May 11th, 2007

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Scammers on craigslist

I've encountered a scammer on craigslist. If nothing else, he isn't from Portland. The email timestamp says today at 18:23. I'm selling my solid oak entertainment center for $150 right now. I get one person to email me (even though I told them not to email me but to call). He asked me if the entertainment center was still for sale, so I said, yes and to make an offer. Here is his response:

Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 18:23:06 +0100
To: Removed
Subject: Re: Solid Oak Entertainment Center - $150

Hello,thank you for the prompt response to my enquiry am very much
satisfied with the condition and price of the item and i would like to
make an outright purchase for$130 immediately so i will advice that you
withdraw the advert from the web.Pls i will like to know how you
intend to procedure on this okay but i would prefer that i issue a
certified check in us dollars to you after which my shipper will be
coming over for the pick up once you have gotten that.I read through
the advert and am okay with it so please i will like you to provide
the following info so that i can ask my secretary to issue the payment
1.....Full name to write on the check
2.....Full Physical address to post the check to
3.....Home & Cell Phone to contact you
kindly get back to me asap.

I was gonna write back to tell him to piss off, but I thought I would open this up to you guys and ask what I should say to him. I'd love to mess with him a little and make him think I am some kind of sucker for his scam. So, what would you say to him?
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Crazy neighbors!

My coworker just emailed me this I'm lost but I thought maybe you all would know what's what.

My mother’s neighbor has been doing to things the last few days, 1 digging a hole and dumping a large amount of lard in it and 2 dumping about 20 milk jugs of motor oil into the ground. This is disturbing, but I can’t find anyone that will tell me if it’s illegal.

I’ve called DEQ and code enforcement for Gresham/Multnomah county and they wont help. Called EPA and they transfer me to DEQ. So I’m sort of stuck.

So I thought you may know somewhere I could call, or if it is illegal to do.

Thanks for the help DPers
Rio Dayglo Drinks

[BST] Mio and Mio Adventure: Chasing rainbow rolls in the dark....

Quirky gatherings are fun. Based on the similar names of two disparate eating establishments, couple friends and I embarked on a Mio-and-Mio food outing last night. We had dinner at Mio Sushi, and followed up with yummy desserts at Mio Gelato. The two local establishments (both have several locations throughout the area) are not related by any means (although their names probably appear next to each other in the Yellow Pages), but they are both quality establishments with plenty of deliciousness. Yum-eaux!

Before anyone comes to a quick conclusion that this was just a run-of-the-mill, raw-fish-and-ice-cream outing, it should be noted that my two co-conspirators were a vegan friend and a lactose-intolerant friend. Both locations had menu items that were suitable for my friends with dietary restrictions, in addition to conventional fish and gelato.

The SE Hawthorne location of Mio Sushi felt very comfortable, with spacious dining area with open-air layout. The eye-candy factor in the restaurant was top-notch, with nifty-threaded, young, photogenic types scattered throughout the restaurant (I think that littlebluedog would have approved). After several rolls and nigiri sushi, I was satiated.

Then we drove to the Pearl location of Mio Gelato. We all opted for delicious sorbeti (of 24 flavors on display, there were six sorbeto varieties). Mio Gelato makes their own gelatos and sorbets, and they not only looked exquisite, they were tasty. The tangy kiwi sorbeto had a hint of fragrant sweetness, and the lemon sorbeto was simpy tart and pleasurable! Yum-eaux!

Portland is such a great city for indulging in those quirky, whimsical adventures.... :)
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Bento Box source in PDX?

I am looking for the Cute ones.... anyone know where can I find them? I do prefer the ones with frogs, hello kitty, etc over traditional ones, but I need one today for a gift, so sources for the other styles are okay to post too... any ideas on who has them?
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Can't Stop the Serenity: Portland Oregon

Only 3 days left to pre-order posters & t-shirts!
Tickets are $13 in advance, $18 on the day of show.

There's a $1 fee for purchasing online.

Need some extra enticement to attend? We will be conducting raffles at both of our screenings. See below for a partial list of this year's raffle prizes.

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Interested in sponsoring this event?
Visit our sponsorship opportunity page to learn how.

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Where around "town" (meaning pdx or anywhere within a 45 minute drive) did you get married? How was it? Cheap, expensive, breathtakingly awesome... I know there are a million places to get married around the area and I'd like to have personal recommendations versus blind chance when I pick my spot. I'm specifically looking for something outside. I've checked all the websites, but want a to hear from DP since you all know best. :)
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attention unemployed geeks

my company is hiring a network monkey.

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If you've got your CCIE or MCSE or the like, you're overqualified. For more details, respond with well hidden email addy for to fool the spammers. If they hire you, I get money. I'll buy you a beer.
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Buffy at Tonic Lounge

Just as Mission Theater is wrapping up their year-long screenings of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the last three episodes are showing on Tuesday), Tonic Lounge is stepping up to keep the Slayer stories alive!

Starting May 13th at 8 - 10 PM, Sunday nights are Buffy nights at Tonic Lounge on NE Sandy. Starting with "Welcome to the Hellmouth", the episodes will be shown in the bar on several TV screens. So if you're 21 and over and you like Buffy, come join me and my crew in revisiting old-school Buffy episodes.

Visit The Tonic Lounge's myspace for more details.
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Advice from bellydancers please!

Well I posted this to the bellydance journal but it's a very rarely posted-to site and I know there are some bellydancers on this journal, so here goes...

I'm making a costume from scratch and I've been told that I must get my bra from Fredericks of Hollywood since they are the best. So...knowing just that but nothing more, does anyone have any more specifics? Do the best dancer bras have a name?  I guess I can just go in and say, hey, I need a really hard core bra for bellydancing, what have ya got??  Any details would be greatly appreciated!! 

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backpacking + digital cameras

Ahh this weather is so distracting to do any real work even though it's finals week, so i started looking up things for my summer backpacking trip.

I'm looking for a medium internal frame pack that is for midgets (I mean 5'2) that is fairly durable, comfortable, and cheap (under $100 pref., but higher is ok). I definitely don't mind used. I've found some brands that do make packs that fit these criteria, but now the hard part is where to find them. I don't have time to wait for shipping online (I leave PDX Tuesday). Unfortunately, this also cancels craigslist.

I've checked out thrift shops and will be visiting that sporting goods adventure store on Grand. I've also googled some army surplus stores. Do you have recommendations of where to find used/cheap backpacks?

And to kill another bird, I've fallen in love with the Fuji Finepix f30. Unfortunately, not every store I traditionally think of have it (e.g. target, walmart, ritz, compusa,etc). The camera/photography stores I've found have been primarily photosupply or only have manual stuff (another day).

Where do (should) you go to buy your digital cameras in PDX? No particular preference for ocal or national chain.

Thanks in advance!

delicious breakfast

I'm looking for a place with excellent breakfasts that I haven't been to before.  What's your fave breakfast place that's a little lesser known (not Genie's, Cricket, Zell's, Cup and Saucer, Beaterville), but still has good food!  Plus for organic and good veggie options (I know veggie=hilarious).  Thanks!
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Douche Spotting?

So i'm being a supportive friend and going to McFaddens tonight to help my friend win money. Free entry, cheap drinks but there is the problem of the Douche Bags and skanky chicks.

What should I do to wile away the time. Last time we drank a lot in a short period of time and it was over at 10 so we were out as fast as we could. This time it's a little bit longer (till 11) and there will be different people.

So what are your ideas to help me get through the night? What kind of new games are golden.

halp pleezz

so, i'm looking for a tailor. BUT i need someone who can take in a simple spaghetti strap dress a little bit in most spots but then give it a 20/19 inch waist. anybody out there had such a modification made before? any suggestions on people who could do it? or if YOU could do it (and you honest to god know what the hell you're doing) would you be interested? it's for a halloween costume but if i don't do it now i'll leave it till the last minute or forget until october 29th. arigato gozaimasu!

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I'm a bit annoyed, so bare with me.

For anyone living in downtown Portland:
It's NOT remotely acceptable to have a dog that barks nonstop at the top of its lungs for hours on end in the middle of an area with ancient apartments and echoing alleys.

Whether it be inside or outside, shut your damn dog/s up.

I'm a fan of sex, have it all you want, just close your window/s. No one wants to hear sounds that are indistinguishable between constipation and screwing. It's rather unappetizing and hard to tune out when the echo is louder than the music from the bar downstairs.

I hear there are awesome you-pick farms around. Can anyone recommend any? Produce available? Websites? Cost? Locations?
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