.
Portland, OR 97217

Hours are M-Sat: 7:00 AM-5:00 PM
Sun: 9:00 AM-2:00 PM

Here's a Google map. Also accessable via Tri-Met.

On Sunday May 13th from Noon 'til closing, I'll be there with varro to celebrate and possibly hawk a few artist's trading cards.

Hope to see you there !

Portland Timbers PGE seating


I'm going to buy tickets to a Portland Timber's game for my boyfriend's birthday and I have never set foot in PGE stadium before. I don't mind spending a little extra for good seats, but at the $27 per person price, it gives two options for seating, "Premier" and "Best available." Does "best available" assume premier is already gone? I can see where the premier seating is based on the map but is there a reason to chose one option over the other? Is there some other seating scheme which is optimal?

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Where can I find an outdoor thermometer today?! I've heard tales that my friend's mother is cursed and everytime they get one, it breaks in two weeks. I wanna give her a good Mother's day present!

Edit: Okay. The answers I got are very obvious. XD I'm asking the wrong question. *tries again*

If you have an idea what the best brand would be, let me know. :O I wanna make sure it lasts for a long time. Like would Lowes sell the best ones? Something like that.
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Acoustic Venues?

A musician I know from Los Angeles, Leslie Stevens, is touring up the Coast this summer (without her group, the Badgers), and asked me if I could recommend any venues in Portland where she could play low-key, acoustic sets solo. Since I only moved here recently myself, all I could recommend were the Mississippi Studios, which she said is booked. So I am asking you, Damned Portlanders, to help a musician out, even to come to see her if you love great Americana/alt-Country.

This is her MySpace page:

Which venues would you recommend she try for next month?


HELP! Immediate restaurant referral

I have a raging sinus infection. I want some good spicy Thai food in close-in N/NE or downtown, moderately priced and OPEN ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Please save this poor congested mama's Mother's Day



ETA: We went to Thai Noon, and had some good thai. Not "slap yo' momma" Thai, but good. The staff is EASY on the eyes which always helps. I love DP!
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but if you dig on vegan food...

maybe i'm crazy, but i think miller paint has a local commercial in which they've adapted the dandy warhol's "bohemian like you" into a shit(tier) music-only version that kind of sounds like sheryl crow. did anyone else notice this?

ah, lazy sunday afternoons.

jeweler, crystal/mineral shop

1. I have some raw semi-precious stones that I would like to get put into jewelry. Any recommendations of not over-priced and reliable jewelers that could shape and set these?

2. any pagans/collectors know of good portland places to get crystals/minerals? I know this place in Aloha, but it sort of out of the way for me. I only know of those stores inside the building next to Saturday Market, and I don't very trust them.

3. Anyone interested in trading stones?

Reminder: Monday is Wiretap the Internet Day

May 14th is the official deadline for cable modem
companies, DSL providers, broadband over
powerline, satellite internet companies and some
universities to finish wiring up their networks
with FBI-friendly surveillance gear, to comply
with the FCC's expanded interpretation of the
Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act.
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5 year old me

(no subject)

So this is going to sound a little awkward, but I need a gift for a Bar Mitzvah and am looking for a Jewish orientated gift store of sorts. Does anyone know of any? My Jewish husband is from New Jersey so he is rather clueless, which is actually an understatement ;-)

Thank you in advance for any help!