May 12th, 2007


Origami Party! . . . . .paper cranes and pomegranate cosmos . . . ( yay or nay? )

Origami party!

See how well you can fold paper while you're tipsy!
With the right people and the right personalities it could be a blast!
Let me know if you want this to happen! Suggestions, Ideas, "bartenders"??? *smile*

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No dates planned yet... just seeing who'd be interested and how many.
What are your reasons you'd be interested?

-Just getting *tipsy* with scissors in your hands.

-Racing to see who can make the most paper cranes.

-Hoping you'll meet a real HOT artist there! *smile*

-Want to party, have fun, make paper dolls of other DP characters and goof off or just goof off.

-Actually want to learn, or just want to help and meet new people.

-Come to watch every one else act crazy and write about it later in LJ!

What books and other resources would you recommend if we plan to get them from the library?
Also, where is the cheapest place to buy Origami paper?For those interested:Collapse )
EDIT: Weekday night or weekend??
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Where there's smoke, some see an 'R' rating
Movie guidelines unclear, critics say

By Stephen Smith, Globe Staff | May 12, 2007

There was drama. There was passion. There was talk of heroes and villains. And in true Hollywood fashion, the Motion Picture Association of America found itself yesterday facing mixed reviews for changing movie ratings to include smoking but providing no detailed guidelines on how films will be graded.

The film industry said the move underscores its growing commitment to reducing teenage smoking. If Lois Lane lights up, for example, a movie that previously would have earned a PG-13 rating, based on its levels of sex, violence, and vulgarity, might now get an R -- and a warning to parents that the film glamorizes smoking.

But anti smoking activists expressed dismay yesterday that the guidelines did not go further. Despite four years of discussion, there was no promise that a certain amount of smoking would warrant an immediate grade of R, which can be the kiss of box office death because -- in theory, any way -- it means younger adolescents can't see it without parental consent.

"You hate to use the phrase, but the proposed change to the ratings is a smoke screen instead of a concrete, measurable change," said Matthew Myers , president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids , which had argued that any film depicting smoking should be branded with an R. "It will allow Hollywood to say that it has done something while not actually forcing a change in the smoking our children see."

( Full story )

...this is getting retarded.
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Something I recomend!

Usually, we are always asking for things, but for a change I am giving a recomendation!

Looking for a Doctor? Live in Inner SE? 

I go to Family Medical Associates on 28th and Steele (across from the 7/11). This is why I love them so much. I called yesterday, apologized that I missed an aapointment and needed to see the doctor. She offered me a appointment the next day (SATURDAY!) at 8. I walked over there, was seen right at 8 and was out of there and walked back home by 8:30. They weren't rushing or anything, they were prompt with my needs and they are always nice (this is my third visit with them)

So, If your looking for a new doctor. They have weekend appointments and Ithnk they see people till 6pm on some nights.

Oh, I know they take United Health Care, I dont know about the others though..

Happy Saturday!
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Farmer's Markets

It's a lovely, crisp Saturday morning, I didn't sleep half the weekend away for once, I got paid yesterday, and that means it's Farmer's Market Day! So, what's your favorite Saturday Farmer's Market that's open today? I understand there's a huge one in Beaverton, but I'm scared of getting lost in Beaverton by myself. I'm looking for something preferably downtown or in SE, but I can travel a bit as long as I can get there on Trimet. I'm also looking for lots of variety and good prices. I am not paying $4 for one apple. I know about the website, but I'm looking for information that's not on the website. Which market is going to leave me giddy with foodie delight?

Also, anyone care to join me? I'd be more than willing to go to Beaverton if I had someone with me who wasn't in serious danger of getting lost forever in the suburbs. Surely I'm not the only Damnportlander in need of a market buddy!
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I just feel like being alone today.
What do you do with your time/day when you feel like being alone?
Taking photos?
Watching TV like a lazy bastard???


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Yard sale!

Yard sale! We have:

-Women's clothes size 6-12
-Women's shoes size 7-10
-LOTS of electronics, including a PlayStation and complete auto racing controller setup for PS2 (we'll throw in Gran Turismo)
-Cool furniture, incl. a papasan chair
-Other awesome stuff.

Haggling encouraged! Today, until late afternoon, at SE 29th and Holgate (it's across from the Tucker-Maxon School for the Deaf).
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My girlfriend and I just moved to Portland and we're looking for a great place to get a couple of cupcakes on this lovely Saturday afternoon. With that said, where's the best place to get cupcakes in Portland?
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registering a business

where do I need to go to register a business, and it's free right? portland-related because you guys are better than search engines! :D

related: thanks to probably NONE of you for coming to the Road to Freedom ADA bus-tour at Oaks Park today. it was great, but terribly located. have nice days!

Cruiser Bikes... anyone ever try this bike?

So -

My lady wants a bike, so we can ride around together and such. Thus, we are looking to pick up a cruiser.

I have a really nice hybrid already, so I am ALL FOR picking up a cruiser that I can also use occasionally when I feel tired of feeling the rough roads on mi'bum. Sometimes, ya just want to take it easy.

Plus a bike with Fenders for the rain wouldn't be terrible.

Anyhow - we don't want to spend a fortune (the electra's are tempting though.. just so much $$$)--- and we saw this bike:

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